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If you ask anybody who the sexiest character in both Knights of the Old Republic games, the majority would vote for Bastila. I know this because of all the talks and the polls I’ve ran and I know without a doubt the majority just think of her as a hottie.

With that said, Kristy Kistic thought of a mod idea she couldn’t resist. What this does is put a Bastila look alike in Javyar’s Cantina in the Taris Lower City replacing one of the Twi’lek dancers. The big difference besides the sexy tight dancer’s suit that Bastila will be wearing is the blonde hair on her head.

If seeing Bastila dance is good enough for you, this will be worth the download by itself, but there’s more. What you need to do is go and talk to her and see what kind of conversations you can have with her. The author reminds you to bring a wallet full of credits so go and spend and have fun with it. Some of the dialogue Kristy has put in made me laugh really hard. :lol:

Keep in mind that this isn’t something that is supposed to be realistic to the storyline and the author acknowledges it. This is merely a mod for fun, humor, and to see the character is voted the sexiest character in Knights of the Old Republic dance. It’s very important to have a saved game before you ever enter Javyar’s Cantina or this mod will not work. This is a separate Bastila than the one in your party and you can have your party member Bastila with you and this dancing Bastila also.

The TSL Patcher will install this mod. Please, please, please read the instructions so you don’t get frustrated because you decided to be impatient. Remember instructions are not written to never be read so read them. There is also information about what type of party members to have with you for the funniest results with the dialogue. Enjoy watching and paying Bastila to dance. :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Mod:                     Cantina Bastila
Version:                1.01
Date:                     04-27-2006
Author:                  Kristy Kistic
Game:                   Kotor 1
Last Build:            02-08-2007

Last update: (02-08-2007)

Fixed a script error arming carth.
Fixed a missing dialog feature if Bastila is not present.
Provided an alternate head model that may fix a crashing issue.
Provided an interface to Bioware's cheat bot so you can add Bastila without having to go get her.

If you've already installed version 1.0, all you need to do to update is copy the file tar_m03ae.mod from the tslpatchdata folder to your kotor modules folder.

It occurred to me that since I used a twilek model (that contains the dance animations) for my Bodysuit Bastila mod, that I would like to see Bastila actually dance. So here it is. This will put a smart mouthed Bastila lookalike up on stage in place of one of the twilek models in Javyar's Cantina on Taris. This really doesn't fit into the storyline - it was just for fun. (I wanted to see Bastila dance, and then I added some dialog options, and somehow it turned into this.)

If you happen to have my Bodysuit Bastila Original mod, you can pick any skin from that mod for Bastila to wear when she dances. Just rename it to P_Bast_KDB01.tga and drop it in the override. The skin included was made just for this mod.

I used the modified head model that I use in games...it was handy. Besides, you really can't tell unless you see it from the back. If you have a custom head skin that you like, you can rename it to P_Bast_KDH04.tga and drop it in the override. 

By default it will install the curvier model from the Bodysuit Bastila mod. A normal twilek model is included if you prefer.

You will need to back up tar_m03ae_loc.mod in your lips folder. (Rename it to tar_m03ae_loc.mod.original.)
You will also need to back up tar_m03ae.mod (if it exists) in your modules folder. 

The TSL Patcher should NOT overwrite these files. It is setup to copy and not replace, so assuming it doesn't, if you don't rename the files the mod still won't work because the files won't be copied to the appropriate places.

Don't forget to talk to her! (And bring your wallet.)
Save your game before you talk to her!!! I intentionally included a random occurrence...

Btw: The most interesting dialog options appear with Carth and Bastila in your party. 
One of Bastila's dialog options (the *best one IMO) depends on your alignment.
One dialog option requires that neither Carth nor Bastila be in the party.

You will have to load a saved game from BEFORE you go into the Javyar's Cantina or the changes will not take effect. (Character files (.utc) get saved into your saved game.)

  Use the provided program if you can. 

A note to modders:

  If you want to take the time to list your files on a kk_mod_removal.ini you may distribute the Kristy's Mod Removal Tool.exe with your mod. Basic instructions are available from the program. It does speed things up from trying to manually hunt down files and delete them - especially for K1 since you can't use subfolders.
  If you have comments, bug reports, or suggestions about this program you can send me a private message at lucasforums.com. As of this writing (10-24-2006) this program is only available bundled with my mods.

Kristy's Ramblings:

Between this mod and my 2 Altered Endings mod, I have come to the conclusion that I hate scripting. Although, I have gotten better at it, I still see timing issues especially when scripting force power usage. 

Hope you enjoy,


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