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Over the years since Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords came out, people have made their own version of a cheat band. What you usually do is equip as an armband and click on it to use it so it is activated for use to add, take away, modify or even warp to another module, depending on what you downloaded and what is available.

This is Lit Ridl’s version of this type of cheat band. You can warp yourself to any location in the game, change the influence of your party members, change skills and attributes, add or remove party members, even change your current party at any location, even locations that usually doesn’t allow you to have party members (a new function I haven’t seen yet), increase/decrease your Force Points and Vitality Points, change your class to any class you so desire, and many other functions to check out.

This mod does use the TSL Patcher to easy installation and for mod compatibility. Read the readme on how to access this new armband. Of course, enjoy the new mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Lit Ridl Warp Band
For Kotor II: TSL
Installing mod:

- Let’s be sure you have “Override” folder in your Kotor II main directory.

- TSL Patcher will automatically install the modification, and patch the 2da files if needed.
- Now you have finished installation process, it is ready to use.

This mod is new item for the game. What it does:
• Can warp you to any location from the original game.
• Modify influence on your party members.
• Increase/decrease your skill and attribute points.
• Has check scripts for all booster functions that prevents bugs.
• Booster functions have tokens, that make you always know what your current “boost” level is.
• Adding/removing party members from party selection screen.
• Adding/removing party members to your current party (even at Malachor!).
• After reaching this item it will be selectable from armband activation box, so you haven’t to equip it..
• Force points adjusting.
• Class changing (all game classes!).
• Misc functions like unlock the nearest door, heal party, reveal map, etc.
• Health points changing.
• And some other functions. 

Adding Warp Band to your inventory:

1)	Adding the wrist/droid console to your inventory is rather simple... the first method requires cheats to be enabled.
2)	Cheating way. Press ~ and type in "giveitem warper" or "giveitem dwarper», this will give you Band for human and droid shield for droids.
3)	When you are on the Peragus. It is impossible to miss it (on level up).
Either droids either humans may use this item.
4)	Simply add it by kse. 

Made by Lit Ridl
e-mail: [email protected]
Thanks to:
Stoffe – for his TSL Patcher (also it works for KI)
Darth333 – for her warp band idea for KI
Newzi – for his testing
All in Holowan Laboratories for support

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