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Back in 1977, we were introduced to the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope. There were a lot of new types of species that we’ve never seen before and one of them was the Tusken Raiders, also referred to as the Sand People. When the original Knights of the Old Republic game was released four years ago, one of the planets you went to visit to find the Star Map to lead you to the Star Forge was Tatooine, home of the Tusken Raiders and you definitely have your encounters with them.

One of the things in KOTOR you get to do is dress up as Sand People to sneak in their enclave. The thing about that was the disguises were plot items and once you’re done with the plot in sneaking in the enclave, you lose your Tusken Raider disguises.

DarkJediPerson makes another return to modding that gives you clothing to disguise you as Tusken Raiders and this one is for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. There are two items of clothing that will make you look like Sand People; one of them makes you look like a male and the other female. You will have to use the cheats to get these new garments. Use the giveitem code while putting in a_tusken_01 for the male robes and a_tusken_02 for the female robes.

Even though the release is intended for TSL, I believe these new robes can be used in K1 so go ahead and drop these babies in your K1 override folder if so desired. Sometimes I wished Obsidians would have left more K1 elements behind, like Jolee, Juhani, Mission, Zaalbar, etc, but they happened to carry over Tuskens as one of their elements. Well, enjoy the new mod! :D

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Author: DarkJediPerson
Email: [email protected]

Tusken Raider Robes Mod

Decreption: This mod is one of my first actual mods. (other than skins)  It will give you some tusken Raider Clothing.
Giveitem codes:

Instaltion: Drop the extracted files into the overide folder
Uninstalation: delete all the files from your overide.

Bugs:None that i know of email me if any are spoted.

Credits: Jk tetra for kotor tool!

PERMISSIONS: You may edit and use this all you want. You may not distribute this to other sites without my permission!!!!

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