TSL Restored Content Mod 1.7



Apparently, a fair amount of content was cut from Knights of the Old Republic II, and this mod restores that missing content.

There are complete story arcs, each planet has some added content, you have party interaction, Dantooine is much more complete and the Battle is even more epic. There is also the much vaunted HK factory and new high quality voice-overs. 

To quote from the trailer: 

There was once a game. And it was released to the public incomplete, and left broken.

 Now… it has been made whole.



CHANGELOG - VERSION 1.6 --> 1.7EBON HAWK:* Battle music will keep playing after escaping Peragus until you jump into hyperspace* Fixed facing problems in conversation between Handmaiden and Atton* Tweaked Bao-Dur's Jedi training* Removed fadeout in the middle of Goto-HK conversation* Added missing animations in Kreia-Atton conversation, after Atton becomes a Jedi* Removed Mira from cockpit after landing on Dxun* Restored cut dialog lines for Atton and Kreia* Fixed animations after defeating Visas* Fixed some skipped lines in Handmaiden's dialog* Lowered the required quest state to ask Bao-Dur about lightsaber* Added some XP rewards in Mira's dialog* Fixes to Mira's dialog* Fixed disc4.dlg blocking cutscene that was supposed to be played next* Fixed infinite INF issue for Disciple* Fixes to T3-M4's dialog* Tweaked HK torture scene* Tweaked Mandalore's dialogPERAGUS:* Emergency lockdown overwritten can no longer be repeated indefinitely* Fixes 2 awkward looking "jumps" in HK-50's dialog* Added an option to ask about T3 in the fuel-lines in the main question branch of HK-50's dialog* Fixed medlab dialog file* Fixed some overlays lasting too long.* Fixed an issue with the journal being set to "got 1 part of the splice" without having a sonic sensor* Maintanance officer console: added a missing check and journal skill set action for failure of that check when having the sonic sensor, like with the same option without sonic sensor.* Fixed an error in the "Rescue T3" mission and one in the "Turbolift Lockdown".* Admoff.dlg: Made first half of second holo skippable now, and added camera overlay once the gas comes in* Fixes long pause before Sien gets taken down by Coorta.* Fixed incorrectly shown amount of parts needed to fix healing droid* Rmedoff.dlg: Fixed incorrect animation used during 3rd holo* emerstat.dlg: Made the switch off animation of the force field unskippable to prevent the gamestopping bug of exiting and saving before it's registered to be 'down' and being unable to try again at the console.* Med-logs: Mouth moves with the warning.* Restored Kreia's line after Sion's arrival* HK-47's door sealed during Sith boarding Ebon Hawk part* Broken terminals no longer becomes active when interacted with* Coorta's assassin droids no longer get stuck while leaving* 3C-FD doesn't stay irreperably damaged in 103PER* Fixed bug, where the droid that spawns to take down the door does not 'suffer' the effects you gave all those droids with the droid controller* Made "Coorta, coorta, are you dead yet?" line unskippable* Restored 3cfd's dialog to prologue* Fixed script to remove prologue itemsTELOS:* Door will now close during your "meeting" with two bounty hunters for Luxa* Fixed possibility of playing pazzak with Mebla "for credits" with no credits left* Tweaked camera angle in one of cutscenes in Atris' secret academy* Restored Atton and Bao-Dur's lines* Fixed some skipped lines in Riiken's convo* Added planet information to "False Batu Rem" quest* Restored more conversations with Atris* Added missing skill checks* Fixed Kreia's animation when crashing in restoration zone* Fixed some missing movies after meeting Carth* Fixed skipped line when talking to Green after helping mercenaries on Dantooine* Fixed persuade skill check in Lorso's dialog* Fixed Falt's dialog and restored his quest* Restored some more lines in Luxa's dialog* Restored a wave file for broken HK-50 (removed by Obsidian's 1.0b patch)NAR SHADDAA:* Removed influence hit on current party member after helping Chano* Fixed Atton jumping to the other side of the module when fighting bounty hunters as Atton/Mira/T3* You can no longer ask refugee near the Tienn's shop about Zez-Kai Ell after finishing the planet* Made some Visquis' lines skippable* Added missing clairvoyance effect when learning Force Breath* Fixed bug, when escape tunnels door would open after exile entered Visquis' stronghold* Fixed some facing problems in cantina* Some overral changes to the part where Atton, Bao-Dur and third party member have to run to Jekk'Jekk Tarr* It's no longer possible to have HK-47 shoot HK-50s on Nar Shaddaa* HK-50s will no longer spawn on Goto's Yacht if HK-47 is a party member* Restored some Zhug's lines referring to their brothers on Dxun* Fixed Zez-Kai Ell referring to Revan as male when set to female* Some other fixes to Zez-Kai Ell's dialog* Fixed kaalanah taking your money when not supposed to* Restored "welcome back" line in bartender's conversation in cantina* Fixed infinite DS points issue in bartender's dialog* Fixed incorrect credit checks* You don't get any XP for lying to Sullustan anymore, you get more DS points now though and a proper journal entry is added for this instance* Fixed some skipped lines in Hussef's convo* Fixed possibility of Kreia talking to "servant of Atris" when playing female, before Visas joins the party* Fixes Red eclipse issueDXUN:* Restored some Zhug's lines referring to their brothers on Nar Shaddaa* Changed camera angle when Tobin talks to his soldier* Fixed Kreia's line "and who else" getting skipped every time.ONDERON:* Fixed Terlyn's dialog ending too soon* Fixes to Kavar's dialog when playing as Jedi Guardian* Disabled possibility of killing Bostuco after meeting Kavar in cantina* Fixes to Panar's dialogDANTOOINE:* Fixes to Vrook's dialog* Fixes to Pato's dialog* Improved militia's dlg* Fixed incorrect journal entriesRAVAGER, MALACHOR AND ENDGAME:* Added missing lipsync for Disciple on Malachor* Fixed Sion's animations when reporting female exile's arrival* Fixed some facing issues in Kreia vs party members scene* Tweaked Handmaiden's dialog* Fixed the "press 1 to proceed" issue* Blocked option about Hanmaiden during Atton's death when playing female* Tweaked camera angle when talking to Atton at game ending to avoid bad looking camera changeCHANGES FOR NO-ENGLISH VERSIONS OF TSLRCM:* Kaevee's dialog fully translated into French if you choose French version during installation

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