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I must say that the title of this mod alone makes it worth it to check out. Carth classified as a cheater can throw you in a loop since he has a reputation of being such a goodie-two-shoes. It would only be natural to wonder what in the world is this mod here.

HK-42 brings you a mod with an added script with some new features when you are ready to leave the Endar Spire in the first Knights of the Old Republic game. What it does is spawn an inventory of weapons you naturally get after the events of Taris. The items are free which makes sense since you’re not going to have much cash on your hands after escaping the Endar Spire. It does make you wonder why Carth didn’t have any with him when you crash land on Taris, but that’s another issue in itself.

So you make your way through the Endar Spire and finally meet up with Carth before the ship goes ca-boom! Carth’s in hurry to get out of there before that happens, but the author added new dialogue options to the conversation so that you can go into a merchant menu and select the items you want to carry around. This sure beats using the cheat console to spawn the weapons you want if you’re a type who would rather not do that for those who want more than the game gives you from the start. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




*****Carth the Cheater*****
By: HK-42

Description: Ever tired of typing in cheats of items you want(sometimes this can be a very long list) whenever you get to Taris in Kotor? Well whenever I do a K1 Cheat play through I do, gets very boring. So I made this mod that gives common high power items in the game like Lightsabers, good blasters, name weapons and armor(like Cassus Fett’s Blaster), Robes, Star Forge Robes, Revan Robe etc.
It is in the form of a shop that you access using Carth on the Endar Spire. You can ask him about the items or just continue on. 

Sadly there is NO voice over for Carth, however if you can do a good Carth voice PM me at lucasforums or everything eaw. Or you could email me and I can include it in a version 2.

Install: Drop the contents of the rar file into to the override folder and play! 

Bugs: None that I know of, If you find one contact me as I said above.

Credits: Help over at Lucasforum’s Holowan Lab with a bug I had


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