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When Knights of the Old Republic was released in July of 2003, Bastila Shan captured the imagination of many players (mostly men) who...


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When Knights of the Old Republic was released in July of 2003, Bastila Shan captured the imagination of many players (mostly men) who played the game. I’ll just come out with it, many of the men look at her as a hottie. If I had a nickel for each time I heard someone mention how hot Bastila was in the last three years, I’d be richer than Bill Gates.

Kristy Kistic graces us once again with another mod to add to the FileFront collection and her second mod that focuses on Bastila. This one gives Bastila a bodysuit to wear to make her look sexier if that is possible to any of you out there. The thing about this mod is you have option to choose from of which bodysuit fits your style for the person Canderous called a Jedi Princess. ;) There are a total of 33 to choose from. Like the author’s Bastila Unchained mod, you get to see some of what you’re getting in the screenshots, so there is a lot more to choose from than what you see in the screenshot section.

The stats of what you will get with the bodysuits is located in the readme if you want to know how this better protects Bastila. For those who have a mod to play as Bastila in TSL, you can use this mod there too as Kristy left an installer and instructions to use it there. What more could you ask for from a Bastila fan? Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'bodysuit_bastila_31_.7z' (1.93MB)

Mod:        Bodysuit Bastila 
Version:    3.1
Date:       10-05-2005
Author:     Kristy Kistic
Game:       Kotor 1 or Kotor 2 TSL
Last Build: 01-15-2006

Version 3.1 (Hopefully the final version)

0) Updated the TSLPatcher to operate as an installer.
1) All new textures.
2) New model.
3) New gui icons.
4) Contains archived 2.7 update (last version of old textures and model that I never released.)
5) Since TSL includes the exact same twilek model and textures, I have included a model for TSL as well as an installer, however, since you'll have to pick a character to use this for, you'll have to edit your appearance.2da file yourself. (Instructions included.)

As a note: I would appreciate it if people would TELL ME ABOUT BUGS. I don't always catch them. I found a hole in the models stomach that I just found out about.

Version 2.7

Updated the TSLPatcher to operate as an installer and to modify the uti files.

Version 2.6

Included Stoffe's TSLPatcher to facilitate merging of mods rather than replacing 2da's.

Version 2.5
Changes in this mod:

MAJOR overhaul here.

0) Implemented in a different manner. Although technically its still implemented as armor, it no longer requires armor feats to wear the textures. This also fixes the issue of reverting to normal clothes during a scene change or loading a savegame. Will NOT not be compatible with previous savegames. The armband has been removed since its no longer needed.
1) Included cheesy color coded gui icons.
2) For those that like to find items in-game, they may be purchased from Igear in the undercity of Taris.
3) All errors should be corrected.

The appearance.2da included is my latest.

Notes: (More for my own use)
Base item text: (153)Armor Proficiency: Heavy

Version 2.0
Changes in this mod:

0) Includes the same 14 original textures.
1) Now includes the six textures left out from the last version.
2) Includes 12 pvc skins 
3) Now comes with 3 model versions (original (very busty), normal twilek style,
   and very small and thin)
   -----------Everybody wants something different.
4) Uti's included - change skins in game.
5) I updated the original textures with better flesh textures. (Something I had 
   been planning to do.)

I did NOT make color coded icons for the gui - deal with it.
In a mod with this many textures its just not practical.

This mod will highjack one of Bastila's armor slots (slot 8) as all of the textures have
been implemented as armor. Meaning you have to have the heavy armor feat to equip them.
If you don't have it - an armband has been included that will give you this feat. 
(Type giveitem pvc_bas_band_51 and equip it.)


Extract all the files to the override folder. Pick a model and put it directly
in the override folder - NOT a subfolder (the game won't see it)

There are now 32 textures in this mod so:

You can do this the easy way and use tk102's save game editor to give yourself
the items (all items must be in the override for the game to see it.)


you can type giveitem bodysuit_bas_51
             giveitem bodysuit_bas_52
             giveitem bodysuit_bas_53
                  all the way to
             giveitem bodysuit_bas_82

your choice.

Removal: Delete all the files.

For those that have asked about using this model for your pc:

Find out what model your using with tk102's save game editor.
Look up this model in the appearance.2da using kotor tool.
Rename the model to the value found in column "modela"
rename the texture to the value found in column "texa"
   add "01.tga" to it

This will replace your characters underwear model with this one and the texture you chose.

Defense +13
Max Dexterity +0 - Don't you know that stuffs TIGHT ??? :)~   (This is armor default)
Wisdom +5
Saves all +2
Regeneration 1
Regeneration Force 1

Anyway, Hope you enjoy :)


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