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something funny about them! This was originally just meant as a fun mod to make use of those items, but it's expanded to more than that. I r...

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something funny about them! This was originally just meant as a fun mod to make use of those items, but it's expanded to more than that. I researched actual Star Wars music and instruments and matched each instrument from the game to the closest one I could find, giving them better names and backgrounds than 'Bith Clarinet' and such. Three of them are based on the sonic rifle and the last is a pistol. I fixed the models so they fit better in the actual player's hands, and I made a custom ammunition; They shoot music staffs with changing music notes on them, doing sonic damage, as they play music clips from Star Wars. Now the part I'm rather proud of (Humbly, of course :p); there's a chance of stun on all the weapons, but instead of being stunned, the enemies break out in dance! I also made a second version of each instrument, called 'broken' instruments, that you simply use as melee instruments to beat enemies. I tried to make all the weapons powerful enough to be fun even later in the game, but not be God items. I kept going with the Bith theme, and made a new armor called 'Bith Musician Suit' that makes you look like you're wearing the uniform the Bith musicians in the game wear, to complete your dreams of being a Star Wars cantina musician. It isn't as protective as armor but I think the stats are fair and make up for it. There are also two extra items I included just for fun, they're not actually for player use but they're part of the storyline I'll add in a later version. They are holographic versions of two of the weapons.As of now you have to cheat to get any of the items. I am still in the process of working this mod, but because it's taking a while I'm releasing just the items, rather than waiting an unknown amount of time for everything to be finished. Things to look forward to in future updates include: A fairly detailed storyline, including a new quest, leading to the aquirement of each of the items through three planets, with new characters, including the crime boss Jawa the Hutt; New musical themed items, such as earplugs; A holo-terminal having special uses, including obtaining new armors; And more!

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