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Ultimate Saber Mod

ultimate_saber_mod.rar —


Please note that this is the biggest mod review I have ever done and I’ve done my share since joining staff last April (this is my 177th mod review). Please also take the time and thank talented modders of ChAiNz.2da, Darth333, Seprithro, Svösh, and T7nowhere. Without them, this mod would not be possible. Also thank them for allowing this mod to be hosted at FileFront. I promised them that they wouldn’t regret having this mod hosted here. Also thank CChargin for figuring out how to make new hilts in the games. Without him, a mod like this would have never been attempted.

It’s finally here in the land of FileFront. The Ultimate Saber Mod (USM) for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. I do know that some of you are very familiar with this mod and others will be finding out about it for the first time. That is why putting up a mod such as this one here will open doors to others who haven’t had the opportunity to play with this mod yet.

What this mod does is add 36 new lightsaber hilt models. Most of the hilts do have at least five different lightsaber colors to choose from. Now, I know there are more colors than five, but a lot of work was put into this mod and we should be grateful that we all have the choices that we have available as the authors did the best they could in choosing colors for each hilt. Most hilts have the traditional colors of blue, red, green, yellow, and purple available with each hilt. Sometimes cyan, orange, etc will show up in other hilts. It will be fun for all of you to explore and find out what colors are available with each hilt.

If anybody knows anything about modding a new lightsaber hilt, the way the KOTOR games are designed is that the hilt model is determined by the crystal it uses. Let’s just say it’s a game engine thing and we as modders have to go with what works. In the case of the USM Team, this is the only way to make it work. What’s great is the fact there is a way to make new hilt models for the KOTOR games and we should be grateful for that.

Some of the hilt models you will be very familiar with in this release are ones from the Star Wars movies. Off the top of my head, you’ll see such hilts as Anakin Skywalker’s from both AOTC and ROTS, Mace Windu’s, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s from ROTS, Qui-Gon Jinn’s, Darth Maul’s, Count Dooku’s, and Master Yoda’s. You’ll also see original looking hilts to help enhance this mod.

The key to getting these hilts are finding the crystals you need to take to the work bench and putting in your lightsaber. Please note that the USM crystals have to be put in the right lightsaber. It’s not like the Bioware ones where you can just put them in any lightsaber or any type (single, double, short) and the way you go. Each crystal is designed for specific types of hilts. Say like a crystal is just for a single blade lightsaber, you can’t put it in a double-bladed hilt and it expect it to work. It will become a null grenade and basically you have lost your lightsaber. To best to figure that out before you make that mistake permanently is to see the visual on the workbench what your lightsaber will look like. If you see a null grenade when you switched color crystals do not hit assemble or you will regret it.

All five Jedi Masters that were there when the Exile was exiled from the Jedi Order that you meet on your journey has their own lightsaber hilt. Even when you find a deceased Master Vash on Korriban, you will be able to get her personal lightsaber. The other masters of the Council, Vrook, Kavar, and Zez-Kai Ell have their own and no matter what path you choose (light or dark), you will be able to get a hold of their lightsaber hilt. Also Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus have their own lightsaber hilt and will be available when you defeat them.

All party members have their own hilts available. The key is to convert your party members into Jedi first, also you must have completed building your personal lightsaber quest first before you can have your party members build their personal lightsabers. Once you do what is needed, each Jedi that can be taught the ways of the Force can build their own lightsaber. Atton, Visas, and the Handmaiden (Brianna) can have theirs built on any module, while Bao-Dur, Mira, and the Disciple (Mical) must be on the Ebon Hawk to build theirs. Kreia gets a new lightsaber hilt from the start of when she joins your party on Peragus. In fact, Kreia now uses her lightsaber when she confronts Darth Sion on the Harbinger. Each party member lightsaber can only be used by the specific party member. All the convertible party members can build a new lightsaber hilt for your PC to use after they have built theirs. You can also tell your party members which color you want their lightsaber to be or let them choose. The only one that isn’t like that is Kreia, which comes with a green blade. Party members that are taught the ways of the Force can also learn new Force techniques once they learn the ways of the Force. Explore the new dialogue options once you have converted them to find out what they can learn. It also depends on your PC’s Jedi class.

You can find these new crystals in the random loot. Basically as you progress through the game, USM crystals will show up at random and at random places. Lightsaber crystals including USM ones will be available now in the Korriban cave. Be sure to check those out.

I put a few pictures of this mod here. If you want to see more, visit the full picture site HERE.

Please take note that this mod does not make it so you can get a lightsaber earlier than the game originally intended you to do so. It only enhances the options of hilt selections. Basically you aren’t stuck just using those default Bioware looking hilts that I’m not a fan of. And of course enjoy this fantastic mod. :D

Note: If you really need emergency technical support, please visit the link provided to its Home Thread at Holowan Labs. The authors of this mod always check that thread for any questions. Do not expect help for this mod posting in the comments here. Use it more for compliments or basically what do you think of the mod. While our staff will do what we can to help, the best help will come at Holowan Labs in the link I have just provided. All the necessary patches are included with this mod release. Also, please read the readmes for instructions on how to use this mod to save time on questions. Thanks! :D




//Ultimate Lightsaber Mod(USM)
//        for TSL
//Created By: ChAiNz.2da, Darth333,Seprithro, svösh, and T7nowhere.
//Released June, 12/ 2005
//Contact information:
//All this mods team members can be reached through Private Message 
//at http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=321
This readme is best viewed with Word wrap off.

This mod is in no way shape or form endorsed by LucasArts OR Obsidian Entertainment.
Use entirely at your own risk.

This mod may only be hosted at the following websites:
pcgamemods.com and Lucasfiles unless permission is given by the USM team to host on 
other sites.

About USM
Positive side effect:
Section I: Installation Instructions
Section II: UnInstallation Instructions
Section III: Possible Mod conflicts
Section IV: Credits
Section V: Special thanks
Section VI: About the USM_loot script- read RandomLoot_readme.txt
Section VII: Terms of use

About USM: The main focus of this mod is the 36 New lightsaber hilt models, which have been 
integrated into TSL. The majority of the lightsaber models also come in 5 color variants. Due
to the number of New unique lightsaber models we could not make them be useable in all the 
colors that the normal game sabers have, but the base colors are available and several of the 
lightsabers have new unique colors.

It should be noted this mod is not intended to give you the player a lightsaber from the 
start of the game, but instead to enhance what is already there. The player will have the 
choice of building one of the several new hilts as part of the Lightsaber quest, this is 
of course on the condition that you have one of the new Color crystals already in your 
inventory. Don't worry they will be available by the time you have all the lightsaber parts 
to build your first saber. The lightsaber crystals are integrated into the random loot generation.
You will also be able to find fully built Lightsabers at certain areas of the game. Additionally 
after the LS quest is complete Bao-Dur will be able to build the New USM lightsabers provided you 
have 1 usm crystal, 1 default game hilt and 900 credits for parts.

The NPC's that are trainable as Jedi will also build their own lightsabers after the initial
training. Additionally Kreia will join your part with her own custom lightsaber and Visas will
Build a new one after you destroy hers.

All of the important Jedi and Sith NPC's In the game will also be sporting there new Lightsaber
hilts. Among those are: Master Kavar, Master Vash, Master Vrook, Master Zez-Kai Ell, Atris,
Darth Sion, and Darth Nihilus. Additional: Darth Nihilus has also been Pumped Up and he now has 
a few new tricks up his sleeves. 

There are also a few new nice surprises to be found ;) 

Due to the way lightsabers work in TSL you will not be able to use the USM crystals in  the same manner 
that you could with the normal Color crystals. So you will not be able to use Double bladed lightsaber crystal
in a normal single or short sabers. Think of them like a key to unlocking the new hilt models. If you do 
place a USM crystal in the wrong Lightsaber type it will turn into what looks like a grenade, So simply hit
the cancel button and not the assemble button to return your lightsaber to normal.  

Positive side effect: As a side effect of making this mod a few game bugs were discovered and 
have been fixed. Most of them are minor.

-Entering the Hidden Jedi enclave on Telos: When entering Handmaiden will tell you to
"Lay down your weapons and you shall not be harmed." If you choose the LS reply option 
"All right - we mean no harm." then it would end the dialog and the story would be dead. 
You can now choose this reply and the story will proceed to the next plot point in the game.

-Bao-Durs Bad dream about Malachor V, One reply option would end the dialog prematurely. 
The Reply is now linked to the proper entry.

-Disciples intro Dialog that happens in the enclaves sub level. If Disciple doesn't join you he 
says he will leave and meet you at Khoonda, But at the end of the dialog he just stands there 
like a moron so I added a script to the dialog that makes him run out of Khoonda.

-Another that is related to the one above is when you arrive back at khoonda If the global is not 
set to make carth be the Republic admiral then Disciple will talk to a wall( this really annoyed me 
as I didn't know what the hell was going on in that scene the First time I played TSL). 
Now he will be talking to the alternate Admiral that you see if Carth is not the Admiral.

-Fixed Visas marrs Bugged Forcesight dialog, it turns out if you don't 
ask her "How do you see through the Force?" as soon as you see the option Then you can't ever ask 
it again because that reply is attached to a string that would be cut off from the main dialog 
string. So I linked it to her main dialog node. so now you can ask her even if you didn't right away.
-The Dialog with the 3 Jedi Master near the end of the game. One of Kavar's sentences was spoken by
Zez, a reply was broken and near the end of the scene Vrooks Lightsaber would not ignite when it 
should have been.
Section I: Installation Instructions

FIRST THING, BACK UP YOUR OVERRIDE! ;) USM has a total is 1405 files and requires 78MB of 
free space  so if your main override is full of mods then you may want to pay close 
attention when you’re installing the files. Personally I need to keep things organized and 
OE has made that possible since we can have mods in a subfolders within override, but 
you can't have mods in subfolders within subfolders. The game won't dig that deep.

1)Override folder: Copy the files in the Override directory to your games Override 
directory. Default is C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotOR2Override . IF you do not 
have an override Directory then you should update your game to the TSL 1.0b patch 
Which you can download from http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/kotor2.htm Or create a 
new folder in your games main directory called "Override" without the quotes.

2)StreamVoice: Copy this folder directly into your main SWKotOR2 Directory and allow it
to Overwrite. Don't worry None of the games sounds will be overwritten.

That’s it. :)
Section II: UnInstallation Instructions

1) Delete all the files that belong to USM from the Override directory. If you have all 
your installed mods in the main override directory then the easiest way to find all of 
this mods files is to Copy them from the extracted archive and and paste them in 
override and overwrite all files, this will select all of the files used by USM and allow
you to right click one of the highlighted files and choose delete.

2)StreamVoice: Delete the following files 

from: StreamVoiceGBLBAODUR:

From: StreamVoiceGBLmira

Section III: Possible Mod conflicts

This mod is quite large and utilizes many of the games original Files to make the mod 
function properly. As a result the files this mod uses may also be used by other mods,
so when you copy the files into override while you have other mods installed you 
should be aware of the files that you’re asked to overwrite.
1) 2da's: The most common File conflict will be with 2da files This mod uses:


baseitems.2da: The rows used directly by USM are 105, 106 If you need to combine your 
baseitem.2da with USM's then you should use USM's baseitems.2da as a base, due to the 
fact that those rows are used by many of our .uti files.

globalcat.2da: The rows used by USM Are  999-1010. If you have another mod that uses
this 2da you can simply copy rows 999-1010 tot he end of your globalcat.2da the row 
order does not matter.

upcrystals.2da: We have made this file with as many other Lightsaber mods as possible.
We can not guarantee that the other Lightsaber mods will work only that the entries for 
them have been combined with the upcrystals.2da used by USM.

The following mods 2da files are compatible with USM:

- Darkkender's Guardian Saber

- RedHawke & Maverick187's Prestiege Class

- RedHawke's Exile Item Pack

- Xcom's SH Crystal Pack

- Shadow's Saber Pack

- Shadow's Odyssey Saber

- Jetstorm's & Darkkender's Lightsaber Crystal Expansion

- Maverick187's Megido & Avenger Sabers

- Maverick187's Jedi W.M. Mav Model

- Darkkender's Segan Wyndh v2 mod

- Darkkender's Painted Droids mod

- Drakonnen's Jedi v Sith Armor Pack

- ChAiNz.2da's Darksword

- The Ossus Keeper's Black Beam Sabers

- Prydeless' Pink Lightsaber

2)Possible Conflicting Dialog files: 

Party NPC dialogs:

Misc game dialog files:


The only 2 that I know might conflict are handmaiden.dlg, and visasmarr.dlg. 
These 2 files were used in bug fixes made by the TSLRP team. The same bug fixes have 
also been made to the Dialogs used for USM.
Section IV: Credits

Artists: ChAiNz.2da, Seprithro, svösh, and T7nowhere.

Xia Terashai's Short Saber
Disciple's "Agenda" Lightsaber
Segan Wyndh Long Saber
Zez-Kai Ell's Double Saber
BA-122 Prototype Double Saber
Darth Nihilus' Lightsaber							
Master Vrook's Lightsaber							 
Darth Sion's Lightsaber								
Type-S Short Lightsaber								
Type-G Short Lightsaber								
Type-J Lightsaber								
Type-E Lightsaber 								
Alora-sor-Dana's Lightsaber 
Brianna’s Balance								
Type A Lightsaber [aka ani’s ep2] 						
Type B Lightsaber [aka Yoda’s ep2]						
Type C Lightsaber [aka Dooku’s ep2]						
Darth Bandon's saber								
Kreia's walking stick								
Master Vash's Harmony								
Atris' Master Prism								
Master Kavar’s Shield								
Master kavar’s Prize								
Visas’ Hope Of Katarr
Death Mask
Blood of Malevolence										
Darth Malak's Lightsaber
Stylized Exar Kun Lightsaber	
Rocarian Double-Bladed Lightsaber[aka Darth Mauls Lightsaber Ep1.]							
Padawan Lightsaber[aka. Lukes Skywalkers Lightsaber ANH]														
Jedi Master's Lightsaber[aka. Mace Windu's Lightsaber AotC]			
Jedi Knight's Lightsaber[ aka. Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber ANH]	
Traditional Jedi Knights Lightsaber[aka. Qui-gon Jin's Lightsaber Ep.1]		
Atton's Lightsaber
Bao-Dur's Lightsaber 								
Mira's Lightsaber

Scripting, 2da editing and Item placement: ChAiNz.2da, Darth333 and T7nowhere.

ChAiNz.2da: BA-122 Prototype Double Saber Mini quest. Edited and combined  Upcrystals.2da and
baseitems.2da to be compatible with as many other mods as possible.

Darth333: Random loot script that is intergrated into the games normal 
Random loot ,generation and debugging.

T7nowhere: Gameplay intergration: Script writing, Sith and Jedi master Lightsaber 
replacement, Dialog editing, debugging.

Play testing: Colma Adawin(Formally known as MattColejk), maverick187, Mono_Giganto, RedHawke, 
Seprithro ChAiNz.2da, Darth333, svösh, tk102.

Special Gratitude goes out to our play testers Colma Adawin(Formally known as MattColejk), maverick187, 
Mono_Giganto, RedHawke tk102 for their helpful feedback and bug finding.

A very Special Thanks goes out to cchargin who made it Possible for us to make 
new lightsaber hilts for use in TSL, tk102 for His assistance in debugging, and for all his 
very useful utilities for which we all could not mod KotOR and TSL with out, Fred Tetra for 
his continued support of KotoR tool(aka. KT) another tool us modders could not live without, Xcom, Envida, and Of course stoffe -mkb- for their excellent Scripting knowledge, scripts and assistance.   

Section VI: About the USM_loot script- read RandomLoot_readme.txt

Section VII: Terms of use

This mod may not be re-upload to any other website besides LucasFiles.com and pcgmamemods.com Unless 
permission to do so is given by the USM mod Team.

You may alter the contents of this mod in anyway you see fit for your personal use only. 

You are not allowed to use any of this mods resources in other released mods without express written consent 
of the USM modding team.

The source scripts are there for modders and can be used freely.


Finally thanks to all those people that supported us and have been eagerly awaiting this mods release

T7nowhere's Modding notes for Item placement.

This file contains my notes on the Game files I edited. The specifics on the NPC dialogs in not included in these notes
simply because I didn't take notes for those. THe new additional nodes will be on npc's the main greeting node.

If you have any questions or need further details into what I change you can PM me at LucasForums and I'll
do what I can to help.
Gamplay Files renamed
-152s_cut.dlg(rename this dlg from sion_cut, there is another dlg of the same name in 153har which was useing a script a_sion_cut. I changed that script for the 152HAR to use 152_sion_cut.ncs)
-152_sion_cut.ncs(nothing changed just renamed the scipt)
-a_launch_cut.ncs(changed the dlg fired from sion_cut to 152s_cut)

gameplay Itemplacement:Kreia's lightsaber.and cutscene on Harbinger vs. SIon.

-101kreia.dlg(this dlg was edited on node "E63". Added script give_armkws to make Kreia show off her new lightsaber)
-give_armkws.ncs( this was writen by D333 to give kreia her custom saber and make her show it off, and is used in dlg 101kreia.dlg)
-usm_lghtsbr_122.uti(Kreia's custom lightsaber uti,Restrict to kreia)
-a_sion_cut.ncs{gives kreia an lightsaber(the uti must be named w_lsbre_01.uti) 
-a_sion_cut2.ncs{gives kreia an lightsaber(the uti must be named w_lsbre_01.uti)}
-K_hilt00.tga(Kreia's hilt texture universal)
-iw_lghtsbr_122.tga(Kreia's hilt icon green(Might be changed))
-w_lghtsbr_122.mdl^(kreia's green hilt model)
-w_lsbre_01.uti(stunt saber to be used the cut scenes with Sion on the Harbinger)

Gameplay element: DarthSion's first encounter
-old_sionspawn.ncs(original spawnscript for module 153HAR)
-a_sionspawn.ncs(new spawn script writen by Darth333)
-replaceweapon.ncs(replace old crappy hilt with Sion's new one built by Sep)
-sion.txi (hilt texture info)
-sion.tga(sion's hilt texture)
-usm_ssbrcut.uti(stunt saber, this uti is to be used in the stunt scenes)
-w_lghtsbr_155.mdl + w_lghtsbr_155.mdx (sion hilt model

Gameplay Citadel station:
202drdt.dlg(added a script to E26)
CS_cleanup.ncs(Cleans up stunt sabers from the TSFinv lockers used on the harbinger)
Gamplay Itemplacement:Nar Shadda complete(as far as I know)

Final Zez Encounter 

-a_351zezconv.ncs spawn/execute for old_351zezconv.ncs
-a_zezconv.ncs    spawn/execute for old_zezconv.ncs
-nar_replcwep.ncs Saber replacement
-usm_dblsbr_179.uti(Zez Kia el Template hilt purple)
-w_dblsbr_179.mdx}(Zez Purple hilt model)
-ZezKE-Hilt.tga (Hilt texture)
-ZezKE-Hilt.txi (hilt txi)
-usm_dblcrstl_179.uti(Zez Purple crystal)
-iw_dblsbr_179.tga(Zez purple hilt Icon)
-iw_dblcrstl_179.tga (crystal icon)
-zez.utc(normally it not a good idea to use module utc's. but in this case its alright. THis file has a unique tag and resref)
*Zez encounters on Nar Shadda complete*

Gamplay Itmeplacement: Onderon( need to do 503OND + 506)

-old503enter.ncs(old onload scipt for module 503OND)
-k_503_enter.ncs(executes old503enter.ncs and 503_Kavwepkill.ncs)
-503_Kavwepkill.ncs(Destroys crappy old saber. I didn't bother replacing it, its perfectly reasonable that a Jedi Master trying to keep a low profile would not show his LS in public unless nessesary)

Palace replace: Once I get the uti's and models from josh rename the uti's to the proper USM tag
-usm_lghtsbr_141.uti (saber uti)
-usm_lghtsbr_135.uti (saber uti)
-kavar.dlg(added script "Ond1_pal_weplc.ncs" to node R90) 
-kaventer.dlg(added script "Ond_pal_weplc.ncs" to node E0)
-Ond1_pal_weplc.ncs(script for dialog, replaces sabers)
-Ond_pal_weplc.ncs(script for dialog, replaces sabers)
-oldsecurity_nort.ncs(original tr_security_nort script)
-tr_security_nort (new triggerscript, added a condition checking for 500OND_DarkSide_Iziz == 1if not then the sabers are replaced on Kavar)
DS Sided with Vaklu
-tob_door.dlg (added Ond_pal_weplc to spawn Lightsabers on Kavar)

-k_mus_treasure.ncs(modified Museum script)
Gameplay itemreplacment :Dantooine, Vrook is complete(needs DS testing though)

-dan_replcwep(used to replace the crappy saber with Vrooks new one)
-iw_Lghtsbr_156.tga(hilt icon for vrooks saber)
-k_enter_601.ncs(executes old_enter_601.ncs+dan_replcwep)
-oldk_enter_dan.ncs(original onload script)
-k_fab_enter.ncs(executes old_fab_enter.ncs+dan_replcwep)
-old_fab_enter.ncs(original onload script)
-k_enter_dan.ncs(executes oldk_enter_dan.ncs+dan_replcwep)
-oldk_enter_dan.ncs(original onload script)
-khoon_replcwep.ncs(not used leave in as backup)
-usm_lghtsbr_156.uti(Lightsaber uti*this lightsaber is not upgradeable*)
-Vrook.tga(hilt texture)
-Vrook.txi(info for above texture)
-w_lghtsbr_156.mdx}Vrooks Lightsaber.

Rebuilt Enclave
-k_kreiaspawn.ncs(spawn script the triggers Kreia, then fires the original script plus the weapon replace)
-oldk_kreiaspawn.ncs(original script)
-councle_sabers.ncs(weapon replace)
-givesaber.ncs(Final Jedi masters are all dead, click one to recieve their Lightsabers)
Gameplay Itemreplacement: Dxun(Freedon Tomb)***(possibly add a single hilt to Nadds corpse)***

-dxn_replcwep.ncs (Replaces the lightsabers on the Ritual leader and the 3 Ritual Followers)
-k_411_enter.ncs  (On module load script)
-oldk_411_enter.ncs(Original On module load script)
-iw_dblcrstl_207.tga	}
-iw_dblcrstl_210.tga	}
-iw_lghtsbr_212.tga	}
-iw_sbrcrstl_212.tga	}
-t7_sbrpike01.tga	}
-t7_sbrpike01.txi	}
-t7_xkun01.tga		}
-t7_xkun01.txi		}
-usm_dblcrstl_207.uti	}
-usm_lghtsbr_212.uti	}
-usm_sbrcrstl_212.uti	}
-w_dblsbr_207.mdl	}
-w_dblsbr_207.mdx	}
-w_dblsbr_210.mdl	}
-w_dblsbr_210.mdx	}
-w_lghtsbr_212.mdl	}
-w_lghtsbr_212.mdx	} Lightsaber models and textures.
Gameplay Itemreplacement: Korriban(Sith Academy. replaced crappy DJ hilt with SIons New hilt, placed Vash's Lightsaber on her corpse)

-tr_enter.ncs(onmodule load script)
-oldtr_enter.ncs(original Load script)
-sion_saber.ncs(saber replace script)
-tr_sion_fight.ncs(Sion Fight script)
-oldtr_sion_fight.ncs(original fight script)
-usm_lghtsbr_155.uti(Sions Saber)
-iw_Lghtsbr_155.tga(hilt icon)
-usm_lghtsbr_127.uti(Vash's Lightsaber,****TEMP**** replace when I get the real one from svösh)
-bastila.dlg(added dialog at E21)
-vash.dgl(added a script that will place Vash's lightsaber on her corpse if the PC has completed the saber quest.
-giveVash_sbr.ncs(script that does the above for dialog vash.dlg)
Gamplay Itemreplacment: Darth Nihilus(Ravenger bridge)

-n_darthnihilu001.utc(Normally I wouldn't use utc's but I searched and as far as I can tell this one is unique)
-iw_lghtsbr_157.tga(Nihilus' hilt icon)
-nhlis.tga(hilt texture)
-nhlis.txi(texture info)
-usm_lghtsbr_157.uti( Darth Nihilus' Hilt)
-w_lghtsbr_157.mdx} (Nihilus' saber model)

Gameplay item replacment: Malicore-core Kreia

-mal_kreiasaber.ncs(saber replacement script. added to Kreia's dialog node E42)
-904kreia.dlg(only added script)
-usm_lghtsbr_121.uti ( Kreia saber,red. uti)
-w_lghtsbr_121.mdx}Red Model
kresion_weps.ncs  }
k_907_enter.ncs   }
oldk_907_enter.ncs}Saber replace for First cut scene on Malicore. Kreia walks into the core.

Sion( What a bitch ) I think sion is spawn twice in one scene. Something odd in that one)
-tr_sion.ncs(spawn script fires sion_saber.ncs + oldtr_sion.ncs)
-oldtr_sion.ncs(original scrpt)
-oldtr_sionenter.ncs(original script)
-tr_sionenter.ncs(spawn script fires sion_saber.ncs + oldtr_sionenter.ncs)
Gameplay item Replacment: Telos- Atris

-atrend1.dlg }
-atrend3.dlg }
-kreatris.dlg}(Added a script to each dialog to equipe atris' Hilt on her(not the best way to do it but it works.)
-tel_replcwep.ncs(script add to the dlg's)
-usm_lghtsbr_130.uti(Atris lightsaber)
-verre_hilt00.tga(Atris's hilt texture)
-verre_hilt00.txi(texture info)
-w_lghtsbr_130.mdx}(saber Model)
Globals to track whether the npc has built there light saber
0- not built
1- Can build( npc was made a jedi){attach and increment to 1 to the same node or a node after a_makejedi}
2- npc has built a personal lightsaber
2- npc can build one for the PC
4- npc built one for the PC


Globals to track the npc's extra feat training

0- not trained(attached to first feat)
1- 1 trained(increment 1, attached second feat)
2- 2 (increment 1, Attach to third feat)
4- Fully trained (dialog node will not show again)

Beta Patched.
-baodur.dlg (Fixed lightsaber creation for the sabers ani and yoda's plus fixed the condition looking for 
not sabers and creds.*I might have to creat 1 new nodes that look for just not credits and 
1 new node for not sabers*)
-c_have_asbr.ncs(checks for old ugly sabers)
-CS_cleanup.ncs(destroys 2 of kreia's stunt sabers and 2 of her actual sabers then creatives one 
Green Walking stick)
oldk_852visas.ncs-(original trigger script for newgeneric002(852NIH). this is a trigger before entering the room
to fight Nihilus)
-k_852visas.ncs(new trigger, fires off the original trigger script plus Hardcore Nihilus/saber replace)

Saber creation for Ani and Yoda sabers fixed. 

New Hardcore Nihilus(I hope if he's too easy or just a mildly difficult let me know, 
But I lost twice trying to kill and once he hit me for 358 hit points, instant death)

Important: I used the trigger(Visas Warning) infront of Nihilus' door to fire off my script. So for the 
sake of testing please make a save game before you enter that trigger. If I have to make adjustments to 
the script that will save time. 

And last IF you change a crystal in your saber for another one and you saber turns into a null nade 

files included: 

Ignore the source folder unless you want to look at my noob scripting skills.
Update:May 23

Fixed k_enter_dan the old version would cause Saedhe to spawn beside khoonda instead of where he should be out 
in the plains.
Update:May 24

t3m4.dlg(corrected a few skipped nodes and fixed an influence check)
visasmarr.dlg(Corrected some minor dialog skips and a fade out when build her lightsaber)
baodur.dlg(added 2 new dialog nodes(that check for credits and sabers)
disciple.dlg(spelling error)
atton.dlg(spelling error+ incorrect saber resref)
korr_cryform_09.utp + Seps_musthief.ncs(added content)
usm_lghtsbr_124.uti}(Spelling error)
usm_sbrcrstl_158.uti}(Cost reduction, to fit with new Form of quest.)
talia.dlg + talia_tresbonus.ncs(IF the player does not rob the Palace treasury Talia will give
the same bonus items that would have been found)
Update: May 25
Seps_musthief.ncs(I left the global variable out of the script, Recompiled)
k_def_spawn01.ncs   }These scripts are part of D333's random loot script. 
k_def_spn_t_jedi.ncs}Recompiled and now working without a hitch.
Update: May 26
atton.dlg(Minor dialog error fix and changed it so Atton can only build his lightsaber outside 
the ebon hawk. To testers when you get atton to build his Lightsaber equip weapons in his main hand 
slots save and tell him to build his lightsaber, I might need to add an unequip fnction the those 
saber scripts. so I need to know if it is a problem of if it just had something to do with where Atton is 
in the Hawk.)
Update: May 27
usm_lghtsbr_149.uti}Missing PC restriction.Now its added though it won't change if you already have the item
usm_sbrcrstl_114.uti}Missing a word in the description. now fixed.

Update: May 29
handmaiden.dlg(Minor Dialog Fixes/ Unlocked Poetry recitation(you need 95 influence and she has to be a jedi gaurdian, Should be good for a late game laugh :D)
usm_dblsbr_154.uti}(added PC restrict)

Update: May 30

kresion_weps(Corrected script to spawn a lightsaber on Sion for the first in-game cutscene on Malacore)

Update: June 1

I made a few misc bug fixes that have nothing to do with USM but they annoyed me so I figured Its easy
to add them to usm( I hope it doesn't end up annoying anyone that I made these fixes).

-bao_malv.dlg(This dlg is used in Bao-Durs bad dream cutscene on the hawk, there was a dialog node that 
broke the conversation so I linked it with the main one)

-dis1_enc.dlg(This is Desciples intro Dialog that happends in the enclaves sub level. Edited e25 to make 
Deciple Run to the exit and destroyself)
-tr_disciple.ncs(trigger script:this script fires dis1_enc.dlg 

-old_enter_601.ncs(added an if statement to spawn Admiral Cede instead of Carth if "101PER_Revan_End" 
does not equal 0. Normally if "101PER_Revan_End" does not equal 0 Desciple would be talking to a wall :( )
-t7_repgen.utc(Admiral Cede)
-disc_enc.dlg(added a new dialog node to be used if the globalnumber "101PER_Revan_End" does not equal 0, if
it does equal 0 then carth Holo will appear as normal) 

Update: June 2

Edited Kreia vision in the hidden tomb on Korr
-oldtr_evil_kreia.ncs(original trigger file)
-tr_evil_kreia.ncs( new trigger script, replaces Kreia's saber then executes old script)
-kresion_weps.ncs( there was a problem with Kreia's baser not spawing turns out it was from the PC restrict
a special stunt saber was created.)

-the new Icon files are an updated and correct files for Seps sabers.

Update: June 3

the following files are a saber update


Fixed Visasmarrs Bugged Forcesight dialog, it turns out if you don't 
ask her "How do you see through the Force?" as soon as you see the option Then you can't ever ask it 
again because that reply is attached to a string that would be cut off from the main diglog string.
So I linked it to her main dialog node. so now you can ask her even if you didn't right away. 

Update: June 4
iw_sbrcrstl_145.tga }
iw_sbrcrstl_146.tga }
iw_sbrcrstl_147.tga }
iw_sbrcrstl_148.tga }
iw_sbrcrstl_149.tga }Updated crystal icons and
usm_sbrcrstl_145.uti} uti's for Visas Lightsaber

Update: June 10

Darth333 Revamped and fixed all the bugs in the usm_loot script.

//Lightsabers added to Bao-Dur's Dialog For the Lightsaber quest
//Double Bladed:
//controled by t7_have_crstl200.ncs
//w_dblsbr_200 mauls(blue)		usm_dblsbr_200	usm_dblcrstl_200
//w_dblsbr_201 mauls(red)		usm_dblsbr_201	usm_dblcrstl_201
//w_dblsbr_202 mauls(green)		usm_dblsbr_202  usm_dblcrstl_202
//w_dblsbr_203 mauls(yellow)		usm_dblsbr_203	usm_dblcrstl_203
//w_dblsbr_204 mauls(purple)		usm_dblsbr_204	usm_dblcrstl_204
//Single Lightsaber:
//Controled by t7_have_crstl206.ncs
//w_lghtsbr_206 Lukes(blue)		usm_lghtsbr_206 usm_sbrcrstl_206
//w_lghtsbr_207 Lukes(red)		usm_lghtsbr_207	usm_sbrcrstl_207
//w_lghtsbr_208 Lukes(green)		usm_lghtsbr_208 usm_sbrcrstl_208
//w_lghtsbr_209 Lukes(yellow)		usm_lghtsbr_209 usm_sbrcrstl_209
//w_lghtsbr_210 Lukes(purple)		usm_lghtsbr_210 usm_sbrcrstl_210
//Controled by t7_have_crstl216.ncs
//w_lghtsbr_216 Mace Windu(blue)	usm_lghtsbr_216 usm_sbrcrstl_216
//w_lghtsbr_217 Mace Windu(red)		usm_lghtsbr_217 usm_sbrcrstl_217
//w_lghtsbr_218 Mace Windu(green)	usm_lghtsbr_218 usm_sbrcrstl_218
//w_lghtsbr_219 Mace Windu(yellow)	usm_lghtsbr_219 usm_sbrcrstl_219
//w_lghtsbr_220 Mace Windu(purple)	usm_lghtsbr_220 usm_sbrcrstl_220								
//controled by t7_have_crstl221.ncs
//w_lghtsbr_221 Obi-Wan Kenobi(blue)	usm_lghtsbr_221 usm_sbrcrstl_221
//w_lghtsbr_222 Obi-Wan Kenobi(red)	usm_lghtsbr_222 usm_sbrcrstl_222
//w_lghtsbr_223 Obi-Wan Kenobi(green)	usm_lghtsbr_223 usm_sbrcrstl_223
//w_lghtsbr_224 Obi-Wan Kenobi(yellow)	usm_lghtsbr_224 usm_sbrcrstl_224
//w_lghtsbr_225 Obi-Wan Kenobi(purple)	usm_lghtsbr_225 usm_sbrcrstl_225
//w_lghtsbr_236 Qui-gon Jin(blue)	usm_lghtsbr_236 usm_sbrcrstl_236
//w_lghtsbr_237 Qui-gon Jin(red)	usm_lghtsbr_237 usm_sbrcrstl_237
//w_lghtsbr_238 Qui-gon Jin(green)	usm_lghtsbr_238 usm_sbrcrstl_238
//w_lghtsbr_239 Qui-gon Jin(Gold)	usm_lghtsbr_239 usm_sbrcrstl_239
//w_lghtsbr_240 Qui-gon Jin(purple)	usm_lghtsbr_240 usm_sbrcrstl_240
//w_dblsbr_100 Negotiator		usm_dblsbr_100	usm_dblcrstl_100
//w_dblsbr_101 Negotiator		usm_dblsbr_102	usm_dblcrstl_101
//w_dblsbr_102 Negotiator		usm_dblsbr_102	usm_dblcrstl_102
//w_dblsbr_103 Negotiator		usm_dblsbr_103	usm_dblcrstl_103
//w_dblsbr_104 Negotiator		usm_dblsbr_104	usm_dblcrstl_104
//w_lghtsbr_100 (Ani)		usm_lghtsbr_100 usm_sbrcrstl_100
//w_lghtsbr_101 (Ani)		usm_lghtsbr_101 usm_sbrcrstl_101
//w_lghtsbr_102 (Ani)		usm_lghtsbr_102 usm_sbrcrstl_102
//w_lghtsbr_103 (Ani)		usm_lghtsbr_103 usm_sbrcrstl_103
//w_lghtsbr_104 (Ani)		usm_lghtsbr_104 usm_sbrcrstl_104
//w_lghtsbr_105 (Yoda)		usm_lghtsbr_105 usm_sbrcrstl_105
//w_lghtsbr_106 (Yoda)		usm_lghtsbr_106 usm_sbrcrstl_106
//w_lghtsbr_107 (Yoda)		usm_lghtsbr_107 usm_sbrcrstl_107
//w_lghtsbr_108 (Yoda)		usm_lghtsbr_108 usm_sbrcrstl_108
//w_lghtsbr_109 (Yoda)		usm_lghtsbr_109 usm_sbrcrstl_109
//w_lghtsbr_115 (Dooku)		usm_lghtsbr_115 usm_sbrcrstl_115
//w_lghtsbr_116 (Dooku)		usm_lghtsbr_116 usm_sbrcrstl_116
//w_lghtsbr_117 (Dooku)		usm_lghtsbr_117 usm_sbrcrstl_117
//w_lghtsbr_118 (Dooku)		usm_lghtsbr_118 usm_sbrcrstl_118
//w_lghtsbr_119 (Dooku)		usm_lghtsbr_119 usm_sbrcrstl_119
//w_lghtsbr_175 (Segan Wyndh Sabers)		usm_lghtsbr_175 usm_sbrcrstl_175
//w_lghtsbr_176 (Segan Wyndh Sabers)		usm_lghtsbr_176 usm_sbrcrstl_176
//w_lghtsbr_177 (Segan Wyndh Sabers)		usm_lghtsbr_177 usm_sbrcrstl_177
//w_lghtsbr_178 (Segan Wyndh Sabers)		usm_lghtsbr_178 usm_sbrcrstl_178
//w_lghtsbr_179 (Segan Wyndh Sabers)		usm_lghtsbr_179 usm_sbrcrstl_179
//w_lghtsbr_170 (Xia Short Saber)		usm_lghtsbr_170 usm_sbrcrstl_170
//w_lghtsbr_171 (Xia Short Saber)		usm_lghtsbr_171 usm_sbrcrstl_171
//w_lghtsbr_172 (Xia Short Saber)		usm_lghtsbr_172 usm_sbrcrstl_172
//w_lghtsbr_173 (Xia Short Saber)		usm_lghtsbr_173 usm_sbrcrstl_173
//w_lghtsbr_174 (Xia Short Saber)		usm_lghtsbr_174 usm_sbrcrstl_174
Trainable Jedi Lightsabers
w_lghtsbr_200 Bao-Dur(Cobalt blue) 	usm_lghtsbr_200	usm_sbrcrstl_200}
w_lghtsbr_201 Bao-Dur(red)	   	usm_lghtsbr_201 usm_sbrcrstl_201}
w_lghtsbr_202 Bao-Dur(green)	   	usm_lghtsbr_202	usm_sbrcrstl_202}Exclude From   
w_lghtsbr_203 Bao-Dur(yellow)	   	usm_lghtsbr_203	usm_sbrcrstl_203}Random item script
w_lghtsbr_204 Bao-Dur(purple)	   	usm_lghtsbr_204	usm_sbrcrstl_204}

usm_xsbr_200.uti	usm_xsbr_200.uti}
usm_xsbr_201.uti	usm_xsbr_201.uti}For Player
usm_xsbr_202.uti	usm_xsbr_202.uti}After npc builds 
usm_xsbr_203.uti	usm_xsbr_203.uti}their first saber
usm_xsbr_204.uti	usm_xsbr_204.uti}

w_lghtsbr_226 Atton(blue)	 	usm_lghtsbr_226 usm_sbrcrstl_226}
w_lghtsbr_227 Atton(red)	 	usm_lghtsbr_227 usm_sbrcrstl_227}
w_lghtsbr_228 Atton(green)	 	usm_lghtsbr_228 usm_sbrcrstl_228}Exclude From
w_lghtsbr_229 Atton(yellow)	 	usm_lghtsbr_229 usm_sbrcrstl_229}Random item script
w_lghtsbr_230 Atton(purple)	 	usm_lghtsbr_230 usm_sbrcrstl_230}

usm_xsbr_226.uti	usm_xsbr_226.uti}
usm_xsbr_227.uti	usm_xsbr_227.uti}For Player
usm_xsbr_228.uti	usm_xsbr_228.uti}After npc builds 
usm_xsbr_229.uti	usm_xsbr_229.uti}their first saber
usm_xsbr_230.uti	usm_xsbr_230.uti}

w_lghtsbr_231 Mira(blue)	 	usm_lghtsbr_231 usm_sbrcrstl_231}
w_lghtsbr_232 Mira(Red)	 	usm_lghtsbr_232 usm_sbrcrstl_232}
w_lghtsbr_233 Mira(green)	 	usm_lghtsbr_233 usm_sbrcrstl_233}
w_lghtsbr_234 Mira(Yellow)	 	usm_lghtsbr_234 usm_sbrcrstl_234}
w_lghtsbr_235 Mira(Purple)	 	usm_lghtsbr_235 usm_sbrcrstl_235}

usm_xsbr_231.uti	usm_xsbr_231.uti}
usm_xsbr_232.uti	usm_xsbr_232.uti}For Player
usm_xsbr_233.uti	usm_xsbr_233.uti}After npc builds 
usm_xsbr_234.uti	usm_xsbr_234.uti}their first saber
usm_xsbr_235.uti	usm_xsbr_235.uti}

w_dblsbr_150 Brianna(blue)	 	usm_dblsbr_150 usm_dblcrstl_150}
w_dblsbr_151 Brianna(Red)	 	usm_dblsbr_151 usm_dblcrstl_151}
w_dblsbr_152 Brianna(green)	 	usm_dblsbr_152 usm_dblcrstl_152}
w_dblsbr_153 Brianna(Yellow)	 	usm_dblsbr_153 usm_dblcrstl_153}
w_dblsbr_154 Brianna(Purple)	 	usm_dblsbr_154 usm_dblcrstl_154}

usm_xdsbr_150.uti	usm_xdsbr_150.uti}
usm_xdsbr_151.uti	usm_xdsbr_151.uti}For Player
usm_xdsbr_152.uti	usm_xdsbr_152.uti}After npc builds 
usm_xdsbr_153.uti	usm_xdsbr_153.uti}their first saber
usm_xdsbr_154.uti	usm_xdsbr_154.uti}

w_lghtsbr_180 (blue)	 		usm_lghtsbr_180 usm_sbrcrstl_180}
w_lghtsbr_181 (Red)	 		usm_lghtsbr_181 usm_sbrcrstl_181}
w_lghtsbr_182 (green)	 		usm_lghtsbr_182 usm_sbrcrstl_182}
w_lghtsbr_183 (Yellow)	 	usm_lghtsbr_183 usm_sbrcrstl_183}
w_lghtsbr_184 (Purple)	 	usm_lghtsbr_184 usm_sbrcrstl_184}

usm_xsbr_231.uti	usm_xsbr_231.uti}
usm_xsbr_232.uti	usm_xsbr_232.uti}For Player
usm_xsbr_233.uti	usm_xsbr_233.uti}After npc builds 
usm_xsbr_234.uti	usm_xsbr_234.uti}their first saber
usm_xsbr_235.uti	usm_xsbr_235.uti}
//Jedi Master and Sith master Sabers
//Blood of Malevolence
//w_dblsbr_206 BoM(Blue)		usm_dblsbr_206	usm_dblcrstl_206}
//w_dblsbr_207 BoM(red)			usm_dblsbr_207	usm_dblcrstl_207}Exclude From 
//w_dblsbr_208 BoM(green)		usm_dblsbr_208	usm_dblcrstl_208}Random item script
//w_dblsbr_209 BoM(yellow)		usm_dblsbr_209	usm_dblcrstl_209}Placed on Dxun 
//w_dblsbr_210 BoM(purple)		usm_dblsbr_210	usm_dblcrstl_210}Nadds Tomb
//Exar Kun's 
//w_lghtsbr_211 EXar Kun(blue)		usm_lghtsbr_211 usm_sbrcrstl_211}
//w_lghtsbr_212 EXar Kun(red)		usm_lghtsbr_212 usm_sbrcrstl_212}Exclude from
//w_lghtsbr_213 EXar Kun(green)		usm_lghtsbr_213 usm_sbrcrstl_213}Random Item Script
//w_lghtsbr_214 EXar Kun(yellow)	usm_lghtsbr_214 usm_sbrcrstl_214}Placed on Dxun
//w_lghtsbr_215 EXar Kun(purple)	usm_lghtsbr_215 usm_sbrcrstl_215}Nadds Tomb x2 red
//usm_lghtsbr_205 (Darth Malaks Lightsaber Unique, not upgradeable.)
//w_lghtsbr_120 (blue)	 		usm_lghtsbr_120 usm_sbrcrstl_120}
//w_lghtsbr_121 (Red)	 		usm_lghtsbr_121 usm_sbrcrstl_121}
//w_lghtsbr_122 (green)	 		usm_lghtsbr_122 usm_sbrcrstl_122}
//w_lghtsbr_123 (Yellow)	 	usm_lghtsbr_123 usm_sbrcrstl_123}
//w_lghtsbr_124 (Purple)	 	usm_lghtsbr_124 usm_sbrcrstl_124}
//Master Vash
//w_lghtsbr_125 (blue)	 		usm_lghtsbr_125 usm_sbrcrstl_125}
//w_lghtsbr_126 (Red)	 		usm_lghtsbr_126 usm_sbrcrstl_126}
//w_lghtsbr_127 (green)	 		usm_lghtsbr_127 usm_sbrcrstl_127}
//w_lghtsbr_128 (Yellow)	 	usm_lghtsbr_128 usm_sbrcrstl_128}
//w_lghtsbr_129 (Purple)	 	usm_lghtsbr_129 usm_sbrcrstl_129}
//Master Atris
//w_lghtsbr_130 (blue)	 		usm_lghtsbr_130 usm_sbrcrstl_130}
//w_lghtsbr_131 (Red)	 		usm_lghtsbr_131 usm_sbrcrstl_131}
//w_lghtsbr_132 (green)	 		usm_lghtsbr_132 usm_sbrcrstl_132}
//w_lghtsbr_133 (Yellow)	 	usm_lghtsbr_133 usm_sbrcrstl_133}
//w_lghtsbr_134 (Purple)	 	usm_lghtsbr_134 usm_sbrcrstl_134}
//w_lghtsbr_135 (blue)	 		usm_lghtsbr_135 usm_sbrcrstl_135}
//w_lghtsbr_136 (Red)	 		usm_lghtsbr_136 usm_sbrcrstl_136}
//w_lghtsbr_137 (green)	 		usm_lghtsbr_137 usm_sbrcrstl_137}
//w_lghtsbr_138 (Yellow)	 	usm_lghtsbr_138 usm_sbrcrstl_138}
//w_lghtsbr_139 (Purple)	 	usm_lghtsbr_139 usm_sbrcrstl_139}
//w_lghtsbr_140 (blue)	 		usm_lghtsbr_140 usm_sbrcrstl_140}
//w_lghtsbr_141 (Red)	 		usm_lghtsbr_141 usm_sbrcrstl_141}
//w_lghtsbr_142 (green)	 		usm_lghtsbr_142 usm_sbrcrstl_142}
//w_lghtsbr_143 (Yellow)	 	usm_lghtsbr_143 usm_sbrcrstl_143}
//w_lghtsbr_144 (Purple)	 	usm_lghtsbr_144 usm_sbrcrstl_144}
//Zez-Kai Ell
//w_dblsbr_175 Zez-Kai Ell(Blue)		usm_dblsbr_175	usm_dblcrstl_175}
//w_dblsbr_176 Zez-Kai Ell(red)			usm_dblsbr_176	usm_dblcrstl_176}
//w_dblsbr_177 Zez-Kai Ell(green)		usm_dblsbr_177	usm_dblcrstl_177}
//w_dblsbr_178 Zez-Kai Ell(yellow)		usm_dblsbr_178	usm_dblcrstl_178}
//w_dblsbr_179 Zez-Kai Ell(purple)		usm_dblsbr_179	usm_dblcrstl_179}
//Darth Sion's Lightsaber
//Master Vrook's Lightsaber
//Darth Nihilus' Lightsaber

w_lghtsbr_145 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_145 usm_sbrcrstl_145}
w_lghtsbr_146 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_146 usm_sbrcrstl_146}
w_lghtsbr_147 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_147 usm_sbrcrstl_147}
w_lghtsbr_148 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_148 usm_sbrcrstl_148}
w_lghtsbr_149 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_149 usm_sbrcrstl_149}

w_lghtsbr_110 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_110 usm_sbrcrstl_110}
w_lghtsbr_111 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_111 usm_sbrcrstl_111}
w_lghtsbr_112 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_112 usm_sbrcrstl_112}
w_lghtsbr_113 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_113 usm_sbrcrstl_113}
w_lghtsbr_114 Visas	 	usm_lghtsbr_114 usm_sbrcrstl_114}

BA-122 Sabers
w_dblsbr_170 (blue)	 	usm_dblsbr_170 usm_dblcrstl_170}
w_dblsbr_171 (Red)	 	usm_dblsbr_171 usm_dblcrstl_171}
w_dblsbr_172 (green)	 	usm_dblsbr_172 usm_dblcrstl_172}
w_dblsbr_173 (Yellow)	 	usm_dblsbr_173 usm_dblcrstl_173}
w_dblsbr_174 (Purple)	 	usm_dblsbr_174 usm_dblcrstl_174}

w_lghtsbr_170 (blue)	 		usm_lghtsbr_170 usm_sbrcrstl_170}
w_lghtsbr_171 (Red)	 		usm_lghtsbr_171 usm_sbrcrstl_171}
w_lghtsbr_172 (green)	 		usm_lghtsbr_172 usm_sbrcrstl_172}
w_lghtsbr_173 (Yellow)	 	usm_lghtsbr_173 usm_sbrcrstl_173}
w_lghtsbr_174 (Purple)	 	usm_lghtsbr_174 usm_sbrcrstl_174}

usm_lghtsbr_158  usm_lghtsbr_158
usm_lghtsbr_159  usm_lghtsbr_159

 USM random loot (by Darth333) – crystals and DS robes
Random loot rules:

The USM crystals have been incorporated in the game's random loot. However, the USM loot uses its own set of rules: 

1. There are 4 levels of crystals:

Stage 1 crystals:  these crystals have no special properties - this is the main USM crystal loot for players levels 8-12
Stage 2 crystals: these crystals have modest special properties - this is the main USM crystal loot for players level 13-17
Stage 3 crystals: these crystals have are quite powerful - this is the main USM crystal loot for players level 18-5
Stage 4 crystals: rare crystals - low chances to spawn at any level - DS or LS planets

The chances to spawn crystals from a certain level increase or decrease according to your level. Dark side areas have their own rules but in general the rules are as follow:
a. player levels 8-12:  
55% chances of spawning Stage1 crystals
25% chances of spawning Stage2 crystals
15% chance of spawning Stage 3 crystals
5% chance of spawning Stage 4 crystals

b. player levels 13-18:  
25% chances of spawning Stage1 crystals
55% chances of spawning Stage2 crystals
15% chance of spawning Stage 3 crystals
5% chance of spawning Stage 4 crystals

c. player levels 19 +:  
15% chances of spawning Stage1 crystals
25% chances of spawning Stage2 crystals
55% chance of spawning Stage 3 crystals
5% chance of spawning Stage 4 crystals

2. Other comments:

- player has to be a lvl 8 to trigger the possibility to get some  usm random crystals and DS robes loot.
- There should not be crystals on Droids and beasts...  except  Cannocks as they are supposed to eat everything they find and many jedi died on Dxun...
- There is a possibility to get some special Darkside crystals on Korriban, Dxun Temple and the surrounding area, the Ravager and the Trayus Academy.
- Finally a small tweak was added: there is the possibility to spawn Dark Side robes loot on planets/areas with strong Dark Side presence.  k_inc_treas_k2.nss has been edited and unless exception (Dark Jedi using a custom script) you shoudn’t get anymore LS robes from Dark Jedi. 

3. Overall Chances to spawn crystals per area:

- 100% chances to spawn a USM crystal when you kill a Jedi Master (except Vash).  
- 9% chances to spawn USM crystals or DS robes on Korriban, Dxun Temple and surrounding area and Trayus academy
- 7% chances to spawn USM crystals in the sublevel of the Dantoine Jedi Enclave and the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave (given that there are so few containers)
- 10% chances to spawn USM crystals in the Dantoine crystal caves
- 2% chances to spawn crystals for JekkJekk Tarr and the Tunnels on Nar Shadaa
- 5% chances to spawn crystals in all other areas

4. Compatibility
The random loot will be incompatible with any other mod overwriting the same .ncs files (most of the files attached to placeables). If you modify K_inc_treas_k2.nss, make sure you use the USM *.nss files when you compile. These files are included herewith in a folder called USMrandom_source.
Note that a few changes have been made to k_inc_treas_k2.nss at line 932 but the master file for the USM random crystals loot is usm_loot.nss

5. Adding your custom items to the USM random loot:

To enhance you gameplay, new items can be added to one of the following list functions:

A. General loot (areas otyher than those listed in B):

// Main Neutral and LS crystals stage 1: lvls 8-12
void UsmGeneralLoot1();

// Main Neutral and LS crystals stage 2: lvls 13-18
void UsmGeneralLoot2();

// Main Neutral and LS crystals stage 3: lvls 19 +
void UsmGeneralLoot3();

B. For Korriban, Dxun Temple and surrounding area, trayus Academy and he Ravager

// Main Neutral and DS crystals stage 1: lvls 8-12
void UsmDarkLoot1();

// Main Neutral and DS crystals stage 2: lvls 8-12
void UsmDarkLoot2();

// Main Neutral and DS crystals stage 3: lvls 8-12
void UsmDarkLoot3();

// Adds chances to spawn DS robes on Korriban and the Ravager - these are the game DS robes, not custom ones
void UsmDarkRobes();

C. Rare loot

// Rare USM crystals
void UsmGeneralLoot4();

Example on how to add your items to the USMGeneralLoot1 function (starts at line 296 of usm_loot.nss):

Let's we're adding an item with the following TemplateResRef: my_custom_item.uti

After  :
case 14: sTemplate = "usm_sbrcrstl_210";  

case 15: sTemplate = "my_custom_item";  
nDone=1; //or whatever conditions you want

finally, at line 311, change :

nRandom= Random (15); 
nRandom= Random (16);

and recompile with all the .nss files provided in the USMrandom_source folder.

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