Upgrading DL-44 Blaster Pistol

Mono Ginanto has brought his love of making new blaster models into KOTOR II: TSL. In this mod, you can also purchase the new blasters with...

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File Description

Mono Ginanto has brought his love of making new blaster models into KOTOR II: TSL. In this mod, you can also purchase the new blasters with a new merchant created in this mod. This merchant is Vossk. You can find him on Nar Shaddaa. Vossk sells regular blasters and grenades that you can find in the game and the new models that the author has created.

Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster Pistols is one of the models available for this mod release. There’s more to it than just purchasing this blaster from Vossk. You can get it upgraded by either Hanharr, or Mira depending on which one decides to join your party. For those who are using the USM, there is a dialogue file that is called “mira_USM_compatable.dlg”. Just rename it by erasing the _USM_compatable” part of the file so it says, “mira.dlg” so it can be compatible with both the author’s mod, and the USM. This upgrades you can get from either Hanharr, or Mira are available based on what level your character is at. The first one is available at Level 15, the second Level 18, and the final upgrade is available at Level 21. Each upgrade also has an appearance change based on how the movies progressed in the Original Trilogy for Solo’s blaster. After the final upgrade, it becomes upgradeable at the workbench.

It does make a difference who upgrades the blaster between either Hanharr, or Mira because they both will give different upgrades to the blaster. Read the readme to find out what specific different upgrades each give.

Enjoy these new blaster models for TSL. :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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AUTHOR: Mono_Giganto
EMAIL: MonoGignato@gmail.com
NAME: Upgrading DL-44 Blaster Pistol
CREDITS: ChAiNz.2da - For providing me with the files concerning Vossk's store, for helping me test this mod, and for being an 	all-around good guy with the inability to make a negative comment.

	T7Nowhere - For patiently dealing with my modelling laziness and helping me to fix a problem with the texture map. I think 	we've had that conversation more than once. :D

	Darth333 - Without her, this mod would probably be just another item you get
	through cheats. She has provided in-depth scripting assitance and advice, and
	I doubt I could've written the Level/Item check script on my own. Darth333 also helped with the testing, which I appreciate.

	Tk102 - Also provided in-depth scripting assistance, and helped me to make the "Replace Item" script. And he made the 	Dialog Editor. 'Nuff said. He also dealt with my DLGEditor issue, when the only problem was my lack of sleep, and doing 	something that couldn't
	be done. :D

	Fred Tetra - Now, how many mods would be out there if we didn't have his tools? I couldn't have made this without KT and 	his altered script compiler.

	"Master" svösh - For sitting around last year exchanging PMs with me over the basics of modelling. This guy truly is "the 	master" at modelling, as he is called at LucasForums. I'd still be making boxes on top of other boxes if it weren't for his 	patience.

	Cchargin - Modelling for this game RELIES on MDL Ops. This mod would be impossible without him.

	Hefe - I borrowed a tiny piece of one of his saber textures to apply to the screws on my models. Just a little texture circle. 	:) But I couldn't create it myself.

	Antizac - lacking any reference shots to make the ANH blasters, I imported his JA model into GMax, and modelled mine 	based off of his. I'm releasing my own blaster with his permission. No parts of Antizac's model are located in this mod. 	You can find his blaster here:


FILENAME: UpgradingDL44.rar
FILE SIZE: 2.63mb

DESCRIPTION: This mod will add a new shop to the game, which can be accessed by Vossk, the trandoshan ex-bounty hunter on Nar Shadaa. (Thanks to ChAiNz.2da for providing me with a pre-made merchant for this.) Within the shop, Vossk will sell some basic normal items, such as blaster pistols, blaster upgrades, grenades and the like. He will also sell several of my previously released models. One item he sells in particular is called the DL-44 blaster pistol. You may recognize it as the blaster Han Solo uses in A New Hope. Once you've bought it, you can use it to fight off all the baddies in the game. But there's more to this mod. After you recruit Mira/Hanharr, you will have the option to have them examine the blaster, and upgrade it for you. The first upgrade is available at level 15, the second is available at level 18, and the final is available at level 21. After the final upgrade, the blaster becomes upgradeable via the workbench, so you can upgrade it to your liking after that. At this point, the blaster will look like Han's in The Empire Strikes Back.

Depending on who you choose to recruit, the blaster will have different attributes. While Mira will upgrade the blaster's accuracy and abilities such as Massive Criticals, Hanharr will go for a more powerful pistol, increasing its damage capabilities and giving it an On Hit Knockdown effect.

As the blaster upgrades, its appearance will change each time, going from being
the semi-famous "Greedo Killer" to Han's ANH blaster, all the way to the ESB blaster.

Each time you upgrade the blaster, its icon in the inventory will change, making it easier to tell which level of the blaster you currently have. The description will also change slightly, allowing you to again see which level of the blaster you have.

Mira's dialog reuses existing VO's from her dialog, so there should be no silent dialog lines for her, with the exception of line in brackets. [ ]

Source scripts are included, many of which are not the most efficient way to execute such commands. However, if you're a modder and as bad as scripting as I am, they may help you out. ^_^

Also included is a second version of Mira's dialog, which is compatible with the Ultimate Saber Mod, which can be found at the following address:


I also suggest you download my "Mono's K1 Gun Models" mod, as all but one of the gun models in
the following mod appear in this mod. They don't replace anything ingame, and they're decent models, but if you don't like them, then you don't need to buy them, but it does save the trouble of having white boxes in Vossk's store, and any other possible issues with the mod.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract from the zip and place the files in the Override folder. If you do not have one, you will need to make one.

COMMENTS: This is a mod I did last year, and seeing as it was one of my more 'popular' entries on Pcgamemods, I thought I'd resubmit it to Filefront.

BUGS: I've been told there was an issue with Hanharr's dialogue getting stuck in a loop, but I haven't been able to confirm this.  If you have issues with Hanharr's dialogue, PM me with a detailed description of the problem at LucasForums.

PERMISSIONS: This mod may not be used without the explicit permission of the author. This mod may not be distributed on other sites without the express permission of the author.


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