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That Bodysuit Bastila mod by Kristy Kistic for the original Knights of the Old Republic game really took off these last couple days. It just shows once again that mods involving Bastila, especially if it makes her look sexier will be popular, a pretty simple concept to gasp if you ask me. Well, here the Bodysuit Bastila mod has been revisited. It’s not an update to the mod that was released two days ago here, but just another version of it. This time instead of using Bastila’s underwear body model to skin the bodysuit on, Kristy used the female Twi’lek model instead to give Bastila a slightly different body shape.

This also has 12 different options instead of 33 types of bodysuit options for Bastila in this revisited mod. I still think 12 is plenty to choose from if you think about it. The stat boosts you will get are in the readme if you want to know. The cheat codes you need to access these items are listed in the readme. It’s not mentioned in the readme, but I took notice when examining the mod that if you are still on Taris (you haven’t entered Davik’s Estate) and want to give them through normal game play, you can buy them from the merchant, Larrim. He’s the Twi’lek you first meet just outside of your apartment who introduces himself just after getting ambushed by the Sith.

Also make sure you read the readme because there are specific instructions you need to follow based on what mods you have. If you want to use both Bodysuit Bastila mods, instructions on how to approach the installation is provided. The TSL Patcher can be used with installing .2da files, however you do not need to depending what is in your current override folder. In fact, Kristy warns against it on certain instances. Again, very important to refer to the readme about if you need to use it to install your mod. Well done, Kristy, well done. Thanks again for adding another wonderful addition to the site. Enjoy the mod everybody! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Mod:        Bodysuit Bastila Revisited V1.2
By:         KristyKistic
Game:       Kotor 1
Last Build: 01-08-2006

Version 1.2

Included Stoffe's TSLPatcher to facilitate merging of mods rather than replacing 2da's.

The patcher will make changes for BOTH of my Bodysuit Bastila mods. Don't use it twice! If you already downloaded Bodysuit Bastila Original and used the patcher then  DO NOT do it again! You're already covered - leave the 2da files alone and just drop the textures and uti's into your override.

If you DO want to use the patcher and your  baseitems.2da file has already had items added to it, you will have to manually edit the uti files! (See the 'how to.rtf')

The patcher is meant only to modify your existing appearance.2da and baseitems.2da files. If you don't have these then DON"T USE IT! Use the ones provided in the '2da patched' folder.

If you have the appearance.2da, but not the baseitems.2da then patch your appearance.2da and use the baseitems.2da from the '2da patched' folder. No uti edits will be necessary here.

If you have the baseitems.2da, but not the appearance.2da then patch the baseitems.2da and use the appearance.2da from the '2da patched' folder. In this case you are almost guaranteed to have to manually edit the uti files. (See the 'how to.rtf')


Version 1.1
Changes in this mod:
0) Implemented in a different manner. Although technically its still implemented as armor, it no longer requires armor feats to wear the textures. This also fixes the issue of reverting to normal clothes during a scene change or loading a savegame. May not be compatible with previous savegames. The armband has been removed since its no longer needed.
1) Included cheesy color coded gui icons.
2) Removed multiple appearance.2da's (The one included is my latest.)
3) For those that like to find items in-game rather than use cheats, you may purchase these from Larrim (outside the apartment on Taris) for 500 credits apiece.
4) All errors should be corrected.

My newest appearance.2da files will always be compatible with my previous mods.

Notes: (More for my own use)
Base item text: (152)Armor Proficiency: Medium

Version 1.0

These skins apply to the bastila underwear model.

This comes in 4 styles with 3 colors each for a total of 12 skins. These skins are actually
solid colors that take advantage of lighting effects. It is NECESSARY to use an 
appearance.2da file to achieve these effects. 

There are two methods of use here. Either choose a skin and rename it to p_bastilaba_01.tga
and throw it in the override directory


you can make UNIQUE items of ALL the skins and change clothes at will. There is a minus
here as the way I implemented it eats two armor slots in the appearance.2da file - meaning
armor types 7 & 8 will no longer be wearable by Bastila at all. Which works for me, 
because I never put her in armor anyway.


1) appearance - MUST for bastila pvc models NPC's appear as cutscene
2) appearance - MUST for bastila pvc models NPC's appear as normal
3) appearance - npcs in star forge robes appear as revan cutscene
4) appearance - npcs in star forge robes appear normal

ONE OF THESE IS NECESSARY FOR ANY OF MY PVC MODS. There all the same in each mod,
it just depends on what you want to do. Numbers 1 and 2 eat armor slots 7 & 8 for 
Bastila ONLY, but allow implementing bodysuit bastila revisited mods as unique items.
All 4 files allow the pc to appear as revan cutscene when wearing revans robes or star 
forge robes. If you want to allow your party members to appear as revan cutscene also,
then use one that says npcs appear as revan cutscene. If you like the normal star forge
look then choose one that says npcs in star for robes appear as normal. All 4 files
make changes that allow alpha channels to cast reflections rather than appear transparent.

If you want to make unique items put ALL the files in the override folder.

Now you can do this the slow way and type 

giveitem pvc_basundy_51
giveitem pvc_basundy_52
giveitem pvc_basundy_53
giveitem pvc_basundy_54
giveitem pvc_basundy_55
giveitem pvc_basundy_56
giveitem pvc_basundy_57
giveitem pvc_basundy_58
giveitem pvc_basundy_59
giveitem pvc_basundy_60
giveitem pvc_basundy_61
giveitem pvc_basundy_62


you can easily add to your inventory using tk102's savegame editor. (the files MUST be
in the override directory for the editor to see them.) A note here: The
skins are implemented as ARMOR. Therefore you HAVE to have heavy armor feat to even wear
them. Fortunately I have included an armband that will give this as bonus feats.
(giveitem pvc_bas_band_51 and equip it.)

This may sound a bit complicated, but it was the best method I could think of to allow 
skinning of the underwear model without affecting the original underwear model and also
allow changing of any skin in game.

This will be fully compatible with my other bastila skin mods, making Bastila Shan
have one very large clothes closet.
Unless otherwise noted, all appearance.2da files are the same in each mod.

Hopefully this will not conflict with other mods as I have renamed the model to
p_bastilabc (Has someone else already done this?) Textures eaten are p_bastilabc51 to 

Defense +8
Max Dexterity +1 - Don't you know that stuffs TIGHT ??? :)~   (This is armor default)
Wisdom +5
Saves all +2
Regeneration 1
Regeneration Force 1

Removal: Delete all the files.

Hope you enjoy :)

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