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Kha has brought another Carth type clothing to add to the original Knights of the Old Republic game mod collection here at FileFront. It’s also good to see new K1 mods come in since we have so many more TSL mods than K1 mods.

As I have mentioned before in the previous mod review, Kha is a huge Carth fan. This particular clothing mod for Carth gives him a shirt unlike the last mod where Carth was topless. This time Carth is wearing a skin tight t-shirt. Like the last time, there are different options with this particular t-shirt Carth is wearing. We have some with boots over the top of the pants, others where the pants are covering the boots, some with blaster holsters, single or double. Then we have some with knee pads, and even a barefoot Carth.

If being topless was too much for you, then maybe this mod will work out better for ya. This mod uses the TSL Patcher of easy installation and for .2da file merging. If you want to use both mods, please install the topless version first. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Carth's Cloths II - T-Shirts - Version 1.0
For Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic
by Kha (31/07/2006)

This mod gives you some Carth's cloths, that can only be used by him, once he joins you in Taris. Please, install "Carth's Cloths I - version 1.0" mod first if you want to use both mods.

To download:
This mod is available only through the sites specifically posted by the author, if you have downloaded it from somewhere else please inform the author. Do not upload this mod to any other site without the author's permission.

To install:
Unzip this file to your hard drive and run TSLPatcher.exe, it will asks you the path of the game. The TSLPatcher will copy many files in your override folder, add some lines in your dialog.tlk baseitems.2da, feat.2da and appearance.2da files. The patcher will automatically make backup copy of those files before modify them. This backup will be placed in the backup folder within the same folder as this patcher application. To see all the files that was installed see the installlog.rtf file.

To Use:
With the mod installed, Carth will give you his cloths as soon as you arrive in Taris.Those cloths have no additional bonus they are just simple cloths for roleplay purposes. Or you can use KSE or the following cheat codes or to get them:
"giveitem kha_carthta01"  
"giveitem kha_carthtb01"
"giveitem kha_carthtc01"
"giveitem kha_carthtd01"
"giveitem kha_carthte01"
"giveitem kha_carthtd01"
"giveitem kha_carthte01"
"giveitem kha_carthtf01"
"giveitem kha_carthtg01"
"giveitem kha_carthth01"
"giveitem kha_carthti01"
"giveitem kha_carthtj01"

If you want get them in a saved game you will need to give Carth the feat "Uncanny Intuition", otherwise he won't be able to use them.

To uninstall:
The installlog.rtf file shows all the alterations made on the files and all the files that was installed, you will need to remove the files installed and undo any alteration on the .2da files from your override folder.

Problems and Contact:
Any problems contact me at [email protected]
If you want to use these files in a mod contact me first and ask permission, don't bother asking me permission to make a mod using those body models on another character because I won't give you, those body models were made for Carth, and Carth only.

Big Thanks to Cjt0202 for mapping out the body variation on baseitems.2da, the scripting, and help me understand how to put it all together. 
Thanks to the girls of C&AAA and KSP for the support and beta testing.
Thanks to ChAiNz.2da and svösh we used their know-how on the disguises.
Thanks to Fred Tetra for the KOTOR Tool, CChargin for MDLops and to stoffe -mkb- for the TSL Patcher.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is property of LucasArts, Bioware, & Obsidian Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended.

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