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This is just an updated file as it now is compatible with Tanesh's Mekel Recruit mod. Download this one if you need to make it compatible w...


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This is just an updated file as it now is compatible with Tanesh's Mekel Recruit mod. Download this one if you need to make it compatible with it. Below is the original review of this mod. I posted that since this is just a minor update.

Do journal entries that don’t go away, even after you have completed a side quest bug you, especially if you go to the dark side of the Force? If so, this mod is going to fulfill that wish of them going away.

In this mod, the author decided to do something about that. If you still have journal entries of Carth, Juhani, and Jolee, after turning to the dark side, this mod will fix that. Personally, I think this is a good idea. I never did like that, so I can relate to the author about this.

From my personal experience, the way I play the game, if I go to the dark side, Juhani’s journal entry is still around. I would use the Save Game Editor to get rid of it so it wouldn’t be so annoying. Now with this mod, I don’t have to worry about fixing that. Knowing that everybody has their own style of playing KOTOR, this will come in handy for those who will still have Carth’s, Jolee’s, or Juhani’s journal entries still active, or all of them.

Props to the author for making this mod because I know there are some that are out there who will be glad this has been done.

Note: This mod is compatible with some other mods out there that share different dialogue files from different mods out there. Please read the readme before installing.


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---- Complete Quests: Carth, Jolee and Juhani: Dead-journal-entry by Archer ----

I always hated it that there are still the journalentrys where you stopped talking with them before killing them (if you choose darkside at the temple summit). So I fixed it: Now Carth, Juhani and Jolee will have their own quest as completed with the descrition that you turned to the darkside and killed them.

This Mod is compatible with *all* languages.
This mod is also compatible with tanesh's mekel recruit-mod.

1. Copy all files except this readme and the files in the subfolders into your SWKotOR/Override-folder.
2. a) If you have installed the Carth Romance Fix by cjt0202 installed put the file in the "only with romancefix"-folder into your Override too.
    b) If you have installed Tanesh's Mekelrecruitment-mod 1.6 put the file in the "new_quests\only with mekelrecruit or without anything"-folder into your Override. Take this file too if you have don't have installed either the mekel recruitment mod 1.6 or the Carth Romance fix.
    c) If you have installed both (Carth Romance fix and the mekelrecruitment-mod 1.6) (you should have installed Tanesh's "Carth Romance Fix & Mekel Recruitment Mod Patch" ( to get both of them working) then put the file in the ""-folder into your Override.
3. If you play a German Version of KotOR, put the files in the "German"-folder into your Override, if you play the English Version, put the files in the "English"-folder into your Override. If you don'T play either, take one of them, which doesn't matter in this case.



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