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Like to have new storyline added to your game? I know a lot of people do and it attracts people to make those sorts of mods because they can become very popular. The reason being is because when you play a game over and over again, you feel the need for something new to give the game replay value.

E-varmint is making his FileFront debut with a mod that adds new content in your Knights of the Old Republic game. It’s one of those mods where you have a lot to do, so playing it in advance would take a lot of time for me to do right now, so how it will play out is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

From what I can tell, the mod does start from the Endar Spire with 12 new modules to explore judging by his work. There is mention of being a banished Jedi in this mod, which almost reminds me of how the Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords game’s main character. ;) You have missions to help out Czerka Corporation in this game and there are new items to get.

Make sure you read the readme about installing the contents of this mod. The author labeled the files in which folder they go into to help make it easier. It’s up to you if you’re going to follow the instructions. Please make sure you do as nobody is going to feel sorry for you for not following simple directions if you screw up you game. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.





TITLE: K1 Czerka Commando v1.1


CREDITS: Siralos from lucasforums provided the Czerka Commando armor. You will
get this armor from a computer dialog.

FILENAME:  CzerkaCommando3.zip

FILE SIZE: 2.8 mb

COMPATIBILITY: Not compatible with any Endire Spire mods. Otherwise, it should
work OK with weapons or spell mods.Since it requires you to start a new game,
most other mods will not come into play.


This mod includes the patch that corrects a door issue in yyk_m23aa.

This mod takes place between the end of the Mandalorian War and the
beginning of KOTOR 1. You are a banished jedi who has become a commando for the
Czerka Corporation. Czerka has fallen on hard times and needs you to help them 
recapture Tatooine and Kashyyyk. There are also two other missions that take place
on Taris and Korriban.

There are 16 different Czerka uniforms that you can wear. These are modifications of
a jedi robe, and use the "disguise" property to make you appear like one of the
Czerka models. These represent all of the Czerka appearances that come with the game.
The costumes have a +9 defense bonus and some other upgrades.

There is little dialog in this mod, but lots of action. You will get all of your 
instructions from the bridge computer on the Czerka Command Ship. In each mission, 
you will be required to retrieve a datapad of some sort to leave the mission and
continue to the next one.

Several custom items are included in the mod. You get some of them from the footlocker
in the first module, some of them from the bridge computer dialog, and some from
footlockers in the Tatooine Docking Bay. All other placeables contain the same items
that are present in the normal game.

Since the title was obviously inspired by the Republic Commando game, it is of the
upmost importance that you read the dialogs with an Australian or New Zealand accent.
A Gary Player South African accent is also acceptable.

***Do this first*** Backup end_m01aa.mod if it is already in your modules folder!

Unzip CzerksCommando3.zip. Place the contents of the Modules
folder in the SWKOTOR Modules folder.
Example: C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotORmodules

The contents of the Override folder go into the SWKOTOR Override folder (You may need
to create it).
Example: C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKotORoverride

***Important*** Before You Play The Normal Game Again, Make Sure That You Delete These Files:
end_m01aa.mod (modules folder)
po_Carth.tga (override folder)

The "Source" folder contains various .nss files which you may find useful as examples of
simple scripting syntax.

UNINSTALLATION: Remove all of the files from this mod from their respective folders.

To start the mod, begin a new game. Instead of going to the Endar Spire, you will go to
a small, dingy room. There, a script will fire that makes you a Jedi and gives you some
experience points. Level Up before you attempt to put on any of the Czerka Suits that
you will find in the footlocker. When you Leave the room, you will go to the Command Ship.

At various points, party members get added and removed. A good policy on your part would be
to remove all inventory from your party members prior to exiting a mission.

Nothing else happens after you leave Korriban. The mod is over. You will be tired of it
by then. Thanks for playing!

The custom items (that I made) are a result of my experimentation with modeling. I have not learned
enough to do new items from scratch, so these were created by combining parts from
existing models that came with the original game. Some of them are just plain silly......
BUGS: If you find some, post a comment in the forum that you got this mod from.

***Important 2***  If you have a mulit-core processor, parts of this mod will crash if you
have the insta-kill pistol. I have no idea what causes this or how to fix it. I believe
that it is a general bug with Kotor (or my computer).

PERMISSIONS: This mod (or parts thereof) may not be used in other mods without the explicit 
permission of the author. 
This mod may not be distributed on other sites (ie sites that are NOT knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com 
or lucasforums.com) without the express permission of the author.

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