Ajunta Pall Unique Appearance

While sneaking in the Sith Academy as a student on Korriban to find one of the Star Maps to lead you to the Star Forge, you must complete qu...


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While sneaking in the Sith Academy as a student on Korriban to find one of the Star Maps to lead you to the Star Forge, you must complete quests to impress Master Uthar so you can get the opportunity to the tomb of Naga Shadow to find the Star Map in the original Knights of the Old Republic game. One of the quests that helps you gain prestige is finding the sword of Ajunta Pall. If you find the sword, you will be confronted by the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord.

Silveredge9 returns to the modding scene that makes a change to Ajunta Pall. BioWare really didn’t put much thought into designing his appearance. In the game there is a Dark Jedi appearance where the Dark Jedi wears a hood and mask. BioWare used that appearance and just made it glow; nothing unique about that.

What the author did is use Deadeye Duncan’s appearance and made a dark side look to him. The only problem which isn’t the author’s fault is that he won’t glow like he’s a spirit. If this was Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, you could check a box to make an NPC glow. The game engine in KOTOR does not do that. If that doesn’t bother you and you love the work put into this mod, then go for it.

Keep in mind that there are .2da files in this mod. If you are using any of these files in your personal override folder, you will have to add the lines from this mod to your personal use to make it compatible. The good news is if you are using any of Silveredge9’s mods in your override folder that uses any of those .2da files, they will be compatible. You just need to use the .2da files from this mod. Enjoy the Ajunta Pall! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'ajunta_pall_unique_appearance.zip' (475KB)

Knights of the Old Republic - Ajunta Pall Unique Appearance Mod

AUTHOR: Silveredge9
EMAIL: silveredge9@hotmail.com
NAME: Ajunta Pall Unique Appearance Mod

DESCRIPTION: A unique appearence for the spirit of Ajunta Pall to replace the default Dark Jedi one.

File Index

N_DeadeyeH01d.tga x 2

I always though the default Ajunta Pall character was a little uninteresting and generic, looking the same as the enemies you fight in the game. So here, at last is an cool appearance to match his cool voice.

There are 2 variations of the head to choose from, with ghostly eyes or with sith eyes. To use the Sith Eyes version, copy the file from the Sith Eyes folder into the override folder after the installation.

Also the horrible shield effect has been removed.

Should you want to retain the shield effect on Ajunta Pall, don't move 'clear_effects.ncs' or 'kor37_freedonnad.dlg' in the Override folder.

How to Install This Mod
- Unzip the contents of the folder into your Override directory, located in your LucasArts/SWKotOR folder.

How to UnInstall This Mod
- Remove all the listed files above from your Override folder.

Contact Info
- Email all questions or comments to: silveredge9@hotmail.com

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