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Ah, Calo Nord. He was an odd one. Just one of many bounty hunters you meet in Knights of the Old Republic, though he's a bit more pro...


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Ah, Calo Nord. He was an odd one. Just one of many bounty hunters you meet in Knights of the Old Republic, though he's a bit more prominent than the others because he hunts you down until you kill him. Well, aren't they all like that? ;)

Watcher07 joins the KotOR modding community with a reskin of Calo Nord's clothes. Not his armor; just his clothes. Strangely enough, he doesn't actually wear his armor, but that doesn't matter right now. ;) As I mentioned before, Calo was sort of an odd one; he wears bright and cheery colors, despite his status as a professional killer. I guess he gets it from his boss, Davik Kang, who painted his house and his clothes pink and purple. ;)

This mod will tone down Calo's clothes a bit, making them darker and less...flamboyant. Not much else to say other than if you like the new look, give it a download. Oh, and this mod only changes Calo's appearance; ignore everything else in the screenshots. ;)

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.


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Title: Calo Nord Reskin


Released: 05/26/08


Author: Watcher07


All this is is a simple recoloring of Calo Nords appearance.  It mutes the colors on his clothes and darkens them.  Screenshots are included for ya.  Hope you like it.


To Install:

Copy the file N_CaloNord01 from the Override folder OF THIS FOLDER to the Override folder of your game.  If you don't have an override folder, just create one called Override in the main game directory and put this file into it.  Then get to playing and enjoy the revamped Calo Nord.



All I did was extract the .tga and recolor it in photoshop.  I don't mind if it gets used in anyone elses mods as long as you give me a little credit.  Actually it would be pretty cool if it did, but I'm just happy to have it out there.



The screenshots show two additional mods that are NOT included with this.  The Republic Uniform Reskin is from DarkDiva and can be found on the kotor files website.  The guns Calo is holding in the screenshot are from the Weapons of the Old Republic mod by T7Nowhere which can also be found on the kotor files website.  Thank you.


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