Bastila Light/Dark Bobes Patch

Light-Dark Bastila Robe Fix.zip —


A small patch for Kazeite's Light / Dark Bastila robes mod. What these files do is allow Bastila to retain the red Sith robes in Kazeite's mod after your initial confrontation with her on the Rakata homeworld. In the original mod, Bastila would revert back to the default black outfit.  



Light/Dark Bastila Lightside Fix
by Maphisto86 for a Mod by Kazeite 
ver 1.0 August 2019. 


These files are simply meant to edit the times the dark side robes Bastila wears after becoming Malak's Sith apprentice appear. 
These robes are ones fashioned by Kazeite and based on svösh's and ChAinz's Bastila Revelation Robes. I take no responsbility for either of those mods. 
This is a addon to Kazeite's mod that simply fixes a minor flaw with the mod. I used Fred Tetra's excellent KOTOR Tool software to edit the "armor"
worn by Bastila on the "Unknown Planet" of Rekata to "g_a_clothes03" in Bastila's inventory and did the same for the files she appears in for the Star Forge.
Before, Bastila would appear in the normal games black robes once you fight her on top of the Rakatan Temple and she would appear that way for the rest of a light side run. 
With these files, Bastila will appear with the cool new Sith robes Kazeite created. 

Let it be known once again that all I did was edit these three files. The mod it is meant to accompany was all the work of svösh, ChAinz and Kazeite. 


Simply take the files I have posted in the file folder into KOTOR's installation folder called "Override". The game will then use those files instead
of the default ones. To remove this fix, simply remove these files from your Override folder. 


I encountered a few bugs while making this mod fix. I eliminated most of them except for one minor bug. It involves the transition to the interior of the Rakatan 
temple after either fighting Bastila or joining her. For some reason, the game puts you back into your old default clothing rather than the one you 
had equipped. You can simply requip your outfit normally. If anyone has any suggestions to fix this bug, please contact me. 

Special Thanks

Fred Tetra for KOTOR Tool.

svösh and ChAinz for their Bastila Revelation Robes mod and for the inspiration on how to create these files.

Kazeite for their wonderful work on redesigning Bastila's robes into these stylish looking threads with the Light-Dark Bastila Robes mod. 

The helpful and resourceful folks at DeadlyStream.com who pointed me in the right direction for what files to edit. 

Contact me at [email protected] for any comments, questions or bug reporting.

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