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So is this Fix it Day? It sure seems like it. As the popularity of the Brotherhood of Shadow grows for the first Knights of the Old Republic game, so does the number of bug reports continued to rise. Will this be the last patch? It’s hard to say since there could be more bugs to report or not. It’s a big mod with a lot of content so these patches are expected. Remember even both Knights of the Old Republic has multiple bugs and not even all the patches that were released covered everything that needed to be covered.

Silveredge9 is back with the 1.03 patch that corrects many issues. The issue I’ve read most about lately was Bastila’s mother (Helena) not showing up in the Anchorhead Cantina on Tatooine. Well, this patch will correct that issue along with seven other issues that needed to be addressed. The good news about this patch is you don’t need the 1.01 or the 1.02 patches after installing the original release. Just download the original mod, then download this patch and everything is up to date. That will save you some time for those who are just getting this mod for the first time.

This mod does use the TSL Patcher for easy installation and file merging and corrections that need to be made from the original release. Just follow the instructions in the readme file and everything will fine and dandy. Enjoy the updated patch! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Knights of the Old Republic - Brotherhood of Shadow 1.03 Patch

AUTHOR: Silveredge9
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: Brotherhood of Shadow 1.03 Patch

- This patch includes the 1.01/1.02 fixes, so you don't need to install the 1.01/1.02 patch before you run the 1.03 patch.

How to Install run the Patch
- Run the Install File.

1.03 Changes
- Increases stability of the end-fight dialogue initiating after Daemon Drexel is defeated during Drix Keliwt's task.
- Removes references to Party Member name from the early entries of the Journal.
- Fixes bugs where Sera Degana would address you as "My Lady" regardless of your chosen gender.
- Fixed a bug where Drix Keliwt would sometimes delete himself during dialogue.
- Fixed a bug where Dialogue would suddenly cut out during a speech within the great white void of the artifact.
- Locks the doors in Vision 1 module to stop the player from discovering the deep dark secrets of the NPC dump.
- Fixed a bug where after you defeat the leader of the Brotherhood and all of his copies during the Academy vision, the dialogue would fail to start.
- Fixes a bug where Bastila's mother would fail to appear in the Cantina.

1.02 Changes
- Fixed a bug where during certain dialogues Matilda would speak Bastila's lines in Bastila's voice.
- Fixed a bug where Poonda Htib'a would still be present inside the Tatooine Cantina.
- Fixed a bug where Drix Keliwt would still be present on Korriban after his associated quest.
- Fixed a bug where Daemon Drexel can be killed on the Orion, thus stopping the dialogue from activating.
- Removed references to Party Member name from early quest dialogues.

1.01 Changes
- Fixed a bug with global.jrl that meant the journal entries were not displaying in full.
- Fixed compatibility issues with spells.2DA, monster_band.uti and global.jrl.

Special Thanks
- Thanks to Lucasforum Member stoffe for a big help with fixing some of the listed errors (1.01/1.02 patch).

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