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Bored of Malak's default appearance? Well Gabor89 brings us a well executed mod which turns Malak into a Chiss, like Grand Admiral Thrawn, an good combination of skinning skills have gone into this mod, and the appearance is pleasing, if a Chiss Malak is up your street, as with all skins, this maybe to your liking or not, so please review the screenies to see if this is for you :)

Enjoy! -- jonathan7

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AUTHOR: Gábor89
NAME: Chiss Malak
SIZE: 677 KB

Knights of the Old Republic I


It is a simple reskin for Malak, which make him into a chiss. Like Thrawn was example.

Install: Just drop files into your Override folder.

Uninstall: Delete files from the Override folder.

BUGS: None

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