Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Soldier Clothes Lownote 535KB 1,027
New Sith Clothes Archer 1.17MB 1,137
Carth's Republic Uniform TheJediExile 14KB 1,954
Sith Uniforms Archer 2.36MB 415
New Soldier Clothing Archer 588KB 4,544
Sith Uniforms Archer 2.23MB 4,376
Carth's Clothes III Kha 1.2MB 995
Carth's Clothes II Kha 1001KB 1,467
Carth's Clothes I Kha 1.03MB 1,300
Wearable Sith Uniforms lactose_intolerant 339KB 1,650
Clothing Boost Raven Vexus 2KB 1,501
Juhani Armored Clothing Varients wilv 1.37MB 447
Jedi Robe Clothing HandoKinral 2.44MB 1,438
Rebel Soldier Canderis 1.07MB 214
PC-Republic Canderis 344KB 348
Party Clothing jonathan7 37KB 812
PC Clothes - Republic Outfits Canderis 14KB 1,270
Party Republic Officers SW 14KB 318
Equippable Jumpsuits FercKast 1.23MB 279
Soldier Reskin DarthKoon 175KB 247
Republic Clothing DarthYugi 246KB 298
Bastila's Jedi Robe Variants DarthYugi 1.03MB 239
K1 Republic Admiral Uniforms mod ZimmMaster 2.52MB 116
Darker Dark Side Juhani DarthParametric 1.08MB 210
Wearable Juhani Clothing Rtas_Vadum 2.21MB 90
Wearable Juhani Clothing Rtas_Vadum 2.21MB 117
Darth Bandon Style Clothing DarthMagoose 2.34MB 327
Wearable Juhani Clothing Rtas_Vadum 1.6MB 65
Darksaber Voyager763 306KB 3,604
T3-M4's Flamethrower Archer 56KB 918
Long Saber Crystal Pack ChAiNz.2da 1.06MB 2,108
Revan's Long Saber ChAiNz.2da 693KB 5,030
Magenta Lightsabers Glovemaster 363KB 245
Magenta Lightsabers Fix Glovemaster 751KB 923
Akuma's Weapons akuma7802 1.48MB 3,137
ChAiNz.2da's Long Saber Pack Fix Lucius Aqulia 356KB 1,133
Elemental Sabers Marius Fett 88KB 926
New Colour for Bastila's Lightsaber Gavroche 28KB 140
New Colour for Bastila's Lightsaber Gavroche 280KB 510
Bastila's New Saber Color - WotOR Version Gavroche 73KB 723
Left-Handed Melee Combat Marius Fett 950KB 282
DarthDingDong's Saber Pack Marius Fett 620KB 721
Loco Modder's Weapons Pack Loco_Modder 5KB 375
Kintaro Lightsaber lukeman774 3KB 282
JC's Saber Color Mod for K1 JCarter426 716KB 736
Umbrella Corp ZX-170 lukeman774 4KB 65
Star Forge Revan's Robes SithRevan 4.86MB 11,561
Darth Revan's Robes Shem 2.84MB 26,759
Juhani's Dark Robe ChAiNz.2da 2.34MB 2,333
K1 Jedi Robes Replacement Pack Don Kain 2.6MB 3,198