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Cinna brings us her first ever skin, which is a simple transformation of HK into a a more purple looking machine; if you are bored of HK's regular appearance then this mod might just be for you; review screenshots to see if this mod is something you like. I would suggest in future versions that Cinna considers also editing the characters portrait, so that the characters and appearance match up.

Enjoy! -- jonathan7

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Description: I love purple, do you love purple? I do. I felt the need to make something purple, so i skinned HK-47 purple! I like it, but that might be because i made it. This is my very first skin.... EVER.

Installation: To install this(if you don't already know)put the "P_hk47_01" file inside your Override folder. The directory is below:

For most users it is : X:Program Files/LucasArts/SWKoTOR/Override. X is your drive.

If you don't already have an Override folder make one inside your SWKoTOR folder.

Bugs: None that I know of. If you need to contact me about a bug, email me at . Please no spam.

Permissions: Feel free to do whatever with this, use it, make it a different color, use it to wipe your but, you name it!

Credit: Paint.Net, the program i used to do this. Cinna(me!), and of course Bioware and Obsidian.

Special Thanks!: Bioware and Obsidian for great games *COUGH*except obsidian*COUGH*
Shem, who is awesome. And everybody who downloads this!

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