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Gavroche makes his FileFront debut with a mod about Bastila for the original Knights of the Old Republic game. Here come the Bastila...


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Gavroche makes his FileFront debut with a mod about Bastila for the original Knights of the Old Republic game. Here come the Bastila fan boys who think she’s really hot. Just teasing! :p

Anyway, what this mod does is give Bastila some new armor for her to wear and new double-bladed lightsabers. These are not ordinary double-bladed lightsabers. They can be used with one in each hand. If you’re confused, just look at the screenshots as it will explain it all. There is a reason why some people will say, “A picture is worth 1000 words.” You get two new yellow double-bladed lightsabers off the corpse of Brejik and Bastila will show up on top of the Rakatan Temple with two red double-bladed lightsabers.

A little warning about this mod since it doesn’t use the TSL Patcher. There are two .2da files that are commonly used by downloaders in their override folders so if you do not have skills in editing .2da files, using this mod will cause problems with your other mods. Also there are some UTC files that are commonly used, so be cautious. Also do not install the p_bastilla001.utc and the p_bastilla002.utc files. They are not needed files as they are not used for the purpose the author edited them for and they are unsafe UTC files to edit and install in your override folder.

This mod comes in English and French. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'bastilasitems_frandus.rar' (519KB)

||       // // \ \                                    ||
||      // //   \ \   BASTILA'S                       ||
||       /         \           ITEMS                    ||
||      /           \                                   ||
||     /             \       LIGHTSABERS AND ARMOR      ||  by Gavroche
||  // //           \ \                               ||  remus.stern<at>
|| // //             \ \                              ||   _  _   _                _   _
 ========================================================   |_ | | |_|   |/  _  ___ | | |_|
v1.0                                                        |  |_| | \   |\ |_|  |  |_| | \

1. What's new in this mod ?
2. Compatibility
3. Installation/Uninstallation
4. Thanks



	This mod adds a few equipments for our stronghead Jedi.

	First, two double-bladed lightsabers. Not common ones : Bastila will be able to 
wield them both. Yes, Bastila will fight with two double sabers !
	Where can you get them ? Like usual, when you free the Padawan from Brejik.
	The default color is yellow for the two sabers. You might want to change the colors...
Just ask to your crystal specialist. You know, the one who sells you the 
Heart of the Guardian and the Mantle of the Force... Yep, Suvam. But he will not give 
the crystals the first time you meet him. Help him with the Trandoshan first, and you'll get
the Blue, Red, Green, Purple crystals. At your last Star Map, when you usually get the two
famous HotG and MotF, you'll also see variants of these ones specially created for Bastila's

	Secondly, when you'll be asked to find the Star Map, you will get Bastila's War Suit,
with special bonuses and an original (though not wonderful... Blame the texturer) skin.
It is not upgradable.



2.a Files trouble

	Due to the many files I edited, this mod may not be compatible with other mods.
Here are the files which could conflict :

baseitems.2da            (
                          } Used in many mods.
upcrystals.2da           (

suvam02.utm              (
                          } Suvam's Inventory.
suvam03.utm              (

unk44_evilbast.utc        |
p_bastilla01.utc          |
p_bastilla02.utc          |
p_bastilla03.utc         (
p_bastilla04.utc          } All the Creatures files edited.
p_bastilla05.utc         (
p_bastilla06.utc          |
tar03_brejik031.utc       |

k_sta_bastatt.ncs        (
k_ptar_hassaber.ncs       } The scripts edited.
k_ptar_lootbreji.ncs     (

dan13_vandar.dlg          } The dialog file edited. 

      /\                                                           /\
     /  \            ENGLISH USERS SHOULD USE TK102'S             /  \
    / || \          DLG/UTI/UTC LANGUAGE CONVERTER 0.5           / || \
   /  ||  \            TO CONVERT dan13_vandar.dlg              /  ||  \
  /        \       IN ORDER TO SEE THE DIALOG WORK FINE        /        \
 /    ()    \   /    ()    \
/____________\                                               /____________\

And here are the created files :

- g_w_dblsbr010.uti
  011, 012, 013, 015, 016, 017, 020, 021, 022, 023, 025, 026, 027

- g_w_sbrcrstl30.uti
  31, 32, 33, 35, 36, 37, 40, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47
  (and their iw_sbrcrstl_0XX.tga)

- g_a_class5060.uti

- give_bstlarmr.ncs

2.b Save troubles

	The mod will not work with a savegame post-Taris Swoop Race. You may add
the files yourself instead of creating a new game : g_w_dblsbr010 and 20.
	If your savegame is post-Dantooine, then add g_a_class50620 in your inventory.



To install, put all the files in the Override folder you should have in your SWKotor directory.
To uninstall, go in the Override and delete all the files.



... to all's modders, for their patience and their tutorials.
Thanks to stoffe and Kristy Kistic for the texture part, glovemaster, deathdisco, Shem and tk102
for the scripts part, and T7nowhere for the Custom Lightsaber tutorial (to make it upgradeable).

Thanks to Fred Tetra, of course, we will never thank him enough, for his A-WE-SOME KotOR Tool.

Er... And hm, still sorry for the double-post, RedHawke. I will never feel stupid enough abouth

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