The Jedi Strike Team (Part One)

Remember going through the Ravager and finally confronting and defeating Darth Nihilus to put an end to the battle and saving the galaxy fro...


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Remember going through the Ravager and finally confronting and defeating Darth Nihilus to put an end to the battle and saving the galaxy from total destruction in the game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords?

After that moment, you just leave the Ravager and escape back to Telos before the ship blows up. What if you had another battle? Revan_Malak is back with another mod that is actually set up in a saved game that he has uploaded for you all to use. We do have a few of those types of mods in our archive. They’re rare, but they’re there.

There are three female Jedi who have been turned to the dark side of the Force that you must confront. There’s a story behind it and it’s in the readme file if you want to know what it is; in fact, it you should read it before play with this so you aren’t lost. There is also a mod you need to download that is also linked in the readme file. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


Note: This also the 1400th mod on this site! :D

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Download '' (1.16MB)

This is my long awaited level called "The Jedi Strike Team".
In it you get to play with 3 beautiful women called Vastila, Katris and Treia.
She is the leader of the group. She wields a Yellow double-bladed lightsaber and has a very powerful connection to the force. She is a 16
level Jedi Sentinel.
She is the charmer of the group with a very high Persuade. She wields two blue lightsabers and has a small connection to the force. She is a
15 level Jedi Guardian.
She is the tech specialist in the group, also has lots of experience with mines. She wields a green lightsaber and has a small connection to
the force. She is a 15 level Jedi Consular.
Their mission is to find the Sith Lord aboard the Ravager, and kill him before he destroys Telos, but when they fight him they cannot defeat
him until they are all turned to the dark side of the force.
Now for some credits:
50% go to me (Revan_Malak) for creating the level.
25% go to Malak_Revan for testing and giving useful ideas.
25% go to sith_master_3000 for letting us use Bastila's Jedi Robes for the level.
Now for some possible bugs:
When you kill Nihilus, the lights go out. Well the screen goes black! You can sill turn on and of the map and the menu but it just goes black!
Now I know that this may be annoying but its part of the story!

If you don't download sith_master_3000's Bastila's Robes mod, you may not see the robe in the game! So just to make sure I suggest you
download it!;78468
Now for the story(This will take a while to read so, grab a seat):

The Battle over Telos
“This is Admiral Onasi to the Jedi Strike Team. Vastila I hope you can hear me. The Republic fleet has just arrived over Telos. We hope we are not too late. We know that the Mandalorians have already attacked the Ravager, and that they are planning to use proton cores to destroy it. This means you have little time. Get as fast as you can to the bridge and kill the Sith Lord. We don’t trust those Mandalorians to get the job done, so we have asked them for you to place the cores. If you don’t have time don’t even bother. You will receive signals from the Mandalorians, they will tell you when you are close to a target site and when to place the cores. They will report to their Mandalore immediately so don’t hesitate to leave the ship after you have placed the last core. The Republic fleet will try to keep them busy, and possibly get them to leave Telos. We hope you defeat that Sith Lord…I hope you defeat that Sith Lord. May the Force be with you, Vastila!
After Vastila and her team landed aboard the Ravager, they started looking for the target sites, and the Sith Lord, that they were sent to kill. It did not take long for the Sith to realize that a Jedi Strike Team was aboard the Ravager. They sent out the soldiers and Sith they had, who weren’t in the Sith fleet, to stop Vastila and her team. Little did they know that they were going to face, some of the best Jedi of the Republic.
Vastila had a map of the ship and knew that they could not fight from only one position. She was the strategist of the team, and made a very good strategy for them to use. She figured that there would be a large number of soldiers and possibly Sith, guarding the door to the Command Deck. She figured though, that the Sith would be expecting all three Jedi to come from one of the doors. So she told Katris and Treia to go the other way. Vastila had to fight through a bit more soldiers than her companions but she managed using her powerful double bladed lightsaber. Just as she expected, when she entered the room, she saw about ten soldiers with their commander waiting for all three of them. Just as they were about to shoot her, Treia and Katris jumped them from behind and defeated them easily.
They placed one of the cores and continued to the Command deck. This time she had no map but her strategy was simple enough. There were three ways for them to go, so they split up. Vastila had to take the fight to most of the soldiers again, picking to go straight forward, like a true leader.
Katris took the left. She found one more proton core but decided to ask Vastila, for once, before she removed it. She continued forward and at one point she found Colonel Tobin. She asked him:
-Colonel Tobin? Is that you? You look well…different.
-Really I hadn’t noticed.
-What happened to you?
-Nothing you need to be worried about…Jedi!
-You can still turn away from that path, Tobin. It doesn’t have to end like this.
-I am driven by a power far beyond yours! Soon you will feel it as well, and then we will see if you are able to resist it!
-Then you leave me with no choice.
-Stop!-screamed Vastila-Have you learned nothing? We Jedi never kill defenseless opponents! I will try to negotiate with him, you go secure the area and help Treia.
-Yes master.-replied Katris.
-Tobin you must fight it!-said Vastila-Think of Onderon! Think of all the people that will die once your master attacks it!
-You…you are right. I have shamed Onderon enough. I will help however I can, but I can not leave this ship.
-You won’t have to. You will have to stay here and detonate the proton cores on my signal. Will you do it?
-Yes. I will redeem myself by sending this ship to hell.
-Very well then. Goodbye Tobin, and May the Force be with you!
Vastila then ran to see what had happened to Treia and Katris. She found one of the bombing sites along the way and set the core in position. When she reached Treia, she saw her close to a door. It was the door that led to the meditation chamber of Visas, an evil Jedi sentinel. She had left a message prior to her fight with her Master Darth Nihilus. The message was of vengeance she wanted to get for the destruction of her people. 
The team placed the rest of the cores and started fighting through everything that was in their way getting to the bridge. They finally found some competition when they had to fight through Darth Nihilus’s Minions, evil jedi. Though encountering heavy resistance, they made it to the bridge. There Nihilus quickly caught them with a spell. Vastila said:
-You can not win Nihilus. The darkness is consuming you even as we speak. You have defeated yourself.
-There is no emotion…there is peace.-said Katris.
-There is no ignorance…there is knowledge.-said Treia.
-There is no passion…there is serenity.-said Katris.
-There is no chaos…there is harmony.-said Treia.
-There is no death Nihilus, there is the Force!-said Vastila and attacked the Sith Lord.
Nihilus tried to defend himself by feeding on Vastila. And it was working but Katris quickly followed the attack and Nihilus had to defend himself. Treia also joined the battle attacking Nihilus along with Katris. Vastila was lying on the ground. Something terrible had happened to her. Nihilus wasn’t trying to feed on her…he was trying to turn her to the dark side. Nihilus then hit Katris with the same thing. Immediately Katris went down. Treia was fighting desperately but she could not hold on for long. Nihilus hit her too, and the last of the Strike Team was on the ground. Just as he was about to kill them, Vastila suddenly stood up, picked her lightsaber up, and struck the Dark Lord down with one swift blow.
The lights suddenly went out. The Republic fleet had finally begun to take the Ravager down from the outside. Vastila woke up Treia and Katris so they could walk, and tried to carry them. They all knew that they had no time to loose. It did not matter if Tobin would detonate the ship or if the Mandalorians would. All that mattered was them, escaping the Ravager. They reached an escape pod and escaped right before the Ravager was no more. One thing was sure. They definitely were not the same. Shortly after landing on Telos all three of them quickly found a ship to transport them…to the Valley of the Dark Lords….
That took a while didn't it? Copy-Paste! lol!
In the future I might release the second level. Its name is "The New Sith Order".
I strongly suggest that you do not...I repeat do NOT mess around with KSE (Save Game Editor)! I barely got it stable! This should not be
edited or used without my permission or Malak_Revan's!
Enjoy People!

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