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Our glorious leader Shem returns, with a mod that--as usual--you'll all enjoy. I know this because so many of you have already requested that he release this mod, after seeing it in some of his YouTube videos. Yes, Shem has finally released Carth's Republic Uniform--and then some.

As you can tell from the screenshot, Carth will now wear the Republic soldier variant armor during his brief appearance on the Endar Spire. He will also be wearing this armor when you first wake up on Taris. Carth is a Republic soldier, so it's only natural that he wear the armor of one. However, he wouldn't make it ten feet out of the apartment parading around in that thing without being captured by Sith. So as soon as Carth leaves the apartment, you should switch to his classic Orange Jacket of Doom so the Sith won't know who he is. I guess it's supposed to be a flight suit, seeing as Carth's a pilot.

In any case, once Carth joins the party, he will have two sets of armor in his inventory: first, as I said before, the flight jacket, and second, his set of Republic armor that he was wearing earlier. They have identical properties, so you're free to pick which one you think is appropriate. Personally, I think it makes more sense for Carth to wear his jacket, for reasons already mentioned. Anyway, as I said, they have identical properties, properties good enough that you'll want Carth to wear them. While the defense bonus for each set of armor is moderate, they give a whopping +5 to Carth's regeneration rate. And they can only be worn by Carth of course; how Shem managed to do this may be of interest to some of you modders out there. ;) Carth also comes with a few extra items, some credits, medpacks, an extra blaster, and such, but it will be more fun for you to be surprised. ;)

The mod uses the TSL patcher, of course; however, the Republic armor uses the J slot in appearance.2da, so it won't be compatible with mods that allow Carth to wear Revan's robes. Well, it should be compatible, but Carth won't be able to wear the armor after you install this mod. And you'll need WinRAR/7zip to extract the files. Enjoy! :)

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.





Title: Carth’s Republic Uniform Plus
Author: Shem
Date Released: 5/29/08

Description: I’ve gotten many requests to do this, so I finally took it out of personal use and put it into play for you all to enjoy.  This will give Carth Onasi the ability to wear a Republic Soldier uniform.

I’ve also keep the ability for Carth to wear his flight jacket that he usually wears as his default clothing.  When you first meet Carth on the Endar Spire, he will be wearing a Republic Soldier uniform and when you wake up in the abandoned apartment on Taris.

From his inventory he will have his flight jacket available to wear.  Taris is a good place for Carth to wear the jacket because realistically if Carth was walking through the streets of Taris wearing a Republic uniform, the Sith would attack, even though that won’t happen in the game; it’s the idea that it would realistically happen so to role play with that idea, you can have him wear his jacket or some armor that you obtained or purchased to help keep Carth’s allegiance a secret.

His Republic uniform and flight jacket can only be worn by him and he does have custom avatars for his clothing.  They both have the exact attributes so it doesn’t matter which one you wear in terms of protection so there is no advantage of wearing one or the other.

I never liked that Carth was never prepared for emergency situations, so I made it so he is with this mod and will give your party some medpacs, 200 credits, 10 computer spikes, and 10 repair parts.  Originally he came with one personal blaster and one default blaster and I thought that wasn’t right so I made it so he comes with two of his personal blasters.

Instructions: The TSL Patcher will be used to make a change to the appearance.2da file to make this mod work properly and will install the extra mod files.


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