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Some of you know and some of you don’t, but there was an unused female Jedi head in the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Every now and then someone who knows about it and has some modding skills decides to make a mod of it. Here is one of those situations.

ThePaper makes his KotorFiles debut after releasing a mod over at the Warcraft III area of FileFront over 2 1/2 years ago by bringing us his version of the “lost” female Jedi head. The underwear and clothing is based on my what I did for my Playable Taepalae mod where I used the Handmaiden’s style of underwear while using a resembled Twin Suns outfit for the default clothing. Then comes the dark side transitions where you will look like a female version of the Joker seen in The Dark Knight. This comes with custom portraits as well.

The TSL Patcher is used to install this mod for easy installation and the compatibility changes it brings to the appearance.2da, heads.2da, and portraits.2da files. There are also some optional alternate texture variations that you use if you want once you install the mod to override the mod’s default installation action. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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// The Paper's Jedi Master 4H 
// Now with TSLPatcher Oooh! Aaah!
// [Readme Last modified: 2008-09-24]
// ====================================

~ Disembodied head, now with body. Huzzah! aka About This Mod ~

I first began this mod sometime in late 2005 or 2006, "What took you so long?", you may be asking. Life got.... complicated, shall we say? So I am just now getting back to working on my small mods for one of my favorite games.

I initially made this mod only for myself, later announcing a public release via
Lucasforums in January of 2006. After having seen JM4H, I think, in the cloakworks mod or poking around the K2 files themselves, I decided to make it into a mod.
It wasn't much, but it was my first for any game.

Initially, this mod came with no Dark Side transitions, that's changed now.
The initial one isn't very drastic, I did this on purpose. The full DS
transition will be more of a change. 

That said, I don't like the look of the zombie-eqsue Sith of the game.
So no decaying flesh and veins. But I have included an optional vein
version, for those who want it. Which I made using a lightning brush I got
for Photoshop, so I can't take credit for their awesomeness entirely.


This mod will install Jedi Master 4H for all female classes.
Included are light side (or default neutral), dark and full dark side transitions.

Also, no more potato sack. And better clothing. Nothing that hasn't been
done before clothing wise. Now, however, Atton can ogle you properly and indulge 
in his fantasy. Don't forget to jab him with a Bothan Stunner for his transgression,
Female Exile players.

~ But, wait! There's More! Yours For Only One Virgin Sacrifice! ~

As a very special bonus and out of boredom, I also made a special full DS 
transition that gives you my homage to The Dark Knight's Joker (played by 
the late Heath Ledger). It's located in the Optional folder within the 
For Override folder.

And why this head for Joker? Simple. It's the one I was working on at the time,
to do it otherwise and make it another separate head would have been more work and I 
wanted to get JM4H re-released finally with TSL Patcher used, several years having passed since my last version without it. I did this bonus on a lark. I could probably tweak more, but for now this is the current version you're getting. I hope you enjoy the bonuses.

~ "Paper, this sounds pretty spiffy. How do I get all this win into my game?" ~

Just click on "Install_ThePapersJM4H" and you're golden, King Midas himself will 
literally come out and touch you. Only not. That's all you have to do for the default

Extra goodies, like that mentioned above and another are located in the Optional
folder in the For Override folder.

For DS Joker appearance including portraits just remove "_JokerVer" from the file 
names and copy them to your KotoR2 Override folder. To get the default appearance 
back, just copy the original PO_TPFH01D and PFHC18D2 tga files from the For Override 
folder to your KotoR2 Override folder, copying over the ones you just put there.

For the full DS head with veins just copy PFHC18D2_Veins from the Optional folder
in the For Override folder, removing "_Veins" from the file name and copying it to 
your Overrride folder, copying over the original. Again, to get the default 
appearance back, just copy the original PFHC18D2 tga file from 
the For Override folder to your KotoR2 Override folder, copying over the one you 
just put there.

Removal is simple, just remove all files my mod installed in your Override folder
and place the appearance, heads and portraits files from the Backup folder back 
into your Override folder. 

~ Credit where credit is due ~

- Fred Tetra for the indispensable KotoR Tool. Without which, you might not be getting this mod.  

- stoffe for TSL Patcher and all it's included goodies. You make life easier for 
us all.

- All the people responsible for Batman, The Joker and The Dark Knight film for
the inspiration for the bonus bit of silly fun. Same for all those responsible
for bringing Star Wars to life, in it's many many forms.

- The fine people at Lucasforums and Knights of the Old Republic Files.
The creations, tutorials and creations have been an inspiration and tremendous help.

- Stephanie Shimerdla for her lightning Photoshop brush used for my veiny version
full DS transition.

~ Extra Extra Special Thanks or The People I Care More About Than You ~

- C. You know who you are. There aren't enough words or epics to do you justice, though I like to try anyway. You're amazing, incredibly gorgeous and mean a very great deal to me. I'm truly blessed to know you. Thank you so very much for being you and everything else too.

- K. You know who you are too. You're such a great friend and have been for many years, and one of the Four Dark Lords. You and C encourage me to new heights of malevolent fun and acts of kindness. I'm also blessed to know you, thank you for all that you do.

Lucas Forums PM system username The Paper 

Filesize (approx) : 
2.96mb (.zip archive), 13mb (extracted)

Mod created by: The Paper
Testing: The Paper, K.

This mod, and it's bonuses, are not to be used in other mods unless
asked, given permission (that's *the* most important bit, as I might not agree to it) and given proper full credit for it. 

Bloody legalese mumbo jumbo:

This mod is presented to you as is, any potential damage to your computer, game, files or saves incurred are not the responsibility of this humble author/tyrannical Sith Lord.  This mod is not in any way supported, released or endorsed by Lucasarts, Obsidian Entertainment or any other entities. No waffles were harmed in the making of this product, however many minions were.

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