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**Also note that this mod is updated and if you downloaded the previous version, you’ll need to download this updated version because of a s...


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**Also note that this mod is updated and if you downloaded the previous version, you’ll need to download this updated version because of a scripting bug. The previous version no longer exists.

Darth Shan graces us with another mod release at FileFront. It’s a update to his previous mod called Nihilus is the Exile called TSL Story Enhancements, and it’s for the sequel to the 2003 game of the year, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

There’s a story in this mod on how Darth Nihilus is spawned from the Exile during the Mandalorian Wars. I’ll leave it at that since it’s on one of the readmes that comes with this mod and the word it has a spoiler alert labeled on it.

Some of the things to expect in this updated release are that the dialogues are properly voiced. The text has less glitches. The readme mentions about the sacrifice of Visas Marr and that there is a script fix to it. It’s not specific about what is fixed, but I can make guesses to what it would be. To sacrifice Visas, he needs to have default clothing in her clothing slot to have that option. The reason for that is that only the Visas Marr robes have the animation to be able to take either a melee weapon or a lightsaber and stab it right through her torso. If she wears something other than that (some sort of armor), the game will corrupt itself because the animation issue. It is strange though that when she does wear either Padawan or Master style robes, she has her default clothing look anyway, so maybe that is fixed.

There will be a scene on Malachor V between G0-T0, the Remote to give it some sort of resolution. Also there will be a vision of Darth Revan in the Jedi Council Chambers that will give you dialogue options for Revan. Of course that is convenient because we’ve really haven’t heard Revan speak, so keeping tradition to what the original KOTOR game did is a nice touch.

Well, lots to look forward to in this mod if you need some story, dialogue option changes to give a little of a new feel to it. Thanks Darth Shan. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'tsl_storyup.rar' (4.35MB)


AUTHOR: Darth Shan
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: TSL Story Enhancements v2.5

FILENAME: tsl_storyup.rar
DATE RELEASED: 3/25/2007

Loganessex pointed out that there is a scripting bug in my mod. There is a faulty script which I have fixed now.
This is a most blatant mistake and I am most sorry for this (luckily it did not mess up the playthrough). This mod is part of a larger project which is why it is difficult for me to test it properly. I have now asked a friend of mine for proper beta-testing. This will make matters much more easy. Hey, Loganessex, thanks a lot for pointing this out to me.

a) I rewrote a bugged script
b) Included a proper Readme.
c) Added some small additional contents.
d) New Area: Your own mind. (BETA)

This mod contains the following parts:

1) Nihilus is the Exile v2.
You get some additional dialogue options, if you installed USM you will still be able to get the lightsaber - and the mask as well. It revolves about a problem of the PC's identity.
New in Version 2: Every line of dialogue is now properly voiced, the text has a little less clichés. Read the original readme for further details.

2) Sacrifice Visas in (nearly) all situations: If you equip Visas with modified lightsabers and custom robes, you will still be able to sacrifice her. The animation will be slightly cut (it is especially ridiculous with blasters). I removed the conditional script as well as a general fade-out reference in the "a-nihilus" script which made the game black out forever until your entire party was killed by Nihilus. Be cruel to Visas! (Beware: You won't get the additional options from the Nihilus Mod, in this case.)

3) Shoot-out between Remote, Goto and HK-47 on Malachor V. Ok, there is no shooting, but the storyline has been finalized into a sort of resolution. I am quite satisfied with this part. I hope you like it, too.

4) Vision of Revan in the council chamber on Coruscant, v.2
This is a small modulet with dialogue options for Revan, Darth Nihilus (dead by now, I hope) and Darth Traya. The script which brings you there has been fixed.

5a) Small dialogue tweaks for the Handmaiden Sisters Cutscenes.

5b) Moreover, I included a compatibility script for Stoffe's cool Handmaiden Fix and deathdisco's New Planet Coruscant monster mod (one script file in extra folder - now you will get the Handmaiden Cutscenes on Telos, if you recruited Handmaiden as a female PC).

6) Option for never ever having to Recruit the Disciple if you do not have the Handmaiden. This leaves some room for recruitment mods.

7) Second Revan vision, BETA 
Because of the inconveniences I caused with the last version I added another fragment of my story mod which is going to add stuff to every planet. I put this into a separate folder. I don't think there are serious bugs in it, but there are some dialogue lines which make not much sense without context. The module has new music and some cut dialogues which are nice.


Drop every file manually in the folder where it belongs (modules, lips, Override, streammusic) or drag and drop the whole SWKotor2 folder onto your LucasArts folder, if you have a standard TSL installation. Nothing should be overwritten. Compatibilities are nearly universal, including the USM and Coruscant Jedi Temple (loadscreens).

Usage: Defeat Darth Nihilus to get the additional dialogue options. Shortly afterwards you will be transferred to the new module. The confrontation between the droids takes place when Remote has activated the Mass Shadow Generator.

Compatibilites were asked for The Dark Apprentice as well as TSL Restoration Project: This mod is fully compatible with DAP, it won't be compatible with TSLRP, because they are going to implement several ways to sacrifice Visas.

Make a backup of 904MAL_loc.mod. There is a backup included, but these are German lips and work properly only with the German version of the game. Now drag and drop all files manually from the respective subfolders in "New Vision Area BETA" where they belong. Usage: Enter the Trayus Core from 903MAL to enter the new module (904 has been moved and renamed 908MAL). Beware: There is a difficult mandatory boss fight to survive to finish the level. You should be of a high level (around 30). Then there are some fighting tactics and some exploration needed. SAVE YOUR GAME before you speak to your former self from K1.
If the module does not load properly or you end up in the Trayus Core directly, then remove 904MAL.rim, s.rim and dlg.erf to a Backup folder. DO NOT DELETE these files!
Alternative installation, if you are afraid to mess up your game: Rename 904MAL.mod and _loc.mod to 999MAL respectively and use the warp cheat (i.e. warp 999MAL), but this means there will be no music, no load screen and no atmosphere.

COMMENTS: The best parts of the story in this game have been truncated in the unused dialogue files, what a pity. I can't await the release of the TSL Restoration Project.

BUGS: Although this mod (v1 and 2) had been thoroughly tested a lot of times, there were still major issues (s.a.). If there are more, PLEASE send me an e-mail, I will fix the mod.

There is a bug with the Disciple dialogue in Khoonda: Carth may show up instead of Admiral Cede in case of evil PC (50% prob.). This bug was introduced by the USM when fixing a looping cutscene bug. This is a little inconvenient, but the original bug is worse. If you don't like it: delete "dis1_enc.dlg".

Vision Level BETA: Kill Atris with an unmodded Force Power. Lightsaber attacks and High-level Force Powers kill her, although she has MinHP=1. I have no idea what causes this. I will completely rewrite the scripts for the next update. IF she dies, leave it at that, it does not prevent you from completing this level. You miss only half a dozen of dialogue lines.

CREDITS: Loganessex for pointing out the bug. Fred Tetra for his ingenious tool, tk102 for the dialogue editor, Holowan Laboratories and Taris Upper City Emporium for the Tutorials. Shem and SithRevan for their excellent work at Kotorfiles. Everyone else for giving feedback on my mods. Thank you.

PERMISSIONS: You may use this mod in every way you wish.


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