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Star Admiral returns to grant the request of a member over at Holowan Labs. The idea is loosely based off a meditation band found in Oldflas...


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Star Admiral returns to grant the request of a member over at Holowan Labs. The idea is loosely based off a meditation band found in Oldflash's famous 'Final Touch Mod'. Anyways, what Star Admiral has done is add two custom items to the game; which are found in the Exile's room on the Harbinger. So humans get a meditation band that will heal them, and droids get a repair function; the mod is designed so that every member of the party can have one, and they will completely heal the PC wearing them when activated; so I'm sure those of you who have been struggling in battle will be delighted to get a hold of this!

Enjoy -- Jonathan7

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Mod Rating: Basic

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Download 'tsl_rejuvenation_items_v2.zip' (577KB)

TSL Rejuvenation Items

Version: 2.0

Developer: Star Admiral

Date: 12/16/08

What This Mod Does:
- Adds 8 Meditation Armbands for human characters and 3 Repair Devices for droid characters to a storage cylinder in the Exile’s room on the Harbinger.
- The items allow the user to fully restore their Vitality and/or Force point totals when not in combat. 
- The items play a nice animation during the rejuvenation process.
- The items come with custom icons.

Installation Instructions:
This mod uses the TSLPatcher for easy installation. Simply run the executable to install the mod. It will modify and/or replace any conflicting files in your Override folder and save the original files inside the backup folder. Do NOT simply copy the files from the tslpatchdata folder to your Override folder; the mod will not work.

Uninstallation Instructions:
To uninstall this mod, first go to the tslpatchdata folder and select all the files inside. Copy and paste the files into your Override folder, overwriting as needed. Without deselecting the selected files, delete them from your Override folder. Afterwards, go to the backup folder and copy all the files except for the dialog.tlk file back into your Override folder. Lastly, copy the dialog.tlk file back into the main directory of wherever you installed TSL, NOT your Override folder.

Compatibility Issues:
This mod should be compatible with other mods that also add items to the Exile’s room on the Harbinger, including RedHawke’s Exile’s Item Pack, unless they either spawn the containers in the exact same location as this mod, or use the same spawning script. If there is a conflict with a popular mod, contact me and I’ll see if I can release a patch to make mine compatible. Otherwise, you’ll have to modify the script files yourself. I’ve released commented versions of my source code inside the source folder with this mod for you to review and/or edit.

None that I know of. This mod will only work if you have not yet left the Harbinger. If you already advanced past this point, then you will have to add the item to your inventory using KSE or with cheats codes.

Use the giveitem cheat to receive the following items.
- sa_medit_band (Meditation Armband)
- sa_rep_device (Repair Device)

Contact Information:
You can email me at staradmiral@hotmail.com or you can find me hanging out at the Holowan Labs at various times of the day under the user name Star Admiral. I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

A million thanks go out to all the people at the Holowan Labs who have tirelessly spoon-fed me information on modding either KOTOR or TSL, the geniuses who created the wonderful how-to modding tutorials, and the other modders whose work I shamelessly disassembled to learn how they did what they did. I’m looking at mainly DarthParametric, RedHawke, stoffe, ChAiNz.2da, TriggerGod, and Ferc Kast, without whom I could not have learned as much as I did. For this mod, I must also hand out thanks to oldflash for originally releasing a similar work to this in his fantastic Final Touch mod and to Darth Payne for helping me test out version 1.0 of this mod. Thanks again. =)

Terms of Use:
Naturally, you can modify these files for your personal use. You also may use them in any mod if you would like, but please give me credit. That's all I ask.



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