Trayus Academy Sith Central

Have any of you guys ever thought that Trayus Academy could be a little tougher to beat? Well now it can be with this mod, in this ve...

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File Description

Have any of you guys ever thought that Trayus Academy could be a little tougher to beat? Well now it can be with this mod, in this version of the popular "Trayus Academy Sith Central" Puck Udroc the creator of this mod decided to make the characters more challanging and throw in a few other little extras that you can see when you lay through. Just to get you guys up to speed on this modification here is the original review of it:

PuckUdroc has brought us a new version of players to play against in the Trayus Academy. It’s the sequel to the World of Malaks mod for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This time along with the Jedi version of Malak, and Darth Malak, the author brings us multiple versions of Bastila, Uthar, Uthura, Jorak, Darth Bandon, Saul Karath, Darth Revan, and the Dark Jedi ghost that was used for Ajunta Pall.

I noticed that he uses a lot of .utc file changes for this mod. Each of those files was duplicated at least twice in different modules by default. Basically what I’m saying is when that happens, there’s a chance that one of the .utc tags won’t work right in one of the modules. I decided to give this mod a test run by going through the whole academy to see what characters possibly froze up. To my amazement none of them did. However there was a bug I didn’t take the time to figure what caused it, just know it’s there. Facing off against Darth Sion was my problem. There were two of them. One I had the long dawn out fight with and the other was just there watching. After I defeated Sion I went to talk to the other Sion since he was blocking the door to Darth Traya to see what would happen and it was like I never fought him and he went back to his approach speech about being there. I thought I was about to do the process of fighting him all over again, but all I had to do is one round and he died. This duplication also caused some interesting new camera angles for the long drawn out fight against Sion at times. This bug may have been the result of other mods I’ve made or been using, but I thought it would be fair to warn you about it just in case it happens to everybody.

Fighting through the process was interesting. The Saul Karath enemies did hand to hand combat against me. It was funny to see multiple versions of him going after me trying to punch and kick me while I had a lightsaber and Force Powers to deal with them. Facing off against the Darth Malak enemies was too funny for words because of his lack of animations. He would just freeze up like he was frozen in carbonite and all of a sudden I lost vitality points. Also sometimes when I killed one of the Darth Malaks, he didn’t fall over and die and other times he did. The Jedi version of Malaks did fine with animations. I’m assuming the .utc file of that didn’t have special attacks. Personally I would have just stuck with that version.

Overall if you are looking for a change, this could be like a reunion of the original Knights of the Old Republic if you miss seeing their faces in TSL. Enjoy the mod.

Now as you can see this mod is pretty cool and like I said up there some surprises will be instore for you guys. One of those surprises being Puck changed the names of all of the characters in the mod so that they don't say "Sith Lord or Dark jedi", they now say the actual characters name. I said something up there about them also being a little harder to beat, so if you want to know what I am talking about when I say that here are the stats if thew charcaters...


Goes in order ofSTR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA Darth Revan:40 34 40 26 34 32 Darth Malak and Darth Bastilla: 35 25 28 20 28 22 Darth Bandon:30 24 40 20 24 18 Uthar Wynn and Yuthura Ban:35 22 22 16 22 12 Jorak Uln and Malek:30 20 20 12 16 12 Admiral Saul Karath:20 30 20 12 12 12 Sith Ghost:15 21 8 12 12 10

So know that you have seen all of that all I have to say is this is an Awesome mod that I think everyone should definatly download. I also want to say to puck that this was an awesome job on this cool mod, I hope that we may see some more cool stuff like this in the future.;)

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Re-Upload Request Restoration


AUTHOR: PuckUdroc
NAME: Trayus Academy Sith Central
CREDITS: Myself an Inyri forge, for Yuthura's skin.

FILENAME: Puck Udroc's 'Trayus Academy Sith Central' Package
FILE SIZE: 950kb
DATE RELEASED: 10/11/2006

DESCRIPTION: Alright, well considering that Trayus academy houses a lot of Sith, why should their only be a few Sith in there? This mod further's your fun in Trayus Academy. It changes all the Academy's hostiles into Sith from KoToR 1. It changes the Sith Commandos into Admiral Saul Karath? with Two Modified Hold-Out Blasters.. The Sith Assassin is now a Sith Gohst, like Adjunta Pall, but with two Lightsabers. The Dark jedi apprentices are now Jorak Uln and Jedi Malek. the Sith Apprentice is now Darth Bandon with a Double-bladed Lightsaber. The Dark Jedi are now both Uthar and Yuthura(this one thanks to Inyri Forge for the skin). the Sith Marauders are now Darth Malak and Darth Bastilla with two Lightsabers, and The Sith Lord is now Revan with a Double-Bladed Lightsaber.

Update: v1.1
Alright, ow this mod has some more than just changing appearences. Now, all of the characters will say their names instead of "Sith Lord" or "Dark Jedi". Also, it will say "Sith Ghost" not "Adjunta Paul"

Update: v1.2
Even better! Now, all the Sith will have changed stats, to make it better, in my opinion.
Goes in order of               STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA
Darth Revan:                    40   34   40   26   34   32
Darth Malak and Darth Bastilla: 35   25   28   20   28   22
Darth Bandon:                   30   24   40   20   24   18
Uthar Wynn and Yuthura Ban:     35   22   22   16   22   12
Jorak Uln and Malek:            30   20   20   12   16   12
Admiral Saul Karath:            20   30   20   12   12   12
Sith Ghost:                     15   21   8    12   12   10

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract from the zip and place the files in the Override folder. If you do not have one, you will need to make one.

COMMENTS: Well, after I've been modding for a few months now, I decided to take it one step further, so I changed an area. I was playing the Trayus Academy, and found it boring, and saw a character that reminded me of a Sith from korriban, and liked how it could do that, so I changed them all to characters from KoToR 1 and changed their weapons for a less-boring gameplay.

BUGS: The only bugs are clipping, Revan's cape might be wierd, and Malak and Malek might have odd animations.

PERMISSIONS: This mod may be used without the explicit permission of the author. This mod may not be distributed on other sites without the express permission of the author.


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