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The Brotherhood of Shadow is going to be the Mod of the Year over at Holowan Labs as it’s got a big lead in the votes so far and I don’t see how that will change between now and February 6, when the poll closes. Sure many other mods could deserve it, but Silveredge9 is definitely one of them as he has put together a fantastic mod that is beloved by many and the people have shown their appreciation for all he has done.

Well, if you’re reading this you already know that this is another patch for the author’s hit mod. This 1.06 patch fixes one of the most common bug reported throughout the mod’s history. When facing off against the evil Jedi Council, people would report left and right that it would get stuck; even Allronix, my fellow staff member mentioned it to me one time when we were chatting on MSN that she got stuck there as well. This patch will fix that bug.

There are other bugs that have been fixed in this patch that are listed in the readme file. If some of you are hoping to have skip-able dialogue in this release, I don’t think it’s here yet since I see no mention of it in the readme file. Hopefully that will be an update in the near future. ;)

The TSL Patcher will install this mod. The author has it set up where all the patch fixes are in this release, so all you need to do is download the original mod and then download this patch. Enjoy the update! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Knights of the Old Republic - Brotherhood of Shadow 1.06 Patch

AUTHOR: Silveredge9
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: Brotherhood of Shadow 1.06 Patch

- This patch includes the 1.01/1.02/1.03/1.04/1.05 fixes, so you don't need to install the 1.01/1.02/1.03/1.04/1.05 patch before you run the 1.06 patch.
- Includes the edited 2DA files used for the mod. If your having issues with the appearance of characters, or TSLPatcher isn't working for you. Copy these files into your override for a quick fix. Though any other mods that use these 2DA's will be affected, so it's recommended that you back the existing 2DA files up first.

How to Install run the Patch
- Run the Install File.

1.06 Changes
- Fixes a bug where dialogue would fail to start after defeating the "Evil Jedi Council"
- Fixes a bug where Sera Degana would sometimes fail to spawn during the Captains task.
- Fixes a bug where after talking to the Orion Contact in the Cantina, the Ship Module would fail to start.

1.05 Changes
- Fixes a bug where Matilda would speak Bastila's lines in Bastila's voice during party member banter scenes.
- Fixes a bug where dialogue would dialogue with the Shadow would suddenly end after defeating him and his 'clones'.

1.04 Changes
- Fixes a bug where the tattered pack containing Bastila's father's Holocron would fail to spawn in the Krayt Dragon cave.
- Fixes a bug where Bastila's mother would fail to appear in the Cantina for good.
- Includes an overhaul to the dialogue. Fixing spelling errors and in some places improving the clarity.
- Adds a fix that adds Matilda back into the Party upon arrival on the Unknown Planet. Although you will have to level her back up to her pre-unknown world level.

1.03 Changes
- Increases stability of the end-fight dialogue initiating after Daemon Drexel is defeated during Drix Keliwt's task.
- Removes references to Party Member name from the early entries of the Journal.
- Fixes bugs where Sera Degana would address you as "My Lady" regardless of your chosen gender.
- Fixed a bug where Drix Keliwt would sometimes delete himself during dialogue.
- Fixed a bug where Dialogue would suddenly cut out during a speech within the great white void of the artifact.
- Locks the doors in Vision 1 module to stop the player from discovering the deep dark secrets of the NPC dump.
- Fixed a bug where after you defeat the leader of the Brotherhood and all of his copies during the Academy vision, the dialogue would fail to start.
- Fixes a bug where Bastila's mother would fail to appear in the Cantina.

1.02 Changes
- Fixed a bug where during certain dialogues Matilda would speak Bastila's lines in Bastila's voice.
- Fixed a bug where Poonda Htib'a would still be present inside the Tatooine Cantina.
- Fixed a bug where Drix Keliwt would still be present on Korriban after his associated quest.
- Fixed a bug where Daemon Drexel can be killed on the Orion, thus stopping the dialogue from activating.
- Removed references to Party Member name from early quest dialogues.

1.01 Changes
- Fixed a bug with global.jrl that meant the journal entries were not displaying in full.
- Fixed compatibility issues with spells.2DA, monster_band.uti and global.jrl.

Special Thanks
- Thanks to Lucasforum Member Sith Holocron for firstly being a big help with fixing errors in the dialogue, and secondly for suggesting ways to make some areas of the dialogue more clear.
- Thanks to Lucasforum Member stoffe for a big help with fixing some of the listed errors (1.01/1.02 patch).

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