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Ever wonder why Bastila would have her own snazzy Jedi robes, but then resort to wearing normal ones if you actually gave her one? I've randomly wondered that very thing, though I've never given it a second though... until I saw this mod. This mod replaces the normal Jedi robe model (just for Bastila!) with variations of her own robes. It comes in the normal colors you would expect: brown, black, blue, and red, which are the colors of the normal robes.

I do like several of these robes. I'm not very fond of the red one, just because it seems to focus more on the grey than the red, but even the red one looks quite snazzy despite that. I especially like the brown one, which kind of looks like a more subdued, less orange version of Bastila's default robes, and as always I do like the black version. I'm just one of those people that loves black robes, even though I always take the light path. I can see how the blue robe included would go very nicely with the blonde hair found in either version of Bastila's Revelation Robes. Indeed a very nice collection here, and while it's something I even might initially write off as simple and uninvolved, the more you look at it the more you start to think just how perfect it is. Not to mention the process of actually creating this is ever so slightly more complicated than you might expect.

Speaking of complicated, there is one downside to this mod. The author hasn't used the patcher, so if you already have an appearance.2da file in your override folder you'll either have to forget about this mod, or (which is more highly recommended) you'll need to do a little 2DA editing. The author, however, was thoughtful enough to explain how to alter your appearance.2da to be compatible with other mods that you might have.

Do I recommend this mod? You bet. Unless you're absolutely in love with the default Jedi robes, I'd definitely recommend giving this mod a try. Even if you are in love with those robes, you can always see the stunning default robes on your player character, Juhani, or Jolee. So why not spice Bastila up a little? ;)




Bastila Robe Replacement Mod
Author: Woogiee
Email: [email protected]

This mod replaces the appearance of the Jedi robe son Bastila Shan with reskins I did of her clothing model.  
Theres a version for each color robe, Red, Blue, Black and Brown.

Copy and paste all files into your KOTOR override directory.

If you are already using a mod with an Appearance.2da file do not put mine into your override, theres a very 
simple process to make it compatible.

First open the .2da editor in Fred Tetra's KOTOR Tool. Then go to line 4, which is Bastila's. Scroll to the
right to find the column labeled modeli and replace it with P_BastilaBB. Then in column texi, very next one 
to the right of modeli, change it to W_BasRobe.

Remove the files from the Override folder in my mod from yourr KOTOR Oveerride.


Special thanks;

Fred Tetra for his awesome KOTOR Tool

Stoffe -mkb- for describing to me how to edit the appearance.2da for this mod

And the rest of the fine folks at Holowan Labs at Lucasforums.com

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