Visas Marr's Robe



This mod will give Visa a jedi style of robe, wich is based on the dark jedi robes featuring arm cuffs and also maching her veil, and also has a red cloth instead of a belt. There are some cool subtle patterns in her robe cloth too, a nice mod :)




What is this?
I didn't like the look of Visas standard leather dress in the game so I made a jedi-ish robe for her to wear instead. It is based on the Dark Jedi robes but feature arm cuffs matching Visas veil, a red cloth instead of a belt similar to her original attire, some subtle patterns in the robe cloth, a cloak made of a rougher fabric and SWJK:Jedi Academy(tm)-inspired leather pants.

The robe is made to be similar in power, or perhaps slightly better than the Ossus Keeper Robes, Nomi's Robe and other nice robes to make them worthwhile for Visas to wear thoughout the game other than for the looks. :)

How to install it
In order for this Robe to work (make Visas have the correct robe model, and prevent the robe from making her partially translucent), some minor changes to the appearance.2da file is necessary.

If you have no mods installed that modifies the appearance.2da file, just copy the contents of the "put in override" folder into your Override folder, and stop reading this section. :)

If you do have another mod installed that modifies the appearance.2da file (ie it is already present in your Override folder) but don't know how to edit that file, then DO NOT install this mod since it WILL cause problems with that other mod.

If you know how to alter your appearance.2da file, open it and make the following changes to Row 457, which defines Visas appearance:

1) In the modeli column, change the value for row 457 to "PFBIM" (without quotation marks).
2) In the texi column, change the value for row 457 to "PFBI" (without quotation marks).
3) In the envmap column, change the value for row 457 to "CM_Baremetal" (without the quotation marks...).

Then copy the rest of the files except the included appearance.2da into your override folder, and keep your original appearance.2da modified as described above.

How do use it
If you haven't yet encountered Visas in the game, just play, and she will equip the robe automatically when she first joins your party after you've defeated her.

If Visas is already in your group, access the (invisible) cheat console in the game and type "giveitem st_visasrobe02" to spawn it into your inventory. Equip and play. :)

Combo screenshot

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