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As I've said in the past, disguises are fun. Really fun. Sure, you can use the Savegame Editor to change your appearance, but that doesnt' work with all of them and it's a bit time consuming because you have to save, exit, open KSE, make the changes, save changes, close KSE, open KotOR, and load your saved game. Simply browsing your inventory for which one you want is a lot quicker, no?

This mod by DarthKoon adds a whole bunch of disguise items, twenty-eight, in fact. Like the Zero1 Alien Disguise mod released a while back, each item comes with a few generous--but not overly generous--properties. For example, the bantha disguise gives +1 to Computer Use and +2 to Demolitions and Security (whether that makes any sense is up to you ;)). The items are all gloves. I would have used armbands, but that's just me.

One caveat: most of the models used don't have the normal combat animations, and some don't have any at all. In any case, if you're looking for some new disguises, and/or a few item boosts, and are too lazy to make them yourself, well, give it a download.

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.




Zero1 Beast Disguises


2. How to install
3.How to unistall
4.Getting the item
5.Email me at

1.It's alot like my Zero1 Alien Disguises mod except it beast Disguises instead.

2.To Install

Just add all the files into the overide folder.

3.To Uninstall

Just remove all the files from of the overide folder.

4.Getting The Item

Like with the Zero1 Use the giveitem cheat g_a_gloves_01 to g_a_gloves_27 or the KSE.
Or they appear;ll just come up randomly anyway

5.Email me at: [email protected]

6.Credit Goes to:Mostly Lord_Ashton for Beta Testing and w_norman for positive renforcement.


Anyone who wants to use this mod in there own mods is welcome to as long as you Email me first and give credit to me.

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