Zero1 Alien Disguises



As the screenshots no doubt indicate, this tweak adds a number of items that change your PC's appearance to a variety of other ones (aliens, for the most part) upon being equipped.

My qualms? KSE, the Holowan Cloakworks in ChAiNz's hakpak, and only a few dozen or so other mods have rendered this one wholly redundant. While it's reasonably well-executed (in that the bonuses the items provide are balanced), it could do with some more originality.

Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn't particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging.

-Emperor Devon



Zero1 Alien Disguises

2. How to install
3.How to unistall
4.Getting the item
5.Email me at

1.This mod  creates belts that disguise you as the kotor2 the aliens.

2.To Install 

Just add all the files into the overide folder.

3.To Uninstall 

Just remove all the files from of the overide folder.

4.Getting The Item

Use the giveitem cheat g_a_belt_01 to g_a_belt_27 or the KSE.
Or they'll just come up randomly anyway

5.Email  me at: [email protected]  

6.Credit Goes to: Mostly  my friend  Gerry who i could never of made this mod without him , oh yea and me.


Anyone who wants to use this mod in there own mods can as long as you Email me first and give credit to me.

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