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PastramiX returns with another mod, and I must say this one has earned a permanent place in my Override folder; the Mod basically edits the games music so that it is a much higher quality - this obviously is a wonderful improvement, especially given how old the games now are. I must say that on the whole I love the KotOR sound tracks, and TSL has a soundtrack wonderfully reminiscent of the tone of the game, so personally I am delighted this mod has been done, as I would have been too lazy to do this myself. So if you would like to have music which is of much better quality, fulling showing off the various tones, and hearing instruments not heard at lower sound qualities then this music is certainly for you.

Enjoy! -- jonathan7

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by PastramiX

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One thing that you may or may not know, 
but the music included in the High Quality Patch isn't as high quality as it's expected. 
Instead, it's in a compresses Wave format, with a sampling rate of only 22,050 Hz. 
Now, that is half the quality of an audio CD. It's still better than the 
original music tracks which are encoded with a pitiful 11,025 Hz sampling rate, but it's still not good enough. 
Of course, with the Miles Sound Tools, you can decompress the audio, thus allowing it to playback in full, CD quality 44,100 Hz. 
When listening to the music in the highest quality available, especially with headphones,
you hear a lot more depth, and you even hear instruments that you couldn't hear with the original music. 
Thankfully, this will mod include tracks with the best quality possible.

These tracks are in the MP3 format, and are at 320 kbps, the highest bit rate you can get out of MP3s.
They also have ID3 tags attached to them, so that you can even put the entire soundtrack on the MP3 player.

First, I recommend downloading the High Quality Music Patch from either Obsidian's or KotOR Files' website. 
After installing that patch, go to your default KotOR II installation folder, usually at C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2.
Once there, backup your entire StreamMusic folder. With your two new duplicate stremMusic folders, 
go into the one that you will actually use (StreamMusic), and simply dump all of the music in this mod folder into the StreamMusic folder.

Remove the modded files and put the original ones back in the StreamMusic folder.

Want to ask me something? 
PM me at LucasForums by PastramiX or YouTube by PastramiXXX

None that I've found, but if you've found one, please contact me, although the chance is VERY minute.

Legal Shtuff
All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, BioWare Corp. and Obsidian Entertainment Inc.,
I own none of the music, and I'm not charging this for my own profit. 
It is to be distributed as is without alteration, unless by consent of the author.

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