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This is an updated file from Stoffe that replaces Visas Marr’s default leather dress looking Sith Robe to one styled after the Padawan Robe....


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This is an updated file from Stoffe that replaces Visas Marr’s default leather dress looking Sith Robe to one styled after the Padawan Robe. The original file can be found here...;41145

This robe is meant for Visas only. It’s been modeled to fit her head and arm cuffs that match Visas’ veil, with a red cloth instead of a belt similar that is similar to her original leather robe. The author totally disliked Visas’ original leather robe, so she came up with something more appealing to her.

This new robe for Visas comes with 4 points added to her defense, 4 points to her Regenerating Force Points, 4 points to her Wisdom and Charisma, and a Blaster Bolt Deflection Increase of 4 points (the author really loves the number four for this mod, doesn’t she?). It’s also scripted so Visas gets this robe as soon as she joins your party.

This mod comes with some .2da files that needed to make this mod work. The author has given you the TSL Patcher to make this mod compatible with all other mods out there (unlike the last Visas' Marr Robe mod she did). Make sure you read the instructions in the info.rtf file to make sure you install this correctly.

And of course, enjoy this mod by Stoffe.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download '' (773KB)

Version: 1.1
Last changed: 2005-09-09

What has changed?
* Adapted the mod to use a mod installer to make installation easier.
* Made it possible to sew the Robe at a workbench.
* Some slight adjustments to the Robe texture
* Using a somewhat modified Robe model instead of the standard one.

What is this?
I didn't like the look of Visas standard leather dress in the game so I made a robe for her to wear instead. It is based on the Dark Jedi robes but feature arm cuffs matching Visas veil, a red cloth instead of a belt similar to her original attire, some subtle patterns in the robe cloth, a cloak made of a rougher fabric and JK:Jedi Academy-inspired leather pants.

The robe is made to be similar in power, or perhaps slightly better than the Ossus Keeper Robes to make them worthwhile for Visas to wear thoughout the game other than for the looks. :)

How to install it
In order for this Robe to look right (have the correct robe model, and prevent the robe from making her partially translucent), some minor changes to the appearance.2da file is necessary.

The provided installer application will do this for you. If you already have a custom appearance.2da file in your overrride folder, make sure that it is in the Override folder itself and not located in any subfolder. Then just run the installer.

Please read the installation instructions in the installer application. It provides answers and solutions to some of the most commonly encountered potential problems.

How do use it
If you haven't yet encountered Visas in the game, just play, and she will equip the robe automatically when she first joins your party after you've defeated her.

If Visas is already in your group, go to the nearest workbench and you'll be able to sew her robe for her there. Equip and play. :)

How to get rid of it
Remove the files the installer has copied to the Override folder and restore any overwritten or modified files from the "backup" folder that the Installer will create when it runs. See the installog.rtf file (which can be opened with WordPad), which the installer creates, for a listing of which files has been installed or modified.

Technical - what are the modified files
appearance.2da = table defining creature appearances. Changed as described above.

itemcreate.2da = Workbench item definition file

itemcreatemira.2da = Workbench item definition file after Mira has joined.

ia_JediRobe_062.tga = Inventory icon for the robe.

P_VisasH01.tga = Visas head texture with adjusted alpha channel to prevent her lips from looking crazy with the CM_Baremetal environment map applied.

PFBI62.tga = The new texture for Visas robe.

PFBI62.txi = Additional texture effect information.

pfbvm.mdl = Slightly modified Model file for the robes
pfbvm.mdx = Slightly modified Model file for the robes

st_visasrobe02.uti = The robe template.

a_next_scene.ncs = Modified Ebon Hawk cutscene script to make Visas equip robe when joining.

003_equip_visas.ncs = New script making Visas get and equip the robe when joining.

Visas Marr's Black Jedi Robes
        (for SWKotOR2:The Sith Lords)

This will install black/red Jedi Robes for Visas, styled after her veil, as an alternative to her normal leather dress. She will automatically equip this robe when she first joins your group in the game. If she has already joined, you can make them for her at the nearest workbench.

As a side-effect, the appearance for all other Jedi Robes she equips as well will change to the Robe + Tunic model, though her Clothes and Jedi Master Robe (the ones with jackboots and thick bathrobe) appearance will still look like her standard leather dress. 

See the ReadMe file, which will be placed in your game folder when installing, for more details.

Important! Read this before proceeding.
Before installing, make sure that the files appearance.2da, itemcreate.2da and itemcreatemira.2da are located directly in your Override folder and not in a subfolder, if you have another mod that has already modified these files.This installer will need to modify those files, and won't find them if they aren't in the override folder directly. If you don't have any of those files in your override folder already, this installer will place them there for you and you don't need to do anything.

When asked, select the folder where your game is installed. This is the folder that contains the Override folder and the swkotor2.exe. Do not select the Override folder itself.

If you get a warning about the file a_next_scene.ncs already existing in your Override folder, this means that you already have another Mod that has altered the Ebon Hawk cutscene script. You can ignore this warning with no other consequence than Visas not automatically getting and equipping her Robes when she joins you. You'll have to create the Robe at a workbench instead.

If, for some reason, you get errors during installation, this installer has made unaltered backup copies of the files it has modified or replaced in the folder named backup located in the same folder as this installer. Copy those files to your override folder to undo any changes to existing files the installer has done.

If you get a RichEdit line insertion error during installation, open the tslpatchdata folder and find the file changes.ini inside it. Open this file with Notepad and search for PlaintextLog=0. Change the 0 to 1 on this line and save the file, then try installing again.

The following files will be installed or modified:
Override: 003_equip_visas.ncs, a_next_scene.ncs, appearance.2da, itemcreate.2da, itemcreatemira.2da, ia_JediRobe_062.tga, P_VisasH01.tga, PFBI62.tga, PFBI62.txi, pfbvm,mdl, pfbvm.mdx, st_visasrobe02.uti.
Click the Install Mod button below to begin installation.

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