Bastila & Female Revan (Untold Love Story)



Ever thought that being the male version of your PC in the original Knights of the Old Republic game had all the fun? The fun part being that you had a romance with Bastila. In today’s world, men liking other men, or women liking other women is now a common practice. So why not have it in your Knights of the Old Republic game? How about other romance options or flirting options?

Master Kavar makes his FileFront debut with this unique romance mod. It allows you to be a female PC and have a romance with Bastila. You can also have one with other characters with the same sex or should I say in this situation flirt with other women as a woman if you so desire (check out the screenshots to see what I mean ;)). The author makes this all possible for those who have hoped to see such a mod. Check out the readme to see what kind of options you now get.

Who is to say that Bastila would only like men, right? Besides, even as a woman, Bastila and your PC do develop a bond. Master Zhar says it during your PC’s Jedi training on Dantooine. Also if you are looking for something new or an added twist to your KOTOR playing, I say give this mod a try. I can guarantee it won’t be boring. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




==Bastila and Female Revan, the untold love story==

This dialogue pack will add a few more dialogue options in the game for a female player, basically allowing them the same flirtatious options available to the male player, including the chance to romance Bastila. I have re-written the female dialogue options on most cases, so this mod won't be exactly like playing a male character, just with the same results.

I would recommend a full play through, but if you just want to see what to expect:

- Sarna, the Jr. Sith Officer on Taris will now invite you to the party.
- Davik's slave girls will give you a massage, with full party commentary.
- Restored Content, make an indecent proposal for helping Shen and Rahasia.
- Flirt with your Sith instructor Yuthura.
- Duan, the drunk Sith officer on Manaan can be "persuaded" to chat.
- Last but not least, the chance for Bastila to explore new feelings with a female Revan.

I decided not to change the romance options with Juhani, despite how under written this subplot was. Allronix has already included a superb version in her self titled dialogue pack, and I whole heartedly recommend trying it.

==Known Bugs== 

In files that have been modded, there is a long delay between when a character finishes a sentence and before they will move to the next. I am unaware of any way to fix this, so you will have to manually move the conversation along when this happens. 

==To install==

Copy the contents of this folder (except this read me of course) into your Override file. You may need to start a new game to get the full benefits of the new dialogue.

==To Uninstall==

Simply remove all the files from your Override folder, 

==My thanks go out to==
- Fred Tetra, for creating the KOTOR Tool
- TK102, for his dlgeditor
- Holowan Labrotary, for having such a welcoming and helpful modding community. You guys rock :) (www.lucasforums.com)
- The KOTOR Fan Media community, for unleashing plot Gizka's in my brain. (www.kotorfanmedia.com)

Enjoy, and may the Force be with you. ;)
~Master Kavar

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