Tighty Whiteys (Male Underwear)



It seems for the most part when some author comes along and makes a mod that will make a character look more sexy, it’s usually a popular female character that most guys just adore. Do some of you ladies that visit this site feel left out? How about the guys that visit here that like other guys (do not turn this into a political debate or I will have to get mean)? If you do, then your moment has arrived.

Kristy Kistic is back with more to give. This mod focuses on making the male characters in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords look more sexy. The male PC’s and male party members such as Atton and Mical will topless with tight underwear to really show off their bodies; if mods can be made so the females aren’t wearing those silly jumpsuits anymore, why not the men too? That is where Kristy comes in. :p This is a that makes Atton’s freak out comments to the male PC’s being half naked seem more legit; especially when he says it’s about time you found clothes and the half naked thing was getting old. ;) Heck, even when Kreia suggest you to find clothes will seem more fitting at the time with this mod. :p

If you want the PVC look for any of different characters or head selections, you will need to follow Kristy’s instructions how to do it. Some heads do not support it very well, so make sure you find out if it’s safe by reading the PVC Supported Heads file she has provided with this mod. The author also provides instructions how to make those changes in the appearance.2da file in her How To file. She makes it easy to know what to do if you read the instructions carefully. If all that mumble jumbo is too much to work with, just install the textures that aren’t revolved around the PVC effect and what color you wish to wear and enjoy looking at your human male characters in their underwear. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Mod:        Tighty Whiteys (Male Underwear) Version 1.1
Author:     Kristy Kistic
Game:       Kotor 2 TSL
Last Build: 01-06-2006


Made some model changes around the neckline. The old model is included if you like it better. Reworked all the textures around the neckline. Overall the appearance looks better to me.


  This mod was a LOT of work. I had to rewrap some textures, so a new model is provided. If you use the textures without the model, it won't look quite right. And I warn you now I did give the model more of an 'anatomically correct' look. Provided are five skins each for the Asian, Black, and Caucasian characters. You'll have to pick which ones you want to use and drop them into the override folder. 

  One texture is pvc style and if you want to use it, it WILL REQUIRE changes to your appearance.2da file. (This part is do it yourself (instructions are provided) - woohoo!) 
NOTE: Not all heads will support using pvc textures because some use tranparencies. (I've compiled a basic list of what heads are supported - included.)

  Also included are instructions on how to use this for a single character so other male pcs won't share the model or textures - also do it yourself.) See the 'how to.rtf' about this.

  Note: If you don't want to use the pvc texture or make the texture exclusive for a single character then you don't have to do anything. (Other than chuck it in the override.)

  Oh and I did include a single texture that was meant as more of a joke than anything else, so don't have a fit over it.

Hope you enjoy :)


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