BIG Mandalorian Gun



replacements, as they are not great quality and as time goes on look less and less easy on the eye, especially given the large number of cool replacements for melee and ranged weapons. The model does come with a texture, but the author could not get it to work (he may wish to post a thread about his problem at Holowan Labs, to get some help fixing this issue).The model is nicely made, and is, as has been said, a welcome relief from the low-quality models found in the default game. The author could improve the mod in future versions by getting a working texture on it ;) . Nevertheless, a good start, and we look forward to seeing more from the author in future. :DMod Rating: BeginnerNB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.-Darth InSidious


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