Visas Marr reskin by DarthYugi



Well DarthYugi débuts with a simple mod which changes Visas look, to be a little darker and changed her red to be 'royalist' red. The modder also took out the rather dramatic Dark Side transitions, so that Visas won't look like she's a prune if you go Dark Side. As this is an aesthetic mod, a review of the screenshots, will be most helpful in assessing if this mod is for you.

Enjoy -- Jonathan7

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Mod Rating: Beginner



I Made this because i was bored with visas default look

she looked to odd so i darkerned the clothing so it looks darkish red 
sorry if it isent that good but i fought i would release in case some one wanted it(unlikely)

Installation:just extract the files with winrar and put them in the override folder

if you do not have one then make a folder in the 
c>program files>lucasarts>kotor 2>override

Thank you and enjoy

Credits go to lucasarts and obsidian for making the game 

kelly hu for vocing visas marr and gimp what was the tool to make this reskin

Legal policy stuff:I dont have nothing to do with lucasarts this is just made by a guy who loves this game =D

If you have any questions 
message me at 
[email protected]

or go to youtube and message my account merules1

or go lucasforums and message darthyuugi(yes double u)

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