Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
PC Sith Eye Replacement Captain_H 2.17MB 1,280
PMHC03 Head Replacement - KotOR2 Inspired Inyri Forge 698KB 920
Luke Skywalker PC Head Captain_H 271KB 779
PMHC01 Head Replacement Inyri Forge 1.17MB 4,402
Meeshman's PMHC01 Reskin Meeshman 495KB 387
PMHC02 Head Replacement Inyri Forge 641KB 1,425
Meeshman's Qui-Gon Jinn Meeshman 669KB 1,734
Selectable Malak's PC head - Reskin of PMHA03 Don Kain 1.01MB 1,416
PMHC05 Head Replacement Inyri Forge 510KB 1,782
PMHC04 Head Replacements Inyri Forge 1.16MB 4,077
Exar Kun-ish Srozzman 743KB 123
Exar Kun-ish Srozzman 676KB 519
The Emperor korean77777 546KB 709
Dark Side PMHA03 Head Reskin Silveredge9 392KB 760
PFHC01 Female Head Reskin Silveredge9 389KB 131
PFHC01 Female Head Reskin Silveredge9 523KB 2,366
Jarael - Arkanian Offshoot Giga Fire 2.14MB 448
Aelita Beta Skin DarkLordXana 576KB 212
PMHA03 Alek Reskin Silveredge9 2.33MB 666
Exar Kun Head ZekkGarEn 408KB 152
PMHA03 Head Reskin Inyri Forge 599KB 202
Zabrak Reskin _Jango_Fett_ 1.64MB 448
PFHC05 Female Head Reskin wilv 428KB 125
PFHC05 Female Head Reskin wilv 661KB 329
PMHC01 Light Side Reskin lordofmalachor 757KB 169
PMHC05 Reskin UndefinedPerson 3KB 96
PFHC03 Reskin UndefinedPerson 72KB 472
Freddie Mercury Skin Marius Fett 359KB 135
PFHB03 Reskin UndefinedPerson 82KB 112
Darth Bane Pack Silveredge9 1.05MB 2,538
Movie Style Dark Side Transitions Shem 3.5MB 3,298
New Female PFHC01 Darth Jaden 457KB 213
New Female PFHA01 Darth Jaden 457KB 718
New Female PFHC01 Darth Jaden 444KB 852
New Female PFHC02 Darth Jaden 2.05MB 356
PMBH05 Reskin Ulmont 70KB 94
PFHC01 Reskin Lea Nikkaya 447KB 476
PFHC02 Head Reskin Darth Jaden 1.39MB 894
Female PFHC01 Head Reskins Darth Jaden 3.9MB 2,287
Eye Color Variations Drunkside 2.06MB 279
DC - The Joker LoganZezima 694KB 240
Eye Color Variations (Green) Drunkside 5.1MB 123
Eye Color Variations (Blue) Drunkside 5.93MB 155
PFHC03 With Green Eyes Drunkside 364KB 110
Dark Knight Joker Head Lucifer101 622KB 164
Black Hair Mullet Head Tar_Minyatur 87KB 148