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From my point of view and many others; the sounds you hear really make the experience of anything really worth wild. This really holds true...


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From my point of view and many others; the sounds you hear really make the experience of anything really worth wild. This really holds true with gaming for most people. When playing a Star Wars type game like Knights of the Old Republic, I want to hear certain sounds that come from lightsaber swings, blaster shots, etc. This really enhances the game and adds reply value personally for me and I’m sure it does for others out there.

Oddball_E8 has returned to update his Big Bad Sound mod by adding a few bits here and there in the different folders of sounds he has for the game and then has added a whole new folder of sounds that give you different types of screams you can hear with death. Since there is a lot of combat in Knights of the Old Republic and people are dying left and right all through the game, hearing the way they die could add to replay value as well. I have to tell you that hearing some of those death screams really had me laughing out of my seat. :lol:

Although the mod is intended for the Knights of the Old Republic release, these sounds can be used in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. The screams probably won’t be heard much since you don’t run into the Dark Jedi and Sith Commanders much in the sequel game. Enjoy the updated sound mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Title		: BigBadSoundmod_mkII
Author		: Oddball_E8
e-mail		:
date		: 2007-11-28

Description	:this here is a little mod i threw together for KotOR (but it works for TSL too) that changes alot of the sounds...
		more so than any other soundmod ive seen out there (including my old ones)

		heres a short list (of sorts) of what ive changed:

		all blaster sounds...
		all saber sounds except twirling (for this i suggest the "ultimate soundmod" by shem)
		impact sounds for blasters
		alot of the fighting sounds for swords and unarmed (blocking, impact, swing etc.)
		some of the grenades (frag, plasma, stun and thermal)
		and some misc. sounds

Installation	:just put all the sounds in your override folder (without using the folders i have included, they are just there for easy pickin')
		i have also provided some alternate sounds for variation. take a listen to them and sort out the ones you want yourself. if there is
		one you like, just delete the _alt part of the filename and it should work just fine.
		NOTE: the cb_ls_hitsoft1_alt.wav and cb_ls_hitsoft2_alt.wav sounds are there becasue someone complained about hearing the lightsaber sound
		when the kick animation was playing. unfortunately the "soft" and "hard" markers in the filenames do not indicate the kind of hit, but
		instead indicates what kind of target is being hit. so if the enemy is wearing armor the "hard" sound will be played. However, i did 
		include this sound for completeness...

Compatability	:this should work with any other mod that doesnt change these exact sounds...

Terms of use	:since most of the sounds in this file arent made by me, you'll have to ask the original authors of those sounds if you want to use them...
		but if you want to use the grenades sounds go ahead, theyre mine. any other sounds that are not mine or credited in the "credits to" part
		are grabbed from the net in general and quite free to use...

Credits	to	:young Obi-Wan for his saber sounds in the "cool saber sounds v2" mod (for jedi knight)
		WelshFromUK for his saber sounds in the "futuristic saber sounds v1.2" mod (also jedi knight)
		Liquid Schwartz for his saber sounds (this is geting repetative) in the "geonosis saber sounds" mod (jk again)
		Mater_Xalius for his saber sounds (yeah... more) in the "xalius xtreme saber sounds" mod (jk... again)
		neo for his blaster sounds (finally something else than sabers!) in the "REAL sounds" mod (you guessed it! jedi knight)

NOTE		:this is the final version of this mod. The problems of sorting out gamesounds from moviesounds when looking for sounds has left a bitter 		taste in my mouth... i probarbly wont mod another starwars game again... ever.
		on the plus side tho, none of the sounds in this version should be from other games (afaik)


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