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Sometimes we make mods to help us “cheat” in our Knights of the Old Republic game. Isn’t that why we’re here? Don’t we come to FileFront to see the latest way to cheat in our game? Sure sometimes we look for new mods that make new skins just to alter the look of a specific character, but our most downloaded mods are ones that alter the game in a way that would be considered cheating. Just so you all know I’m not knocking it. Also keep in mind that I manage this place so that should tell you that I’m all for it as long as it adds enjoyment to your game.

Mindtwistah returns again with another mod that really should add another way to have fun with your game. Apparently he restored some content, or something that was used for testing purposes when BioWare was making Knights of the Old Republic. What it is a Cheat Bot that’s on the Ebon Hawk. What it will do is change the planet you’re currently one. So if you board the Ebon Hawk, you can go to this Cheat Bot and just tell him you want to go to another planet and you’re there instantly. That should be useful if you’re doing a side quest that requires you to go to another planet out of the way from your main mission and you want to avoid a battle with the Sith ships that happens at random.

Another thing this mod will do is add party members. Like you’re on Dantooine and you want HK-47 available after you get there. This Cheat Bot will make it all possible. Now this is a way to have fun isn’t it? Yeah, it’s cheating, but fun too. Heck most of us wouldn’t be here if we couldn’t cheat in our games. Once you beat a game, it will become boring unless changes are made to it to help replay value, right? Anyway, enjoy the new mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.





It's a NPC that you can cheat with. You can change things like the planet you are on and
you can add NPC:s to your party.

I didn't create the cheatbot, I just attached a spawn script to it. Apperantly Bioware used it
to test things ingame (I think)

You can find the cheatbot on the Ebon Hawk

Put all the files (Exept for the source folder) into your override folder.

Bugs known: Many. A major bug is that the droid keep respawn. You will have to self destruct
them or they will take over the Hawk xD 
Another is that I don't seem to get a few scripts to work (Or that is just me, being senile :P)

Permission: You can edit this mod how much you want. You can release it to. Just add me on the credits :P

Thanks tk102 your GFF editor.
Thanks Fred Tetra for your awesome KOTOR tool. Without it non of this would be possible.
Thanks Stoffe for helping me with a script
Thanks Sekan for sending me the .utc of the droid
Thanks Holowan Laboratories for your help when I needed it and for that you woke up my will to mod.
Thanks to George Lucas for opening the galaxy for the rest of us.

This mod was made by Mindtwistah. Please visit my site at http://modholocron.isgreat.org/Index.htm

You can contact me on email: [email protected]

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