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It seems a lot of people disliked the Star Forge robes in KotOR, which might explain why they don't really appear in TSL. Darth Moeller is back with a mod that replaces the Star Forge robes, making them instead into variations on the "Jedi Council" tunics from KotOR - if you remember Nemo from the first game, it was one of this set of robes that he wore. :) The tunics can be created at the workbench.

This mod doesn't use the TSLPatcher, and makes use of the appearance.2da, itemcreate.2da and itemcreatemira.2da files, so it would be best to install this mod amongst the first in your Override folder. :)

The textures are nice, although a few more variants would also have been quite cool, and an update using TSLPatcher would also have really helped with compatibility.

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious



TSL Jedi Council Tunic Mod

e-mail: [email protected]

NOTE: For optimal viewing, line up the edges to fit the dashes.

This mod adds new Jedi tunics based on the Jedi Council robe from KotOR 1.  There are three variations for male and three for female.  The tunics were all retextured.  They are createable at the workbench.  The tunics use the revan/starforge slot in appearance.2da.  

List of Files:

Configuration Files:
appearance.2da - replaces the revan/starforge row with the new model.
itemcreate.2da - allows creation at workbench
itemcreatemira.2da - allows creation at workbench

Jedi Tunics:
n_jedicounf.mdl - female model file
n_jedicounf.mdx - female model file
n_jedicounm.mdl - male model file
n_jedicounm.mdx - male model file

n_jedicounf01.tga - 1st female texture file
n_jedicounf02.tga - 2nd female texture file
n_jedicounf03.tga - 3rd female texture file

n_jedicounm01.tga - 1st male texture file
n_jedicounm02.tga - 2nd male texture file
n_jedicounm03.tga - 3rd male texture file

ia_revan_001.tga - icon
ia_revan_002.tga - icon
ia_revan_003.tga - icon

dm_tunic_01.uti - properties file
dm_tunic_02.uti - properties file
dm_tunic_03.uti - properties file

NOTE: There are gloved versions for all of the jedi robes.  The jedi robes in the initial folder are gloveless, but are only for asian and caucasian models.  To use the gloved versions, simply overwrite the textures with the ones from the "gloved version" folder.


1. Extract all the files into your Kotor 2 Override Directory.  If you do not have an override directory, simply create one.

2. Use the giveitem cheat (optional)
This way of getting the robes will add the items directly to the player's inventory.  To enable cheats, open your swkotor2.ini file, and under GameOptions, enter &quot;EnableCheats=1&quot; without the quotes.  Then in game, press the ~ button to open the console, which will be invisible.  Type &quot;giveitem <item name>&quot; without the quotes.  The item names are below.

Male & Female Variation 1 - dm_tunic_01
Male & Female Variation 2 - dm_tunic_02
Male & Female Variation 3 - dm_tunic_03

Simply remove all files included in this mod from your override directory.

Modding Information:
This information is so you can make this mod compatible with other mods that use configuration files.  You will need KotorTool to edit the following files.

appearance.2da - added n_jedicounf to columns modelj and texj for rows 91-135, 546-548, and 664-668. added n_jedicounm to columns modelj and texj for rows 136-180, and 543-545.

itemcreate.2da - added lines 209-211

itemcreatemira.2da - added lines 214-216

NOTE: If you already have altered appearance.2da, itemcreate.2da, and/or itemcreatemira.2da, DO NOT replace then with these filee.  Instead, use the modding information above to make this mod compatible with your others.

Known Issues:
There are currently no known issues or problems with this mod.  If you do encounter any issues or problems, please alert me via the e-mail above. I will try to fix them the best I can.

Thanks to Fred Tetra for his amazing Kotor Tool.  Without it, none of this would be possible.
Thanks to all the folks at Holowan labs, for providing guidance and encouragement along the way.  You guys rule!

Conditions of Use:
You are free to use this mod for your own personal use.  However, proper permission from DarthMoeller must be granted in order to use anything from this mod for a public mod.  If I do grant permission, make sure to give me proper credit in your readme and include this readme file with your mod.

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