All modders and site viewers, please read! Concerning unwanted files!

By AndrewD 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hello everyone, my name is [b]AndrewD[/b]. I work with FilesNetwork as a Network Wide Network Administrator and Public Relations manager. Many of you here do not know me, but the purpose of this site letter is to clear up quite a mess. First off all, as it is understood, many of you are requesting to have your files removed from this site because of our "Add to CD" function, that we offer for a small price. Let me explain the logistics of this function. This is not used to make a mass sum amount of money for FilesNetwork and FileFront. This funtion is used for those people that cannot download because of ultra-low internet speeds. The small cost ($5.00 per CD) is there for us to pay shipping and handling charges, a price that is generally over that amount due to many people living in other countries. We are not stealing your files, your files are still protected with a readme encased in the CD and we ensure that the CD's are sent out virus free. On the same note, we do this service, once again, to ensure that our viewers and fans get the most out of our site. We would ask that unless you have your files copywritten by law, and are under a patent, to please stop asking to have your files removed. We are not making a profit from your files, we are charging for the shipping and cost of the CD. Your file goes onto the CD completely free of charge, leaving it as it was, freeware. In essense of this, we have an IRC channel open on [b]Gamesurge[/b] for those that would like to ask questions. The channel name is [b]#modsupport[/b]. Please join myself and FileTrekker to clear this up so that we can benefit everyone. Email [b]me[/b] if you have any personal questions about this request. Thankyou, and enjoy the time here spent at the site. - [b]AndrewD[/b] - [b][email protected] FilesNetwork Network Administrator FilesNetwork Public Relations Manager BF2Files / BF1942Files.com Head Administrator - [b]http://www.bf2files.com[/b]

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