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When I saw the user name Darth Shan, I can’t help but think of Bastila because Bastila’s last name is Shan. To me the name tells me that th...


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When I saw the user name Darth Shan, I can’t help but think of Bastila because Bastila’s last name is Shan. To me the name tells me that the author is a fan of Bastila Shan. Not that it is abnormal because let’s face it, there are a lot of Bastila Shan fans out there. The biggest reason is because so many men out there think Bastila is hot.

So when playing the original Knights of the Old Republic, most men love to play as a male PC because you have the opportunity to develop a romance with Bastila. If you play your cards right, you can go to a private area of the Ebon Hawk to have a kiss with Bastila. Ironically in the sequel, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, very area where you can kiss Bastila is where Kreia sits in the Ebon Hawk to meditate.

The problem with KOTOR after you kiss Bastila is not to ask what happened between yourselves because of a game bug. It makes it seem like your kiss and Bastila falling in love with you never happened. The biggest evidence of that is when you confront Bastila on top of the Rakatan Temple. If the romance quest happened, it's possible to even have her offer herself to be your lover if you join the dark side. So that bug can really be annoying when you don't get that option, right? It was one of the things as playing multiple times that I figured out and knew that talking to Bastila wasn't worth it after kissing her on the Ebon Hawk. Well, Darth Shan is putting an end to it by fixing that annoying part so give him a hand for that.

He also is using my Helena mod, who is Bastila’s mother in it. That quest is needed in order to complete the romance quest. Also he’s using parts of Master Kavar’s Untold Love Story mod, all used with permission to have some enhancement to his mod. Overall, this all sounds very fun. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'basty_fix.rar' (195KB)


AUTHOR: Darth Shan
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: K1 Bastila Romance Glitch Fix

SPECIAL CREDITS: Master Kavar for letting me include his Bastila dialogue from "Bastila and Female PC Untold Love Story" and Shem for letting me include his "Helena Bastila's Mother Clothing Fix"

FILENAME: basty_fix.rar
DATE RELEASED: 04/20/2007

This mini-mod fixes a long-known glitch in Kotor 1 which results in obliterating the romance with Bastila Shan.

Drag and drop the files from the Override folder into your game directory's Override folder.
There are additional folders containing scripts and unaltered files from the game. These are intended for modders. The other fix (Helena) is a fallback for cases, Helena Shan does not show up in the Tatooine Cantina (see below for further information).
If you have Master Kavar's Mod "Bastila and Female PC Untold Love Story", use the file in the respective folder, letting it overwrite mine.

This is not an actual fix, but a workaround for what I consider a severe issue in the first Kotor game.
It is quite known that there is a glitch in the romance quest with Bastila Shan. Actually there is more than one, but later more about this.

When you have successfully romanced Bastila, you will have a scene on the Ebon Hawk where you may kiss this fabulous virtual woman. After this scene, when you are back on the bridge or roaming the remaining planets, you may never ever speak to Bastila again about what has happened between you. The script attached to the dialogue messes up the globals, so that Bastila "forgets" being in love with you.
This leads to a bunch of inaccessible options when you talk to Bastila on the rooflevel of the Temple on the Unknown World. - It has no serious consequences for a LS player trying to redeem Bastila later on the Star Forge, but it mars the romance for DS players, which is extremely annoying.

So, what is wrong: David Gaider attached a script to Bastila's dialogue to forward global tracking in the romance. It sets "k_swg_bast12a" to "k_swg_bast13". The script which does this is called "k_swg_bast20", and it does so after having kissed Basty and talked to her about what has happened.
The script which tags availability is called "k_swg_bast12".
Do you see the pattern here? The numbers 12, 12a and 20 seem to have been mixed up during game development. The very fact that there is a script version "12a" points to a later add-in of scripting.
What is the result? Script 20 changes Script reference 12 to 13. What do we find in script 13? - "Malare has been talked to, ready to spawn Helena". (In case you forgot, which I can hardly imagine: Malare is the Twi'lek friend of the Shan family, introducing you to Bastila's mother Helena.) We are taken half-way back in the romance process - while the romance quest is moved to the "completed quests" bulk.
By the way: The romance option number is NOT set to 0, as you may read in various threads, and the latter does not script availability anyway. This is done by two other scripts: "k_punk_bastrom" and "k_punk_bastromn". They need a special script reference. Yes, it is "k_swg_bast12" and not 13.

So what has been done: I deleted the script reference ("k_swg_bast20") in the dialogue tree, leaving the field blank. Now you may talk to Bastila as often as you wish, without messing up your romance, especially when DS. This has effects mainly for the Unknown Planet.
I inserted a short line when speaking to Bastila about not being convinced to drop the matter and refer you to her intial statement "How can I help?".

Let's come to another glitch I recently encountered while playing K1: The Malare-Helena-subquest may not fire at all, and if it does, it is possible that Helena does not show up.
What is causing this? As far, as I remember, it had been a tightly knit plot in v1.00 of the original game to successfully romance an NPC. You had to talk to Bastila at least three times on every planet, after having finished a major quest. With Patch 1.03, however,it is possible to advance the romance after nearly every single area transition. This means, it is theoretically - and practically - possible to complete the Bastila Romance even before having left Dantooine for the first time. Now, if you use this exploit without moving onto waypoints which may trigger Malare to show up and give you the Helena-Mother-Subquest, you will never get this quest, because you have advanced to fast with the romance. Thus, you won't be able to complete the romance, either.
You have to be careful. Plan every step with Bastila, leave the Ebon Hawk and the first area on planets with her in your company.
Glitch 3: You have encountered Malare, but Helena is not spawned in the Cantina Tatooine (oh my ...), this happened to me twice .
In case anything goes wrong I included a "hotfix" which will spawn Helena in the Tatooine Cantina when you talk to the barkeeper. Talk to him only once about her, or you will end up with multiple Helenas in the Cantina. You may install this fix at any time, you do not need a special savegame.


COMMENTS: Thinking about it, while I was doing this mod, I came to the conclusion that K1 is at least as buggy as TSL.
This is my first mod for Kotor 1, as usual I am mostly intersted in story advancement and dialogues. Searching for the glitch and which effects it causes was a real pain, so I hope this comes not too late (the game is from 2003). A fix for the glitch has often been requested, but as far as I know, it has never been attempted, yet.

BUGS: None I can think of. The common strategy for players to avoid the glitch was not to talk to Bastila again after kissing her. This has, of course, the same effect as deleting the script attached to the dialogue - i.e. it does not change anything compared to the strategy of not talking to Basty. If there are issues, send me an e-mail, and I will update the mod.

1. JdNoA for DeNCS which gave me insight into the scripts.
2. Fred Tetra, the Great Extractor.
3. t102 for the superb dialogue editor.
4. Bioware for creating Bastila Shan, Jedi empress.

PERMISSIONS: You may use this mod in any way you wish, WITH TWO EXCEPTIONS. If you want to use "g_malare" and/or "helena.utc" you have to ask Shem for permission. If you want the file from the folder "Override (Master Kavar's)" you have to ask Master Kavar for permission.


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