Bastila's New Saber Color - WotOR Version

A great way to learn modding is by taking apart and learning how to tweak the mods others have done. And some really good sports in the modd...


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A great way to learn modding is by taking apart and learning how to tweak the mods others have done. And some really good sports in the modding community don't mind if you use their mods for practice. (For example, the nice fellow behind the Exar Kun Temple mod that gave me the green light to modify his dialogue was what got me hooked on modding). Again, folks, if you are learning how to mod like this, please ask the fellow you got it from and be a good sport yourself if the request is turned down.

The good short this time is T7 Nowhere and his Weapons of the Old Republic Mod. His "Padawan" is Gavroche, who is taking the hilt T7Nowhere created and tinting Bastila's lightsaber and coloring it a pleasant green-yellow, setting it apart from your standard double-blade that you can rip off the last Dark Jedi.

Again, feedback is the only payment these fan artists receive, and constructive feedback allows them to create more and better mods in the future.

-- Allronix

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Download 'btlsbr_clr_wotor.rar' (73KB)

A KotOR Mod             made by Gavroche         contact:remus.stern<at>
                                                         v1.0 ; size~219ko
|/   Description and comments
||/  Installation time
|||/ Compatibility and known bugs
|\// Thanks
\//  Disclaimer

| |/ Description and comments

  This mod was created for users who wish to use my new colour for Bastila's
lightsaber with T7Nowhere's hilt from his great WotOR Mod. If you install this mod
Bastila will be wielding T7's hilt with the green-yellow blade you can see in
the concept art.
  I, of course, have got the explicit permission of T7Nowhere to use his hilt in this mod.

| ||/ Installation time

... Done? Good :)  

  Now, copy the four files of this mod, which are:
- w_dblsbr_250.mdl
- w_dblsbr_250.mdx
- w_lsabrebast01.tga
- w_lsabrebast01.txi
  And paste them in your Override (by default:

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SW KOTOR\Override

or something like that).
  You will be asked whether you agree to overwrite files or not. Do agree.

  To uninstall, delete these four files and extract
- w_dblsbr_250.mdl
- w_dblsbr_250.mdx
from your WotOR archive/folder to your Override.

| |||/ Compatibility and known bugs

  This mod has been made to be compatible with T7's WotOR. It should not have
any compatibility issue. Nor any bug.

| |\// Thanks

  To wilv from Filefront, for making me remember about WotOR. It would have
been stupid to oblige people to choose between such a great piece of modding
and my simple reskin. And thanks to T7Nowhere of course, for allowing me to mod his

| \//  Disclaimer

  The only disclaimer I can pronounce is T7's, since two files of this Mod
belongs to his Team:

    "Section VI: Terms of use
     This mod may not be re-upload to any other website unless explicit permission
     to do so is given by the WotOR mod Team.

     You may alter the contents of this mod in anyway you see fit for your
     personal use only. 

     You are not allowed to use any of this mods resources in other released mods
     without express written consent of the WotOR modding team."

  I'd complete this by adding that neither I, nor LucasArts, nor Bioware, nor
their licenses/sponsors, are responsible for the damages that this mod may cause
to your computer.

Enjoy the mod ;]

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