TSL Patch (U.S. Version)



The original review was in semi-AOL speak and left out some stuff, so mod ta-da, here's a somewhat brand new review for everyone!

Shazam, we give you the official KotOR 2 Patch. It fixes fixes quite a few issues, bugs and adds a few new features to the game. A short list of what you can expect from it follows:

* Added voice lines for Opo Chano when the PC states they can repair the protocol droid themselves on Telos (dark side) * Added support for the Intel i915 chipset * Corrects a crash issue at the beginning of the dialogue after entering the Harbringer * Corrects a crash issue when transitioning between B-4D4 to the main character after Czerka Mainframe quest on Telos (light side) * Corrects an art issue with NPCs that appear in the mine foreman's log on Peragus * Corrects a geometry issue inside the Jekk Jekk Tarr bar on Nar Shaddaa * Corrects an issue with ATI Radeon cards being incorrectly reported in the swinfo.txt * Corrects an issue with Atton missing from force cage in the Telos Academy * Corrects swoop race forfeiting issue. Players can now win races after forfeiting a race. * Corrects an issue with the swoop bike getting stuck in air in the swoop race mini-game * Corrects stuck issue when reboarding Ebon Hawk on Nar Shaddaa * Corrects a text/voice mismatch in Kreia's dialogue on Malachor * Corrects a scripting issue with Batano quest on Telos (light side) * Corrects a scripting issue with Devaronian conversation on Telos * Updates a journal entry for "A Hidden Power" quest on Korriban * Updates a journal entry for the "Fuel Sabotage" bonus mission on Telos * Master Vash’s corpse will now yield a lightsaber if you have a lightsaber when you kill him on Korriban (dark side) * Khoonda Gun Turrets will no longer appear if you destroy them on Dantooine (dark side) * Reduced the repetition of party members' voice lines when opening doors and containers

Also, this patch is only for USA versions of the game. It will not work for the UK/other international versions. The patches for them can be found at the official LucasArts site.

-Emperor Devon



For PC: 1.0b update

Patch Name: sw_pc_english_from200424_to210427.exe

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM NOTE: The patch is a downloadable exe.

Mod Size: 12.2 MB (12,824,576 bytes)

Min. Requirements: N/A

Posted: 04/14/05

Installation: This is a self extracting exe. Double-clicking on this file installs the patch.

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