Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
K1 Prequel Style Robes Guest 5.45MB 123
Carthaholic's Red & Black HK-47 Guest 475KB 572
Star Forge Robe Reskin by Kitty Kitty KittyKitty 399KB 1,655
Multicolour Jedi Robes Joris 7.4MB 810
Patterned Robes Silveredge9 1.82MB 3,656
Bastila's Revelation Robes ChAiNz.2da 3.94MB 8,536
Bastila Robe Replacement Woogiee 1.46MB 4,612
Jedi Robe Skin Meeshman 626KB 992
K1 Prequel Style Robes Shem 5.46MB 4,275
Light & Dark Jedi Robes Prime 1.31MB 2,365
Movie Character Jedi Robes Prime 2.33MB 7,775
Light/Dark Bastila Kazeite 1.63MB 1,542
Female Robe Elinesa 597KB 270
SF Robes Reskins by LordKinoda LordKinoda 307KB 298
Jedi War Robes Marius Fett 506KB 349
New Female Red Robe wilv 346KB 311
Kotor 1 Robe of the Force Mod Dogbut 1KB 279
Fixed Jedi Robe UndefinedPerson 34KB 116
Alternate Light Side Revan Robes 90SK (CaptainSkye) 499KB 1,454
Jedi Replacement Robe Lordjedi25 289KB 332
Holowan Robe Pack Marius Fett 5.84MB 349
New Jedi Robe Reskins Darth Jaden 1.64MB 744
Personalized Robes JCarter426 4.02MB 351
Personalized Robes JCarter426 3.06MB 63
Alignment Robes Khaoz_Master 786KB 114
Jedi Camoflage Robes Marius Fett 2.02MB 322
Feminine Jedi Robes Xacius 1.16MB 1,079
Sentinel Robes Drunkside 601KB 127
Jedi and Sith Robe Pack Marius Fett 6.35MB 561
Consular Robe and a Better Guardian Robe Drunkside 1.88MB 148
Guardian Robes Drunkside 638KB 103
Revan's New Robes Darth_Hanhar 57KB 203
Halloween Robe ZekkGarEn 629KB 99
Santa Robes Andech_Jumiss 1.08MB 41
Revan - Jedi Knight Robes Drewton 1.09MB 2,722
Santa Robes Andech_Jumiss 522KB 77
Sith Special Forces Armor Inyri Forge 602KB 2,877
Boba Fett's Armour ZekkGarEn 92KB 521
Wolvs Mandalorian Pack Wolverinestabs 1.02MB 257
Individual Mandalorians Laam'inui (Squishy Tomato) 1.6MB 1,244
Armor Accurate Mandalorians 90SK (CaptainSkye) 1.63MB 661
Silver Mandalorian Armor Wolverinestabs 265KB 177
Alien Combat Suit Lea Nikkaya 371KB 270
Combat Mandalorians Lordjedi25 688KB 240
Sith Assault Armor Ulmont 382KB 183
Sith Assault Armor Mark II Ulmont 307KB 124
Sith Assault Armor Mark III Ulmont 297KB 119
Sith Assault Armor Mark IV Ulmont 258KB 153
Sith Assault Armor Mark V Ulmont 672KB 591
Dark Gray Sith NicktheStick 15KB 375