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"[Insert NPC name here] as PC" mods are always popular for some reason--I guess in part it's because some NPC appearances are better than the PC ones. Yes, there is KSE if you to change your PC appearance to an NPC one, but I guess a lot of people prefer to be able to do so right at the character creation menu. And of course sometimes the appearance.2da file needs some tweaking to support unused slots. In any case, Dragoon_ZER0 joins the Knights of the Old Republic modding community with a mod that allows you to play as General Vaklu in KotOR II.

No changes have been made to the standard Vaklu texture, so if you've played KotOR II (and I'd wager most of you have) and remember General Vaklu (you know, that mean guy on Onderon with the beard), then you'll know what you're getting. For dark side transitions there are Sith eyes, instead of the zombiesque look of the default transitions. And for the regular clothing Vaklu sports clothes similar to the Disciple's (AKA Mical). That's about it, everyone.

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.


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Download 'tslvaklupc.rar' (568KB)

Name: Vaklu as PC
Game: KotOR II: TSL
By: Dragoon ZER0 (
Version: 1.0 - 9/28/08

Fred Tetra - for the amazing KotOR Tool
stoffe - for the TSLPatcher
Everyone at Holowan Labs

Adds another head for male PCs (Vaklu's) along with a new texture 
(sith eyes) and accompanying portraits.

His default clothing is the Disciple's and it may not appear
correctly during character selection, but it works in-game.

Extract the contents of the archive and run VakluPC_installer.exe. 
Do not try to add the contents directly to the override folder as 
this will not work.

Usage and redistribution:
You can modify these files for your own personal use in any way
you wish. It's not like I'd be able to stop you anyway ;-)

If you want to use this mod or parts of it in one of your own,
just ask me first.

I also don't care where this is uploaded as long as the archive 
remains complete and unedited. However, the newest version will
always be found at KotOR II Files

I am not affiliated with LucasArts/Bioware/Obsidian in any way. 
You, yourself, are responsible for anything that happens to you 
or your PC as a result of using this modification.

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