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Jck87 brings us a mod that can change your PC or the members of your party to other different people, and species for the original Knight...


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Jck87 brings us a mod that can change your PC or the members of your party to other different people, and species for the original Knights of the Old Republic. The idea is that your PC is a shape shifter and can change the shape of their character. There was a side mission in K1 that you could get that had you hunt down a person who was a shape shifter on Kashyyyk. I think his name was Rulan Prolik. At one point he made himself look like Jolee Bindo. Anyway, the idea of the mod is based on what that character could do.

It all starts at when you meet Trask when you start your KOTOR game. Your PC will get the dialogue option of, “You look like a Shaper.” Once you click it, you will be able to pick an appearance. The idea is once you talk to a certain alien, you should be able to change yourself into the appearance of that alien. This can work with your party members, but the author does state that it’s not completed with all the party members and that he still needs to work on Juhani and Jolee. Read the readme and the walkthrough to find out more information about how this mod works and for installation instructions. One thing to look for is new dialogue options you’ve never seen before. That will lead to your PC and party members to shape into other species. Enjoy this unique way of playing KOTOR by changing your appearance.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'a_galaxy_of_shapers.zip' (856KB)


EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: A Galaxy of Shapers

FILENAME: A Galaxy of Shapers.zip
DATE RELEASED: 11 August 2006

A Galaxy of Shapers gives the player to alter his/her appearance ingame by talking to specfic NPC's
So far there are only shapers on Taris and on the endarspire.

How to install:
Just put all the files in the Override folder

How to use:
Watch closely at the dialogs to find a new option
There are several shapers:
An Alien
The Duel Organizer

How to Uninstall:
Remove the files from the override folder

Special thanks to RedHawke
I couldn't have made this mod if it wasn't for the Kamino Eugenics Chamber Source files

Bonus: there is also one shaper that will turn you into a Gizka Good luck finding him :D

Have Fun

Version History:

-Forgot to put in the Rakghoul file now that is fixed
-Added special features for the hides
-Trask now knows what programs he has
-Added 2 new shapers: Brejik and Zhar
-Corrected a spelling error in the Readme. There are probably loads of spelling errors in my mod put i didn't feel like correcting them :P


Almost a total conversion of the mod although not yet completed so not everything will work
Because there is now a unlocking system involved it is no longer under pc skins, however this file contains all files of v0.1 and v0.2 so these files may be removed.
-fixed Hutt Carth talk
-fixed bountyhunter dialog
-added the ability to change your partymembers
-added a shapercomputer with unlocking system to the ebonhawk (talk to canderous)
-added a cure for the gakhoul disease (it only works if you have the disease)

I have stopped working on the mod for a while and wont continue any time soon so this will be the last for now.
It could be that i have added and fixed more but that is for you to find out since i dont remember :P
I hope you enjoy this mod

A galaxy of shapers is back

Please overide the old files because those are updated aswell
The following is new in v0.4:
-fixed the ability to change Bastila, T3M4, HK-47, Zaalbar
-added more appearances in the shapercomputer
-improved shapercomputer now contains two shaping categories
-added a new shaper Juhani
-added yet another new unlocking system for the shaper computer
-added a mini walkthrough to get started

A galaxy of shapers has his own website check it out at www.freewebs.com/jck87/modding.html

If you dont know how this mod works I will explain the first steps that you will need to take ingame.
It is quite simple and I do not intend to make this a long walkthrough in fact I wont discus most of the mod.
Once Trask talks to you you should be able to select the option "You look like a shaper".
Click this and you will be able to choose an appearance.
Note that if you skip the option it wont appear again like partymember appearances (explained later on)
The entire mod works like this however as the mod progresses so do my skills and the mod has greatly improved since trask.
Except that I normally use number instead of names because it works a lot faster sorry about that.
The mod is already progressing slow and i do not intend to slow it down even more.

If you should be unable to use trask as a shaper you can also progress the game without changing until you meet the aliens that are under attack.
Once the alien talks to you you should be able to ask for a disguise as an alien. (the alien prefers it that you take duro why would that be :P )

Now I will discus partymember appearances.
If your partymember replies on a default why (must be default) like how can i help you should see a new option to change his/her appearance.
Note that not all partymembers are implemented yet. I still need to work on Juhani and Jolee.

If none of this work I recommend you check if all files (except the source files these aren't necessary) are in the override folder.
If they are and it doesn't work contact me at [email protected]
Don't forget that the version updates also contains hints to the mods contents.

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