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Sometimes when we have a game where you can select how our main character will look like, we sometimes want to be something we can relate to physically. Like if a person has blonde hair, maybe the user will select a head with blonde hair. See where I’m going with this? Then there are times we want our character to look like someone who they think relates to the plot of the character. This mod seems to focus more on the latter analogy.

NiuHaka returns to update his Wound of the Force head that is based on the first male Caucasian head selection in the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This is one of those head models that have an extra mesh put on it so when you put a scar on the right side of the head, it doesn’t show up on the left eye as well.

The author seemed to want to have a head that relates to what the Exile went through; that is show signs of being a war veteran. This release has been updated with several new versions of the skin along with Wound of the Force with such options as Eyes of Death and Eyes of the Hunter. You may notice that the dark side transitions focus more of changes than the light side, but it’s all there in each individual texture. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Wound in the Force (v.2): Just another PMHC01 Reskin.
by NiuHaka (Mitchel Tatafu) [email protected]
I made the original reskin for myself because I always thought the exile should look more like a war veteran and more corrupted by the dark side than other sith.

I never intended on releasing the original mod to the public, but after releasing the first one I received a few requests for some fixes and such so here are a couple of them. I hope you enjoy it.

I thought the original face texture just didn’t look like it fit into the Star Wars Universe very well. I would ask myself “so does this former Jedi get up every morning and shave all his facial hair except for that silly little bush thing under his lip? (No offence to those who leave that silly little bush thing under their lip.) Does he think it looks good? Well it doesn’t and someone should tell him. And that someone was me. I also told him that stitches are for common cave dwellers of the less advanced worlds, not a Jedi.

-I pulled his hairline back a little. (I guess I wanted him to look more
like Jason Statham because he would make a kick-butt Jedi.)

-Took stitch marks away from his scar and made the scar look more severe.

-Added a scar to the bridge of his nose. Why? Just because.

-Gave the man stubble and made him not want to have that silly bush thing under his lip.

-Replaced that silly bush thing under his lip with stubble and a scar.

-The affect of the dark side weighs a bit more heavily on the exile making him look more
corrupted by it as he succumbs to his inner darkness.

-(V.2) Added subtle changes to darkside affects on skin.

-(V.2) Added three folders with alternate reskins.
    -Eyes of the Hunter: Violet eyes
    -Eyes of Death: White Zombie-like eyes.
    -No Nose Scar: Has no scar on his nose.

Copy all ".tga" files into the override folder.



For alternate reskins- Copy all ".tga" files from the folder that has
the name of the mod you want to use.

Delete the previously named ".tga" files from override folder

Anyone can use these files however they want. Put them in your own mod? Sure why not. It would be nice to give me credit. I would love to see my name in someones mod. Then again, it is just another one of the million PMHC01 Reskins.

If you do give credit, give it to me, NiuHaka. Real name not necessary.

-Be well and may the force be with you.

-NiuHaka (Mitchel Tatafu)
[email protected]

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